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My proposal Instead of Hague Convention

Number 1
This is an incident.
1.The former Japanese wife who quarreled with the partner escaped with her daughter from United States to Japan.
2.The former husband of Nicaragua had accused formally of a crime against his former wife as having kidnaped his child.
3.When the former Japanese wife visited Hawaii for renewal of a permanent residency (green card), the former Japanese wife was arrested. I think that Americans have the view of the U.S. side. Then, I decided to translate a guideline about Japanese child's abduction incident broadcast in Japan.
Although Americans have the viewpoint of the U.S. side, Japanese people have the viewpoint of the Japanese side.The news program of Japan was broadcasting by the nuance as if the former husband of Nicaragua abducted the Japanese child from her mother unfairly with the wrong bad law called Hague Convention .However, this is Japanese real intention.

Then, I will translate the video of Number 1. (I write my opinion in the green words)

An anchor man;Next, we will consider anew the problem of the child who was abducted by parents.
An woman accompanied her only daughter from the United States to Japan, by the quarrel with her husband by the international marriage.
After that, she was arrested in the United States and she may be burdened the penalty of imprisonment for no less than 25 years.
We could understand one thing clearly through the reporting of her, the former husband, and the United States. It was a big gap between general recognition of Japan about a family, and international rules.

Narration;It was in the court in Wisconsin WI Milwaukee in November, last year.
A small Japanese woman is brought by some policemen along her, into a court of law.
Dress of a prison
Arms in the handcuffs
Shortly after taking a seat, a leg is chained up with the floor by chains.
(Have they mistaken the Japanese woman for the dog? They are abusing a woman who is falsely accused. A prison uniform, handcuffs, and fetters are the insults to the nation of Japan. This slave treatment of the Japanese people is against the human rights . )

Presiding judge;In this trial,it will be now held for getting for a time, principal for the presence are not for Japanese language.Do you understand now?

Japanese woman;yes
(She should had insisted that this trial should be advanced through an interpreter since she was not good at English.Even if this trial record is not for Japanese but for English, they should prepare an interpreter for the accused in this trial. With handcuffs, fetters, or a prison uniform, she has suffered mental cruelty, and has experienced a serious shock, and it is impossible for the accused to insist the right opinion. Since this judge did not ask whether the defendant hoped an interpreter or not , this trial was unjust. )

Narration;The man who gazes in the gallery is the former husband of this Japanese woman.
The crime of which she is going to be judged...
It was having accompanied her daughter to Japan, without any permission from her former husband.

The former husband;I have left her room to keep her abduction .
This is the room of my daughter.So much remembers in this room,it is painful for me to enter into this room

Narration;He is Mr.Moises Garcia ,the doctor from Nicaragua.
He married the woman who met while going abroad to study in Japan in 2002. The eldest daughter was born in the year.

The former husband;I always had put clothing on her body with these pajamas and I always had made her sleep .

Narration;The daughter had been a cheerful girl but somewhat tomboy girl.
However, one day of four years ago

The former husband;I came home and nobody was there.I thought that they had not been in the distance yet since there were a daughter's dress and her American passport....But..

Narration;His wife accompanied his 5-year-old daughter in those days, and she left home.It was after a decent interval that there was information that they had been living in Japan .After Mr. Garcia stated divorce at the court immediately and he got the independent parental authority, he asked her to return his daughter.
He was solving the puzzle with his daughter in the evening before the abduction of his daughter. I wish she remembered it.

The former husband;"With me,let's solve them at the next time!",she said. So I am waiting for the returning of my daughter.
(Although I had thought that Mr. Garcia had harassed his former wife, I feel that it is true that he is loving his child.But,I think that he is cruel to do things for his former wife like that.)

Narration; The former wife of Mr. Garcia who had accompanied her daughter to Japan and when she returned to Hawaii alone in order to update procedure of a permanent residency after that,she was arrested on suspicion of parental authority disturbance etc.in the airport of Hawaii.
Although she was released on bail seven months afterward, since the trial still continues, her action is restricted yet.

interviewer;Is it GPS?

Japanese woman;Yes,it is.

interviewer;Can't you take off it from your foot easily?

Japanese woman;No,i can't.Even while I am sleeping,it is so.

interviewer;It is so big.

Japanese woman;It stands out somewhat.
(Since GPS stands out somewhat, she can wear only trousers . I love wearing a skirt and I don't like wearing trousers. It is impossible for her to dress herself up with a one‐piece dress. If her lower half of her body is fat to wear the trousers,it is serious problem to dress herself up. )

Narration;She talked like this about the cause which she left the home .

Japanese woman;It became a cause for an incident that she left home, for me to be thrown at a wall before about one week with an unimportant matter in her home by her former husband, and I had got a bruise on the head then.

