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The peace

Mr.Din Muhammad
Dr Masoom STANEKZAI afghanistan
Mr.Din Muhammad is a political council member of Taliban still now and he worked as cabinet members by the former Taliban regime of Afghanistan, which has become an antigovernment armed group. Mr.Din Muhammad responded to the interview of Kyodo News in Kyoto on the 26th June. He said about the direct talks of the interrupted U.S. and Taliban "We will resume the direct talks, if the U.S. performs the first conditions, such as prisoner exchange." It is very exceptional that the current Taliban official responds to the interview of media.Mr.Din Muhammad said that Taliban has agreed with the U.S. that Taliban will establish the office to use as the place of the liaison, for the peace negotiations, in Qatar.He said that he visited Japan from Qatar in order to attend to the international conference of Afghanistan which will be held on 27th June in KYoto in Japan . (I misunderstood he will attend to the international conference on 8th July.This international conference of Afghanistan is held on 27th June in KYoto by the University of Doshisha.Dr. Masoom STANEKZAI, Advisor to the President on Internal Security, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has also participated in the meeting in Kyoto on 27th June.Under the Karzai Administration,he is leading peace negotiations with Taliban . .)
I would like to hope that American official visit Japan to talk with them, and I would like to hope that the international conference in Tokyo will be a chance for the United States and Taliban to start high-level talks,if Mr.Din Muhammad and Dr. Masoom STANEKZAI can stay in Japan until 8th July.
If American government high official visits Japan in order to talk with them, Japan should offer their hotel expenses.If the peace negotiations between the United States, the Karzai government and Taliban are realized, the pipeline of the natural gas of Afghanistan should also be realized.
If the United States can make peace with Taliban, the pipeline of the natural gas of Afghanistan can be tied to Pakistan or India, and the pipeline of Middle Eastern oil can also tie to India and Pakistan through Afghanistan.
I read the news that Taliban might hold dirty bomb, and all the colour went from my face.In order to stop the third World War, I desire that the United States and Taliban will discuss for the peace negotiations. If the third World War starts, Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, and Turkestan will ruin together by Chinese army.However, if the United States and Taliban can compromise, the invasion by China in Central Asia can be prevented and it will become a brake of the third World War.
Though it is said that the United States and Taliban interrupted the peace negotiations in March, I hope for them to resume the peace negotiations. If the peace of the United States and Taliban is realized,it will be connected with all the peace of the area in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Israel,because the vast pipeline's plan is realized.
I think that Mr.Din Muhammad visited Japan at the risk of his life. I hope the American government evaluates his courage and I would like to hope that American government tries to talk with Mr.Din Muhammad and Dr. Masoom STANEKZAI .
I will desire that the American government ,the Karzai government, and Taliban can compromise each other and they can realize the pipeline's construction.

Parfait of Japanese green tea
The Japanese tea shop
1Because I hear that Mr.Din Muhammad and Dr. Masoom STANEKZAI are staying in Kyoto ,I would like to introduce the famous place in Kyoto.
Since Parfait of Japanese green tea of Tujiri is extremely delicious, there is always a long line of customers on each holiday .The customers must wait for 1 hour and half to enter this tea room on each holiday. But everyone can enter into this tea room on weekday, without waiting. When you go to this tea room on the holiday,you had better to go just at 10:00 of opening time of this tea room without having a breakfast.You can enter into this tea room without waiting.It is a specialty store of tea,and the second floor is Tea room. There is the stairs on the right of this store.
Since tea-buckwheat noodles are not so yummy, you had better not eat. Sova's simpler one is more delicious than tea-buckwheat noodles. Parfait of Japanese green tea is extremely delicious.

Minamigawa Gion-cho Shijodori Higashiyamaku Kyoto city 573-3
It is west (right) on foot 6 minute from No. 24 exit of the Shijo Station of city-owned subway (It is the same No. 24 exit of Hankyu Karasuma Station).
It is west (right) on foot 3 minutes from the No. 6 exit of Gion Shijo Station of the Keihan train .

*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Kinkakuji Temple*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
Detail of Kinkakuji
1, Kinkakuji-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-city Postcode603-8361
2If you finish eating Parfait of Japanese green tea at Tujiri,tea room, let's go to the Kinkakuji Temple.
Please walk for 6 minutes to east(left) on foot,and you can see a crossroads Shijokarasuma.And then turn left and you walk for about 1 minute,you can see No. 24 of the exit of the Shijo Station of city-owned subway.
It is the direction of Kokusaikaikan.
Please get off Imadegawa Station of the 3rd station.

