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Anti-Subversive Activities Act And Ozawa

Ozawa held a secret meeting on the 35th floor of the hotel in the city of Tokyo to collect tens of persons' secession reports.
After the terrorism of the toxic gas of the Sarin of Aum Shinrikyo broke out,Japan remarked a law called Anti-Subversive Activities Act.
The Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway, usually referred to in the Japanese media as the Subway Sarin Incident, was an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by members of Aum Shinrikyo on March 20, 1995.
Aum Shinrikyo is the former name of a controversial group now known as Aleph. The Japanese police initially reported that the attack was the cult's way of hastening an apocalypse. The prosecution said that it was an attempt to bring down the government and install Shoko Asahara, the group's founder, as the "emperor" of Japan. Asahara's defense team claimed that certain senior members of the group independently planned the attack, but their motives for this were left unexplained.
Aum Shinrikyo first began their attacks on 27 June 1994 in Matsumoto, Japan. With the help of a converted refrigerator truck, members of the cult released a cloud of sarin which floated near the homes of judges who were overseeing a lawsuit concerning a real-estate dispute which was predicted to go against the cult. From this one event, 500 people were injured and seven people died.
However,I guess that Ozawa is planning the large-scale slaughter farther more than Aum Shinrikyo.
In the Great Hanshin Earthquake, several arsenal was found from under the possession houses of North Korean-residents of Japan which were collapsed, and many machine guns and trench mortars of North Korea were discovered from under rubble.
Mr. Terumasa Nakanishi is known for having pointed this out and having prevented terrorism. Since the Great Hanshin Earthquake, in Japan, several hidden arsenals were discovered on a scale of the whole country. Even if the police visited in order to arrest the owner of the hidden arsenals, they committed suicide in order to keep their secrets.
However, surely the plan to invade Japan by China, North Korea, and Chongryon exists, and if you live in Japan, you can often hear the information of the plan,without limit. By pachinko, hundreds of wealth are centralized on North Korean residents in Japan. And dangerous thoughts are progressing to them.
Though Asahara which is a founder of a religion of Aum Shinrikyo was also North Korean resident of Japan, Ozawa 's father came from North Korea and Ozawa's mother came from South Korea.
There is the meeting of North Korean residents of Japan in the exclusive club in Akasaka every month. The parkings around this exclusive club fill with a lot of Benz . By pachinko, hundreds of wealth are centralized on North Korean residents in Japan. Also Ozawa desires to slaughter the Emperor family, to slaughter the Japanese people, and Ozawa has the plan to become a Japanese king.
North Korean residents of Japan believe that Ozawa is the second Acala,and they believe Ozawa is always protected by the Plough. They believe Ozawa is a very lucky person by the divine protection of the Plough.This indigenous faiths of the divine protection of the Plough are Messiah faiths in the Korean Peninsula.
Ozawa is a charisma far more dangerous than the founder of a religion of Aum Shinrikyo.
Every month, there is a meeting of Korean residents of Japan in the exclusive club in Akasaka. The parkings around the exclusive club in this Akasaka fills with a lot of Benz. By pachinko, hundreds of wealth are centralized on North Korean residents in Japan.
Although gamble is forbidden in Japan, since pachinko has a corner of the separate company to liquidate a premium,in pachinko's shop,pachinko can avoid the law which forbids gamble.
In the exclusive club in Akasaka,when the talk of slaughter of Emperor family and Japanese people cruelly starts, the party really comes alive. They especially love the talk which makes Japanese women sex slaves.
Ozawa is standing at the peak of this fearful secret occult religion .
The scums of humanity,Prepare yourself to fight against me.
We surely defend our Emperor and our Empress.
We surely defend the Emperor family.
We surely defend our homeland Japan.