Narration;The incident in the United States in which there is neither a family nor an intimate friend .After she had stuffed some clothing into the rucksack,she accompanied her daughter, and returned to her parents' home in Japan.
After the fuss over the incident had blown over,she had planned to return to the United States.And she received the notice written that the divorce was materialized and her daughter's parental authority became the husband's thing completely.

Japanese woman;In the letter ,it was written that all families as my parents and my younger sister would be sued on the case in the United States . When I had read it, I became really fearful, and I thought that this incident should not realistic.

Narration;She explains that it has become impossible to return even if she wants to return. On the other hand, Mr. Garcia insisted that there was no family violence. His violence was not certified at the trial.

The former husband;U.S. law protects the right for my daughter to live together with a father and together with a mother,even if there are any kind of circumstances.
(Hague Convention does not secure the right for a mother to live with her child.A mother's independent parental authority is absolute in Japan ,even if there are any kind of circumstances.Since he had thrown his wife into the wall, he should have come to Japan in order to apologize, but he did not apologize by continuing obstinate.And he was divorced unilaterally, and he gained independent parental authority.
I think that every woman needs a great patience extremely even if she lives with Mr. Garcia in the same house. This type of male like Mr. Garcia never admits his own faults , but he has a glib tongue , and he demands subordination. My father was a doctor,too and he was this type of male. Probably, I think that Mr. Garcia is not liked by his boss.My father never hears somebody's talk and only persists in his self. My father did family violence,and my grandfather became angry and said "My daughter is not cargo."While my parents did a quarrel between husband and wife, whenever I rushed into the room in order to rescue my mother,my mother was flying in the air.My father is an angel outside and a devil at home. Since I became a junior high school student, I have tried not to speak with my father. I consider that it is better clearly for this daughter to live with a mother rather than living with her father .
Hague Convention cannot judge a man with two-facedness.Trial in absentia is invalid.

Narration;Mr. Garcia thought that he would like to want his daughter back .But he had run into a lot of difficulties.
It is commonly known as Hague Convention.It was published in 1983.In the international treaty it was decided to return a child to the original habitation country in principle,once,even if "a child who is less than 16 years old " is abducted by one parents to abroad by the reason of the breakdown of an international marriage, etc . Although 87 nations which centered on Europe and the United States,have joined it, Japan has not ratified the treaty. So, Mr. Garcia cannot ask for his daughter's return, against Japan.
The public hearing about Hague Convention was held in U.S. Parliament.

The father who insists that his child was abducted to Japan ,in U.S. Parliament;I beg a favor of the government. Please take back American children for me and hundreds of families who have hopeless thought similarly like me.

Narration;Parents who appeal their pain of being impossible to meet their children...
Especially the abduction to Japan is currently at issue.

Smith Representative;Japan is the worst also in the world. Since 1994, although there are 321 or more American children who were abducted to Japan , even one child has never been returned. Even one person against 321 children.

Narration;The Japanese names and mug shots which were put on the wanted list line up in a row at the website of the FBI United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even if parent accompanies children without notice , it is considered that it is equivalent to the abduction or the kidnapping.

The demonstration to ask for the Hague Convention affiliation;Children have the right to see her parents.

Narration;Parents have common parental authority together after their divorce in Europe and USA.And it is general thought that they will concern themselves with child-rearing after their divorce .It is difficult to be understood the situation like Japan, that single parent has the independent parental authority and another parent can't meet a child .

Narration;Mr. Garcia appeared in Shin-Osaka Station in February, last year.

The former husband;I desire to meet my daughter. My daughter is very important for me.

Interviewer;Are you looking forward to see her very much?

The former husband;Of course it is the pleasure. Although it is short to see her ,it is the pleasure.

Narration;Because a former wife didn't participate into the interchange of personnel , "the meeting again with his daughter" was accepted in the form of the interview of a court.

The former husband;This is one of the duty to see her at the court of Japan at the first time.It was the meeting for only 15 minutes.

Narration;About three years after separating. On that day,he thought that his daughter's attitude had changed than before .

The former husband;She was cold a little.She seemed to be very much shy of strangers against me, and she was afraid of me though she spoke with me a few . I could see her smiling face several times.

Narration;The daughter who stopped calling him papa .
Because the ties between parent and child faded away, Mr. Garcia was in a hurry .
It was in April last year that the situation was accelerated , after going back to USA from this meeting. The former wife was arrested. Mr. Garcia was asking for government to return his daughter who was abducted to Japan, to the United States. He received the notice that his former wife was arrested in Hawaii.In order to update the U.S. permanent residency, when she left her daughter in Japan and she visits alone, she was arrested at the airport.She was accused of parental authority disturbance and she did not know that there was a warrant out for her arrest.

