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I love Iran

Please remember the Cherry blossom of Japan.
You can take courage.
Because I feel as if Japan were skating on thin ice by the political plot of Ozawa devil King in June,I can't make the time to write my opinion to defend Iran.But I never forget Iran.I often consider of Iran because there is the summit in Moscow from today.
I would like to say that the politicians of Iran who will negotiate peace negotiations, need not feel lonely . Aozora loves Iran.
It is because Iran is in a serious national crisis that Iran cannot stop uranium enrichment.Even if Iran stops uranium enrichment,every country in the world should show clearly security for Iran so that national safety of Iran is ensured.
As if it is a kind of bully weak ones, the world demands to stop uranium enrichment to Iran unilaterally.Although Japan is detested by the wrongdoing of the former Japanese army from Asia foreign countries, Japan is protected by the U.S. Forces. However, although Iran is always threatened by the crisis of the World War III, Iran does not have a friendly nation of a major nation which protects Iran.

The world should understand more the fear which the people of Iran feel.

Because the world can't feel the fear which the people of Iran,Peace negotiations do not progress. I think that the prejudice of Western countries to Muslims is too strong.
Even if Iran stops uranium enrichment, the world should specify how the world can secure the safety of Iran.Although there were two deliberations over the nuclear issue of Iran until now, the concrete proposal which protects the safety of Iran was not seen at all.
Iran didn't invade the foreign country at the time of World War II. I think that Iran has good sense. I think that Iran and Israel can certainly compromise if Jerusalem is made jurisdiction of the United Nations. I would like to hope that the world will realize Jerusalem jurisdiction of the United Nations rather than continuing dangerous meaningless negotiation more than this.

If Jerusalem becomes jurisdiction of the United Nations , Israel becomes unnecessary to persecute Palestine and Israel can establish a far bigger major company than Toyota, Honda, and Nissan of Japan, by the latest technology of Israel.The transplant surgery of the heart of Israel has great technology, and the world needs the technology of the tip of Israel ,and medicine technology of Israel .By the Middle Eastern dispute, the company brand of Israel does not become a worldwide scale.But Israel should become a trade power by the great leading-edge technology.

If Jerusalem becomes jurisdiction of the United Nations , Iran and Israel can certainly compromise and since Iran has abundant petroleum resources, Iran can get big economic growth .

At the deliberations over the nuclear issue of Iran in Moscow, I would like to hope for the world to discuss positively about the problem so that Jerusalem should be managed by the United Nations .
Since Israel has the pressure of Judaism and Iran has the pressure of Islam, the both sides cannot say themselves that the United Nations should manage Jerusalem . So,I hope United States ,EU,Russia and China will suggest that the United Nations should manage Jerusalem.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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