In Okinawa, the attempted assassination of the Emperor and the Empress was not 1 time. However, without never flinching , the Emperor and the Empress continued loving Okinawa purely and the Emperor and the Empress stopped the civil war or ethnic conflict of Okinawa. The Emperor and the Empress visit a leprosy patient's facilities in Okinawa every year.The Emperor always speaks with every patients sincerely with his gentle voice and the Empress always clasp very kindly every patients' hands which forms were collapsed .
Our Emperor and Our Empress are noble.In the history of Japan in more than 2000 years, the current Emperor and current Empress are the bravest and the noblest.If there were no love of the Emperor and the Empress,probably , terrorism would occur frequently by the terrorists of Okinawa, in the whole of Japan,and Tokyo would be filled with the surveillance camera .
Our Emperor and our Empress is nobler farther than any Nobel Peace Prize winners in recent years. The noble persons who can give the most hope to the people in the stricken area,are the Emperor and the Empress.The Emperor and the Empress loves all people living in Japan, without discrimination.
Though Okinawa was the independent kingdom once but Okinawan people stopped independence movement, and they accepted the Emperor and the Empress as their King and Queen.Their true values in regard to contributing to everything useful are noble.North Korean residents of Japan should also accept the Emperor and the Empress.
North Korean residents of Japan has dangerous thought and they discriminate against Japanese people extremely. If we love The Emperor and the Empress by parting from discrimination or violence, it leads the future of Japan healthy. Ozawa is a symbol of the vicious occult religion to invade Japan.
Wake up,and fight against Ozawa.
Please look at the summary of people who died by the doubtful method around Ozawa.
3th January , 2009 永田寿康
Toshiyasu Nagata
Toshiyasu Nagata was the member of the House of Representatives of Democratic Party.
The president of a magazine fabricated the fake mail which requires Takafumi Horie's political donation.The president of a magazine provided it for Nagata. Although Nagata took fake mail seriously and spoke in Parliament about the unjust political donation of the Liberal Democratic Party, it was revealed that it was fake mail after a few days, Democratic Party Secretary-General Maehara resigned executives with his subordinates, and Ozawa became the next Secretary-General.
After that, although Nagata committed suicide, only one person like Ozawa benefited from this incident.
Only one person like Ozawa benefited from this death.
21th January , 2009alive nowThe Nishimatsu Construction president was arrested by suspicion of the bribe to Ozawa.
21th January , 20097306013326.jpg
Takeshi Shimada
The former executive director of Nishimatu construction, Takeshi Shimada died by the duodenum cancers.
At just the right moment for Ozawa,Mr.Shimada died.
Only one person like Ozawa benefited from this death.
February 24, 2009ukonkenichi.jpg
Kenichi Ukon
Kenichi Ukon was the Governor Nagano's former secretary,and witness in the Nishimatsu Construction incident.
He was involved in the bribery case to Ozawa by Nishimatsu Construction. He committed suicide by hanging himself with the rope on the telegraph pole.
Only one person like Ozawa benefited from this death.
Yoshinori Yoshioka
Yoshinori Yoshioka who was reporting about Ozawa and his secretary of the unusual relation of dam construction ,died in the bathtub of the hotel in Soul of South Korea.The administration official who defected from North Korea often dies in a bathtub.There is an opinion whether someone manipulated a ventilation fan in bathroom,to emit strong electromagnetic waves.
Only one person like Ozawa benefited from this death.
3th,March,2009There was the domiciliary search of the Democratic Party Iwate branch.
4th,March,2009The Democratic Party office in Sagamihara wholesale market was burned down, and this was an asset-management organization office of the Democratic Party. The first discoverer of the fire was the secretary of the Democratic Party. Since Mr. Ozawa's first secretary,Okubo didn't stay there, he could avoid from dying in the flames.
30th August , 2009At the Lower House election, Democratic Party won the great victory.
4th October 4, 2009Mr haraguchi
Mr.Koichi haraguchi
Mr.haraguchi,Grand Steward of Shikibu of the Imperial Household was opposed to the visit of South Korea of His Majesty the Emperor. While Mr.haraguchi climbed a mountain, Mr.haraguchi died suddenly. He died of heart failure near the summit of the mountain Amakazari.
Since 2010 is 100 years from Japanese Annexation of Korea ,Mr.haraguchi prevented the visit of the Emperor husband and wife to South Korea with strong anti-Japan sentiment. Since Ozawa was bragging that Ozawa could realize the visit of the Emperor when Ozawa talked together with President Lee Myung-bak on December 12, 2009,Ozawa disgraced himself by Mr. Haraguchi's prevention.
Was his death a warning?
4th October 4, 2009
Shoichi Nakagawa
By the press conference of the drunkenness state on February 14, 2009 of G7, former Finance Minister Nakagawa had suffered a crushing defeat also in the next election.However, since Ozawa secretary's Tomohiro Ishikawa member of the House of Representatives (he is Shoichi Nakagawa's rival candidate in the 11th divisions of Hokkaido) was investigated by the police by Political Funds Control Law, if Ishikawa resigned, Nakagawa of the runner‐up was due to be awarded the election.
However, Nakagawa passed away in myocardial infarction and Ishikawa did not resign.Although there was the opinion that Nakagawa was assassinated by CIA, the death of Nakagawa was advantageous to Ozawa.I guess that Ozawa made a false charge of a crime of the assassination against CIA.
(9th January , 1983)nakagawaichiro.jpg
Ichiro Nakagawa
Ichiro Nakagawa who is Shoichi Nakagawa's father committed suicide in the bathroom in Sapporo Park Hotel. Ichiro Nakagawa was conferring with Ichiro Ozawa just before this suicide. Probably, I guess that Shoichi Nakagawa knew Ozawa's weak point.
Ozawa is an evil spirit if Ozawa killed the Nakagawa parent and his son.
14th December, 2009
alive now.
Mr.Yamamoto of an announcer said, "He is Only Secretary-General of one political party at the most"
15th December, 2009人物像 Suddenly there has been a death in the family of Yamamoto announcer.
It is the next day when announcer spoke ill of Ozawa. Ozawa will fall from power soon.I am always a supporter of the Yamamoto announcer. The sacrifice of someone's life of his family became the energy to defend our homeland Japan.
February, 2010 The Miyako police station accountant who participated in the Prefectural-Police false accounting and the bribe problem at Ozawa's local Iwate prefectural assembly which was focused greatly by media, went missing.
On 15th April, 2010 ,the Miyako police station accountant was found in a dead body in Miyako. Prefectural Police was expressed to investigate from both sides of an accident and suicide.
Only one person like Ozawa benefited from this death.
7th April, 2010 Isen mayor Toshiaki Okubo declared,"Since a move is unacceptable in Tokunoshima in Kagoshima Prefecture on the relocation problem of the U.S. Forces Futenma Air Station of Okinawa Prefecture.I do not meet the prime minister Hatoyama."
30th April, 2010 人物像"Hajime Tomitoyo of town office personnel" drowned suddenly when he had taken the shellfish with his friend about 18:00.After that a friend went home for about 1 hour and he returned to the sea.And he saw that Mr.Tomitoyo had floated in the water surface. Mr.Tomitoyo had drowned.Although Mr.Tomitoyo had a crack in his breast, he drowned in the place which was the depth of water of 80 cm.
His death seemed to be some warnings.
The mayor and Kagoshima governor could not but respond to the talk with Government. It was Secretary-General Ozawa's doing,everybody thought,because Secretary-General Ozawa in those day prepared this talking.
11th August, 2010 kageyama.jpg
Hideo Kageyama
Hideo Kageyama of the NHK description always reported about Ozawa and Hatoyama, at risk of his life .
Mr.Kageyama committed suicide by hanging himself having covered the necktie over the hook of the single room of a toilet.
Asahara,who was Founder of the religion of Aum Shinrikyo, was announced a death penalty.
Suspect Takahashi of the execution offense was also arrested last week.
Suspect Takahashi will also become a death penalty.