Japanese woman;The place where I was taken suddenly was the jail with wires.Since I was suddenly thrown into the jail, I was struck dumb at this situation and I couldn't understand what has happened.

Narration;She was transported to U.S. Wisconsin WI from Hawaii, and the trial started. After leaving home in more than three years, she met again the former husband, Mr. Garcia, in the court .

interviewer;Was the trial in the situation that you could insist your opinion comparatively?

Japanese woman;I was not able to claim at all. Although I insisted of having run away from home by family violence ,the judge wouldn't listen at all. The judge only smiled wryly .

Her daughter's letter;Mom,are you fine ? Mom!! You have a cold ? No!No!No!
On Sunday, August 14, I was developing heatstroke, felt nausea and vomited. Although I thought that I had been finished, I cured luckily for one day . I am very very glad and I need that Mom can come back early.
On Mom's birthday although Mom may be delaied,please write your letter on your birthday absolutely. It is a promise.Take care,please.
The birthday present from me should be"Mom,I love you...(I can't read more in this video)"
Please come back Mom, soon .I am waiting for you.

Narration;The 9 years old daughter who was waiting for return of her mother with her grandparents in Japan says that she was terribly shocked against a mother's sudden arrest .

Her grandfather;She was worried about her mother.

Her grandmother;

Narration;She said,"What is my mother eating? or Does my mother have something to eat? "

Her grandfather;She was worried about her mother.It seems that she was shocked of the physical strength of her mother who was weaken. She is worried about her mother. She is a very affectionate daughter to her mother.

Narration;Only keeping up a regular correspondence supported the relationship between the mother and her daughter.

Japanese woman;Only keeping up a regular correspondence supported the relationship between the mother and her daughter.

Her daughter's letter;Mom,are you fine ?To Mom You are not lonely?
I will sent a picture.I will never go to the United States by any means. I wish Mr. Santa will return Mom at Christmas, and Mr. Santa will bring Mom to me on his sled.
In the picture,I am running to perform in a relay race. I ate the Lunch perfectly.
I love you. Please come back soon.I desire to meet you soon. I desire to take a bath together. Let's do our best.
(It is cruel to separate the relationship between the mother and child who have loved each other like this. When Smith Representative reads this letter, doesn't his heart ache for their suffering?
This daughter has the cheerful disposition and she has a good personality.This daughter 9 years old has her belief and we have never seen any signs of the malicious unusual brainwashed things from her letter.This 9 years old girl has declared that she does not want to go to the United States in her own handwriting. It is natural that a daughter hates her father who uses force against her mother.It is the violence than anything else to put the mother whom her daughter loves, into a prison.

Japanese woman;It is written in this letter,"Please return Mom." Since my daughter wrote a letter every week, I was very glad.

The number 1 of this video is finished here.
I want to show my frank feelings about this.
At the number 2 of this video, we can listen to the opinion of American mother who divorced in the international marriage.About the video of No.2, I think that I would like to speak about an outline.

Number 2
Although Mr. Garcia claimed that he didn't want his former wife's arrest , because he didn't withdrew the accusation , the former wife's restraint and the trial wounded the daughter deeply.
Mr. Garcia forgot his violence to his wife at all, Mr. Garcia justified himself, and I judge that he abused Hague Convention. That's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
In November, last year, prosecutors offered plea bargaining to the mother.If this mother will be convicted, she will be the confinement at longest 25 years for parental authority disturbance and the charge of hiding a child. Prosecutors presented plea bargaining so that her crime would be mitigated and she could meet her if this mother returned the daughter.
In order to avoid a vicious circle, the Japanese woman has consented to return her daughter within 30 days.

U.S. media wrote about the father's justice and reported that this mother was an offender.However, 9 years old daughter had judged that it was reverse.Since this 9 years old daughter did not want to go to the United States, she was shedding tears into bedding, but in order to help her Mom, she decided to go to the United States .

The letter which 9 years old daughter wrote at the night before the departing. ;To Grandmom Thank you for always your various kindness. It is lonely for me that I cannot meet you for a while. But I would like to approach Mom. Since one of my friends will visit to play with, I am OK. Thank you very much.

