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My proposal in order to stop the third World War

Representatives of the P5+1 group of six major world powers and the Iranian negotiating team
attend a meeting in the Russian capital, Moscow, June 18, 2012.
The latest round of two-day talks in Moscow between Iran and the P5+1 group - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany - were launched on Monday.
High-level nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers fizzled Tuesday, creating increased opportunity for Israel to use the setback to argue military force is the only way to stop Tehran from developing atomic arms.
As she announced the indefinite pause in negotiations, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said they could be resumed ― but only if a low-level July 3 meeting of technical experts in Istanbul finds enough common ground to warrant such a step.
Officials involved in the talks from Western nations acknowledged huge differences between the two sides but insisted the diplomatic track had not been derailed. But the lack of progress in Moscow is sure to be seen by critics as a sign that talks are ineffective at persuading Tehran to curb uranium enrichment, a process that can make both reactor fuel and the core of nuclear warheads.
Strong comments by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of France, one of the countries at the table in Moscow, reflected Western frustration. He spoke of "the large gap between the two sides," and warned that "sanctions will continue to be toughened" to pressure Tehran into a nuclear compromise.
Iran says it is not interested in nuclear weapons. But Israel says Iran is stretching out the talks to move closer to the ability to make them, and it has threatened to attack the Islamic Republic as a last resort. Israel may argue that the negotiations are turning into "talks about talks" ― something the U.S. and its allies have vowed they will not tolerate.
The P5+1 group of six major world powers proposed conditions for exchange to Iran. But I think it is was quite poor-looking for Iran to stop more than 20% of uranium enrichment.By the vision of the act of keeping a country safe for Iran,it was not ennough.
The six powers' proposition was for Iran to stop making 20%-enriched uranium, seen as the most serious proliferation threat, shut down the underground plant, and transfer its stockpile out of the country under international monitoring. In return for these concessions, summarised as "stop, shut and ship", Iran would get fabricated fuel plates for a medical research reactor, help with nuclear safety, and spare parts for commercial airliners.
Iranian negotiators rejected the deal as unacceptable, asking instead for international recognition of its right to enrich uranium in principle, and relief from sanctions, in return for suspension of 20% enrichment and co-operation with an investigation by UN inspectors into evidence of a past weapons programme.

I felt By three negotiations, it had no progression.

Although North Korea continues the concentration of more than 20% of uranium, since the United States which holds the strongest army in the world protects Japan as the great ally, probably North Korea will not fire the nuclear weapon to Japan.
But Iran?