Kinkakuji bus stopkarasumaimadegawabusstop.jpgYou had better take a taxi from Imadegawa Station to Kinkakuji temple because there are 3.5km.
If  you want to take a bus, the bus stop called the Karasuma Imaidegawa is located in fron of the Imadegawa station . It takes 20 minutes from there to the Kinkakuji Temple in 59 line of city buses or 102 line of city buses.

*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Ginkakuji Temple*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
Detail of Ginkakuji Temple
2, Ginkakuji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-City
銀閣寺map3Next,let's go to Ginkakuji Temple.

Kinkakuji bus stoptoginkakujiNow, let's take Bus of 102 or Bus of 204 from the bus stop of Number 1 of Kinkakujimichi with blue mark.
It takes only 30 minutes by Bus from Kinkakujimichi to Ginkakujimichi.
204:The direction of the Nishino Kyoencho・Ginkakujimichi
204:The direction of the Kitaoji bus terminal・Takano・Ginkakujimichi
204:The direction of tKitano Tenmangu・Demachiyanagi station・Ginkakujimichi
*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Restaurant OMen*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
Japanese Restaurant Omen
74,Ishibashi-cho,Jodoji,Sakyo-ku,Kyoto-city, 606-8406
At the south of Ginkakuji temple parking place immediately, there is this Restaurant Omen which is Noodles specialty Restaurant.
sooooo delicious
4If you eat these noodles here, probably you thank to God that you are alive until now because these noodles are so delicious.
You can eat Japanese noodles by making them dip in Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp and soy sauce ,with many pickles which are the chopped burdock root and carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce, and seasonal vegetables in spice.You can eat springy Japanese noodles  which uses 100% of domestic wheat.You can eat the Fresh noodles, served with a variety of vegetables.
If Both of Mr.Din Muhammad and Dr. Masoom STANEKZAI eat these noodles, you will swear by God to make Afghanistan peace.

*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Tetugaku no michi *:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
Tetugaku no michi
A murmuring stream flowing through near this street is the canal which led the water of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture to Kyoto. The little canal of the biggest Lake Biwa in Japan is flowing along with Tetugaku no michi (A philosophical Street).
5The way which continues along with a murmuring stream from the Ginkakuji temple to Nanzen-ji temple is called Tetugaku no michi (A philosophical Street). Because Japanese famous philosopher,Ikutaro Nishida loved walking this street while considering something,this street becomes to be called "Tetugaku no michi(A philosophical Street)"
Since it is a straight road, you can arrive to Nanzen-ji temple without losing your way .Since Zenrinji temple in front of Nanzen-ji temple is a temple for a grave, you do not need to enter Zenrinji temple.
6Detail of Nanzen-ji temple

nanzenjiheiandon.jpg To Heiandon
Nanzenji Temple Inside
*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Heiandon *:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
Japanese unbaked sweets
7It is a Japanese-style confectionary shop of the purveyor of Heian-jingu Shrine. Japanese unbaked sweets are very very very yummy.If it is the present season, there are also sweets of the flower of a Japanese iris.Whenever I go to see the blossoms of the Japanese iris to Heian-jingu Shrine, I always buy Japanese unbaked sweets at Heiandon and certainly buy a can of tea at a vending machine, before entering Heian-jingu Shrine. Since there are many Japanese style benches with a roof in Heian-jingu Shrine, you will be happy if you can eat the sweets of Heiandon with looking at the ponds around a lot of Japanese iris.
mapHeian-jingu ShrineHeiandon Adress
373-10,Horiike town ,Sanjo agaru , Heian-jingu Shrine street,Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-City, 605-0038
Telephone: (075) 761-3355 (main number)
Please not forger buy the can of Tea.
Near the gate of Heian-jingu Shrine,there is an automatic vending machine for can of soft drink.