And Ozawa? Why he can continue a politician?Although they never revive, Ozawa has never served his time in the prison once.

If Ozawa can use the agents who can assassinate people by the advanced special technique, Ozawa should be applied of Anti-Subversive Activities Act .
Of course, euther all members of the Ozawa group should be applied of Anti-Subversive Activities Act .
While Japan cannot rescue even one abductee who is waiting for our rescue in North Korea, Ozawa can always collapse the Cabinet.
Ozawa can assassinate Japanese people as the worthless persons like insects, Ozawa can delay approval of all bills and can prevent TPP, by the power of the Ozawa group.
If Ozawa can use the agents who can assassinate people by the advanced special technique, Ozawa should be applied of Anti-Subversive Activities Act .
Of course, euther all members of the Ozawa group should be applied of Anti-Subversive Activities Act .
If Anti-Subversive Activities Act is applied to Ozawa or the Ozawa group, public security authorities can intercept their telephone ,their cellular phone and and their personal computers of Ozawa or the Ozawa group .This weakens Ozawa's power.
Ozawa is the man who has controled the policy of this country from behind the scenes for more than 25 years.

In order to rescue Japanese abductees who are waiting for our rescue in North Korea,we must realize TPP.
In order to realize TPP,we must fight against the huge power of Ozawa.
Please assist us by the great power of the Obama Administration so that Japanese public security authorities can apply Anti-Subversive Activities Act to Ozawa and Ozawa group.

And please cooperate in defending our Emperor and our Empress from the terrible plots.
If more than 54 members with Ozawa leave from the Democratic party, since the Democratic Party breaks the majority, Devil Ozawa King is going to submit a noconfidence vote against the cabinet.
Please cooperate with us,please.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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