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A fund required for new political party starting is 3 billion yen.

0629ozawabuzen.jpg Secretary-General Koshiishi and Ozawa repeats peace negotiations. Ozawa always does money laundering of the political donation, and Ozawa was making it real estate of Mrs. Kazuko's property for a scheme for tax avoidance."It is said Real estate of about 10 billion yen(125,881,168.00$) !" But However, since Ozawa abused his wife Kazuko by several offensive language, I surmise that Ozawa missed the greater part of the property by the divorce of Kazuko.
Ozawa,,,,You are a bad man!!!!!!!
batman.jpegDo you call me?
No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,it is a spelling mistake.
I call him.

"Pas besoin de toi",it means "Not needing of you" .
There is 130,340,000 yen(1,640,735.12$) as the balance carried forward of Mr. Ozawa's fund-managing organization "Rikuzankai" .
When "Japan Renewal Party" and the "Liberal Party" established by Mr. Ozawa , were dispersed, the fund which remained in the strongbox of the parties was moved to the strongbox of Mr. Ozawa-related a political organization "reform forum 21" and the "reform national assembly".
Ozawa pocketed it, without repaying the national treasury.
In the balance carried forward (part of the same year) of both organizations,the former is 222,820,000 yen(2,804,884.25$) and the latter is 974,090,000 yen(12,258,872.00$). It will be 1,327,250,000 yen(16,703,373.00$) by 3 organization sum total.
In order for Ozawa to start the new political party of the 60-persons scale, at least 3 billion yen(37,754,844.00$) initial investment is required. Ozawa can prepare only 1,327,250,000 yen(16,703,373.00$).
So Ozawa can't but start the new political party of the 26-persons scale at most. 
Even if Secretary-General Koshiishi confers with Ozawa many times, Prime Minister Noda has no mind to pay even 1 yen(0.01$) as his best wishes for Ozawa's journey .
Bravo!Bravo!Prime Minister Noda ,Bravo!Bravo!Bravo!Bravo!
Ozawa had better start the new political party of about the 15-persons scale at this time,in order to leave some leeway of his fund, and Ozawa had better wait for the chance of headhunting again until next April when he can receive subsidy for the political party.
Ozawa,You should do the honorable thing and get out from Democratic party.You are not smart!!! Before the year end, since Japan also realizes TPP, it is Ozawa's freedom even if Ozawa may break the Democratic Party in April, next year. It is necessary just to hold election for asking national trust after April, next year.

Rocket launcher kakushubukiko0629.jpg
The apartment where weapons were confiscated
Many weapons were found from the apartment of Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-city.The weapons of handguns and the Russian rocket launcher for military affairs besides a lot of live cartridges were found in the apartment in the residential street of Kitakyushu on June 28.
Kengo Kishira lived in this apartment with his family before,but he uses this apartment as a secret arsenal now, and the police concludes that there is the doubt currently whether Kengo Kishira uses this apartment as a gang's arsenal , and Police is investigating him now.He received house-searching by another fraud case , and the weapons were discovered by chance.
But ..........., is Rocket launcher required for a gang of mafia? Every gang of mafia may need a lot of handguns .But Rocket launcher?
The big secret occult organization which Ozawa leads, loves the subject of the slaughter of Japanese people surely. Considering to incident except gang-related incident,the police should do situation collection of the systematic relation to one of the secret organization of North Korean residents in Japan so that a civil war may not break out in Japan.
Secret relation between Ozawa and the secret organization of North Korean residents in Japan ,still puzzles us.As for North Korean residents in Japan, it is only clear to worship Ozawa with the Messiah as the second Acala. They believe Ozawa on blind faith that Ozawa is protected by North Dipper Seven Stars.
Public security authorities should apply Anti-Subversive Activities Act to Ozawa. It is too late even if all Japanese people repent, after a civil war starts.
I would like to hope that the American government will cooperate so that Japan can apply Anti-Subversive Activities Act to Ozawa and Ozawa group.
We surely defend our Emperor and our Empress.
We surely defend the Emperor family.
We surely defend our homeland Japan.
We surely resucue Japanese abductees who are waiting for our resucue in North Korea.
We surely release all concentration camps in North Korea.
So we surely realize a consumption tax increase bill and TPP in order to realize Cooperation of the U.S. Forces.

"Pas besoin de toi",it means "Not needing of you" .
hehe hehe haha hehe papalalapapa papapllapapa♪♪♪♪♪
papallapapa pa ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪
Ozawa and Koshiishi are waiting clearly for those who give a political donation in order to start a new political party ,while Ozawa and Koshiishi are repeating meaningless talks. Ozawa delayed the decision of secession, on Monday of the next week on 2th July.However, since the summons of a witness and the hearing of an appeal are waiting to Ozawa, the political donation to Ozawa is useless now.
If the new Diet members of the Ozawa group go into Sengoku's faction now,they may be able to win in the next election, if Sengoku becomes the Prime Minister of the next term.
Prime Minister Noda will not be able to win by the next representative election of the Democratic Party, if Prime Minister Noda can not make the post of Secretary-General Koshiishi resign.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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