*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Heian-jingu Shrine *:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
The Detail of Heian-jingu Shrine
Japanese Iris
8I would like to introduce the famous place in Kyoto of early summer.
The blossoms of the Japanese iris are at their best now in the garden of Heian-jingu Shrine.Many Japanese irises are in bloom in all the ponds, the blossoms of the Japanese iris are reflected in the water surface, and it is very beautiful. The entrance of a Japanese garden is in the inner part of left-hand of a front shrine (Left-photograph ). Since a golden snapping turtle is in the biggest pond near an exit, it will be a good sign if you can see it.
*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:Restaurant Yachiyo *:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:

Restaurant Yachiyo
Restaurant of Boiled tofu Yachiyo
Address 34, Fukuchi-cho,Nanzenji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city, 606-8435
TEL 075-771-4148
FAX 075-771 -4140
Business hours
Fixed holiday Vacationless
9Yachiyo is a restaurant of the speciality of boiled tofu. Because Yachiyo doubles as an inn or restaurant,Yachiyo has Japanese wide beautiful garden.By my plan, you can arrive in Yachiyo in the evening past 5:00.Although yachiyo's building is very gorgeous, a budget for a dinner is around 3000 yen. If you choose turtle dishes, a budget will be over 10000 yen.Although turtle dishes are haute cuisine in Japan, I can't feel it yummy. Although it is said that energy of sexy power will increase if you eat a snapping turtle , you do not need to eat a grotesque snapping turtle in romantic Kyoto.Boiled tofu is cooked with the fruit with a sufficient scent for essence, and Boiled tofu is graceful taste. Cooking lightly salted, with a delicious smell of fruit is Kyoto style.It is the soft taste which ancient royalty and titled nobility loved.Since boiled tofu is the special product of Kyoto, we recommend you "boiled tofu" in particular. Since well water is delicious in Kyoto, noodles and tofu of Kyoto are extraordinarily delicious.

:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:The returning method from yachiyo *:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:*:;:
10Please click here! You can see the detail of the returning method from yachiyo to the station near the hotel which you stay.
If Mr.Din Muhammad and Dr Masoom STANEKZAI walk around in wonderful Kyoto, I am sure that beautiful friendship begin to grow in the hearts of the two.
People of all over the world are wishing the peace of Afghanistan.

I know that amnesty is criticizing human rights abuse of Taliban. However, if poetic justice criticism is repeated more, nobody can stop dispute of Afghanistan. First, we should relieve the serious shortage of calcium of Afghan people.
Although there was an incident in which a lot of students of Afghanistan in the female high school fainted , it was the mass hysteria by their fear to the terror attack of taliban.Since Taliban mixes a toxic substance in the well of a female high school student's school or sometimes causes the terror attack which sprinkles poison over a female high school student's face, the fear of the students of female high school is serious.
However, the shortage of calcium causes a serious emotional turmoil, and also becomes suicidal wishes and a factor of violence. I guess that the serious shortage of calcium is not only of the students of female high schools but also Taliban is very insufficient of calcium. In the international conference for solving dispute of Afghanistan, we should discuss concretely how about we can provide many products containing much calcium to be handed to the area controled by Taliban. They are cheese, small fish, small shrimp, etc.
Although many Japanese people's bonus has been cut in serious deflation ,there are many persons of the administration official of the Karzai Administration who abuse Japanese support funds in order to purchase their Benz . Almost Japanese people do not have Benz. The cars which Japanese people use are miniaturized rapidly in the serious deflation. Since the small-size car of the Japanese vehicle is very cheap, the small-size cars increases in Japan. Though Japanese economy very may be strong, Japanese people's salary decreases more by the extreme strong yen.
The Karzai Administration should make the system which pays an incentive fee to the person who attached the several auditors to the accountable person and informed on corruption and embezzlement secretly.
In order to pass the first barrier, it is important to hand calcium products to Taliban in Afghanistan. Violence and terrorism will be subsided naturally by cheese, small fish, small shrimp, etc. I consider that the problem of the shortage of calcium will be quickly solved , if the factories of fish farming are built in the area controled by Taliban.
Since the Japanese scholar developed the water with which both a saltwater fish and freshwater fish can live simultaneously , fish farming is possible also in a mountain range like Afghanistan.
I propose that Taliban should exchange the prisoner of war caught by the U.S. Forces, and the weapons of Taliban. Instead, I think that the proposal that Karzai Administration will accept the shipment of the fish of Taliban ,is not bad.
Taliban should use the saltwater fish as the original specialty products of the area controled by Taliban. Japan should be able to offer the environment which Taliban can live peacefully without fighting with weapons.
Karzai Administration should realize the economic revival, by the construction of the pipeline of the natural gas of Afghanistan, and the construction of the pipeline of oil of the Middle East and central Asia.
Of course, the pipeline from Afghanistan to Pakistan and India should be passed through the area controled by Taliban. Taliban should provide the labor force from the employment agency which Taliban built ,for the construction of the pipeline of this area controled by Taliban .
The pipeline and the farming fish factory realize the peace negotiations of the American government, the Karzai Administration, and Taliban.
Afghanistan should advance a step forward for peace.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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