Because this 9 years old daughter believed that she could meet Mom, and she left for the United States.
The Japanese government did the Cabinet decision of the related bills to join in Hague Convention, and submitted it to Parliament in March of this year.
However, probably, since it is opposed to this bill, this bill will not be approved. The politicians who cast the approving votes for this bill could not win in the next election.
Hague Convention has determined that it is a child's profits to return the child to the habitation country where a child lived once before the abduction.
2 years ago,an American woman, Mr. Laura Calder,accompanied Leo who had been 4 years old in those days, from Italy to the United States in order to escape from her violence husband.Leo,pointing a driver at his father,cried,"Don't approach Mom.I will defend Mom." By Hague Convention, the Italian father demanded Leo's return and the court in the United States also determined Leo's return. Leo despaired and shed tears extremely.
I am surprised that the court in the United States does not protect American mother and child. Leo will be abused by Italian father. Hague Convention is crazy.
When the serious danger for a child happens by return, or when the child of establishing an age-limit of maturity refuses the return, Hague Convention decides on the policy not to return a child. Although 6 years old child has cried that it is better to die if he must go to Italian father, the court in the United States disregarded his voice.
Almost courts consider that their work will be finished if they can decide the return of the child.It is true that almost court skimps their job.Since Hague Convention is a defective treaty, several problems have occurred all over the world.Although Hague Convention is a treaty for protecting a child's human rights, Hague Convention gives priority to the profits of only one of the parents divorced.
On the other hand, in order to help Mom, when 9 years old girl arrived at the airport in the United States, she said first that she wanted to meet Mom , but she was refused by the person in charge.Although 9 years old girl said "As might be expected, the results are poor.We are told a lie!" She had foreknown the American government's hypocrisy.
Mr. Garcia insists that he should give priority to a daughter's mental medical treatment rather than meeting between his daughter and her mother again . Since the daughter shouted curses at her father and she did not become loving her father so much, Mr. Garcia declared that the daughter was brainwashed and she received psychological maltreatment.Mr. Garcia broke plea bargaining that the mother was able to meet a daughter once per week, and after a 9 years old daughter arrives in the United States, since she has never seen her mother at all, Mr. Garcia has kept the violation of meeting between the mother and her daughter for five months or more.
Just very Mr. Garcia tries to brainwash his daughter with psychological maltreatment.
1Since Mr. Garcia was going to hide the fact that Mr. Garcia used violence was on the former wife, Mr. Garcia brainwashes his daughter and Mr. Garcia is in violation in plea bargaining, Mr. Garcia should pay mental consolation money of 30 million yen to the former wife.
Although it was judgment that only former wife paid all tens of millions of court costs between Mr. Garcia and the former wife, it is fair if Mr. Garcia pays the consolation money of 30 million yen to his former wife, since Mr. Garcia broke plea bargaining.
2Since the days more than half a year had already passed, USA government should cancel her GPS of her foot and I would like to hope for Obama Admistration to realize one meeting per a week between the daughter and the mother.

Hague Convention is equivalent to the witch trial which is wrong.Hague Convention put a innocent woman on trial as if the Society of Jesus burned a innocent woman to death.In order to abolish the witch trial, Europe and America needed about 600 years. In order to abolish the Hague Convention, does Europe and America need more than 600 years from now? The sense of values between Europe and America is not always right.
After divorce, mother's independent parental authority is normal .
After divorce,father's independent parental authority is abnormal .
However, Japan needs consideration so that the American former husbands or American families will not despair.
3I would like to propose the short-term studying-abroad system for the former husbands about one week which provides with the travelling costs to Japan in order to take a trip with their children in Japan,and in order to introduce Japanese products for TPP at the website of the Japanese Embassy in the U.S. Of course ,there is the selective examination.
1.He(She) should be a holder of Second grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test
2He(She) should be a holder of Second grade of The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test
3A tattoo is forbidden.
4He(She) should write a letter in Japanese to their children by content-certified mail, every week for one year in the last fiscal year of the examination,.
5He(She) reports the goods for TPP of Japan, and writes the documents in both Japanese and English.
A score result should be 65 or more points among 100 points.
A successful candidate should be writing the report more in detail about Japanese product in Japan in order to put it on website of the Japanese Embassy in the U.S.
6The employment certificate for three years or more.
7While for one week, they should report the goods for TPP for three days in Japan, and they participate in the bus tour which the Japanese government plans ,with their children for another three days.
8They should offer doctor's certificate that they are not narcotics.
As soon as a successful candidates arrive in Japan, they must receive the checkup of the narcotic by their hair . Since the ingredient of narcotic accumulates in the hair of narcotic addict, a skinhead is considered as a disqualified person.
Since a test result becomes clear within three days, a successful candidate reports about the Japanese goods for TPP for the first three days and write a document 3pages of papers whose size is A4 in English and Japanese language.They should bring their personal computer .
These tests are to prevent an occult religion person and a pervert . It is a test for ensuring Japanese children's safety. They must be able to solve these items if they love their children very much.The grade of test of national expenditure studying abroad is farther higher than this. The amount of study for this test is not so heavy. The former husband or the former wife who try hard can meet their children every year in this systems.Since it is a strong yen ,Japanese linguistic capacity is helpful on business. Their efforts do not become useless.
Japanese former wife and Japanese former husband shall not refuse for the successful candidates of this examination to meet their children in the period of studying in Japan for one week .

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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