Israel where Iran is opposing, holds more than 400 sets of nuclear warheads, and the United States where Iran is opposing, holds 10,600 sets of nuclear warheads.If I were Iranian people , I would weep and cry out by fear.
In order to stop the third World War, we must make the situation where Iran can be reconciled with the United States or Israel.
Then, I have the following proposal.
1 The greatest factor that Iran and Israel hate each other is Jerusalem.
The United Nations should manage Jerusalem, the United Nations should accept Palestine as a self‐governing state, instead of building "the U.S. Forces base" to the domain in Palestine, and the people of Palestine should remove the unnecessary isolation walls to subdivide the towns in Palestine.
Jerusalem is disputing, even if Christians have jurisdiction, even if Muslims have jurisdiction and even if Judaists have jurisdiction.
I would like to make Jerusalem into the symbol of peace. The Caza area and The West Bank of the Jordan River of Palestine should be connected by subway.
2If Russia and China can cut their acquaintance with the Assad Administration of Syria, I propose the bargaining point as following.
United States, Britain, China, France, Russia, Germany,and Israel should participate in the pipeline construction of oil and natural gas of the Middle East, West Asia and Central Asia.
To the west in India and Pakistan, to the east to Syria,this pipeline should be connected . By this plan of the pipeline,the economic revival of EU, the Middle East, and Israel is promoted.
This plan provides EU with the chance to purchase energy resources at a low price, in order to offer the chance for EU to recover from serious financial unrest.
This plan provides the Middle East, West Asia, Central Asia, Iran and Israel with big employments.
Israel should connect the pipeline of oil with Saudi Arabia.
Since the property of the Assad Administration will be exhausted soon, if Russia, China, and Iran cooperate with my proposal,they can have more immense profits .
3The military exercise of the Assad Administration of Russia, China, Iran and Syria should be stopped.
My idea will avoid the isolation of Iran from the international society .
And my idea makes a situation for Iran to be reconciled with the United States and Israel.
In order to defend Iran, Iran should be reconciled with U.S. and Israel, rather than continuing more than 20% of uranium enrichment.Just peace protects Iran most. The Soviet Union discarded the alliance with Japan, formed an alliance with the Allied Forces suddenly, and robbed the Chishima Islands of Japan in the end of World War II. Although current Russia is not the Soviet Union, Iran must not perform the delusive conviction of Russia to be hostile to the United States. Iran should give priority to peace rather than becoming a defeated nation like old Japan. Since every country bases on national interest, betrayal is always happen.
There is history that the atomic bomb were dropped to Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. I desire that Iran should be more wisely than past Japan.Even if present Japan has not done uranium enrichment, Japan has the wisdom for protecting Japan.I hope to defend Iran.
The government high officials with official rank,Jugoi( the fifth place of obey) who were vice-official envoys to Tang, they had an audience with the Emperor Shomu, with three Chinese people and a Persian doctor on August 23, A.D. 736 for the greeting of a homecoming. Since the Emperor Shomu was a great fan of the Persia culture, the Persia culture was all the mode in Japan of those days. Everyone who likes history, loves Iran.I hope to defend Tehran of the Persia culture.
4For the political power shift of Syria, the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany should form the Allied Forces.
After Civil war of Syria,these countries should enter into pipeline construction.They should decide the area to manage the construction of pipeline on the postwar period ,by each distinguished services in which it contributed to democratization of Syria.
Iran can also provide people with immense employments by this pipeline construction.
Since President Assad is Antisocial personality disorder, the international society has to stop his slaughter. President Assad's focus is often strange and President Assad cannot do the right judgment. The medical treatment of psychiatry is required for President Assad. Please ask the detail to the doctor in your country.
5In order to make a situation for Iran to be reconciled with the United States and Israel, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei should strive not to use the language of the slander to the United States, and Israel. Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei should consider so that the Iran people may not start panic. Iranian People are alive in serious fear.Iranian People need the hope of their futures.Since I would like to protect the Iran people's lives, I say so.
U.S. presidential election is in November. If Romney becomes the President, the world will certainly rush into the third World War. If Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei slanders and slanders the United States now, it will mean that Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei had participated in the supporting of Romney now.I want to stop the third World War.
President Obama contributed to democratization of Myanmar and Asia foreign countries accept President Obama as a leader of the Pacific Ocean area.In the history of U.S., President Obama is a President who respects peace most, and he is a person with natural virtue. In order to stop the third World War, the world must protect President Obama.
Am I a sassy child?I want to stop the third World War.So please understand what I would say to Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei.
6Though the United States and EU should not discriminate against the Muslims, Iran should not discriminate against the United States,or Israel,too. Iran should stop the propaganda of anti Israel and the anti United States in Iran. The United States and Israel should also stop the propaganda of anti Iran.
7If the terrorism of assassinating the technology persons of both of Iran and Israel does not happen during one year from July 3, Japan should hold the peace exhibition of Iran and Israel for inviting the ODA enterprises from the world to both sides in Japan.
This proposal aims to offer a chance to develop company Brando of both of Iran and Israel into a worldwide scale, and activates the stagnating world economy. This peace exhibition should be performed every year.
Even if Japan may be a defeated nation, Japan may be able to do something for the peace.
8In order to avoid the terrorism accident of this pipeline, each country should construct the pipeline in the underground of each country.
And they should establish the stations of this pipeline,and the army of each country should protect this pipeline on the basis of severe defense with the underground entrances of the stations.
9The meeting of technical experts in Istanbul on 3th July ,should open not deliberations of a working level but high-level deliberations,again .
10American and European finance lends this pipeline plan by a low interest rate for each country. Of course, it is same for Iran.
By the conditions that the world promises the conditions of 1 to 10, Iran should stop more than 20% of uranium enrichment. I hope that P5+1 group of six major world should discuss it again on July 3 so that the economic sanctions to Iran may be lifted.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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