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An advance

Donor countries on Sunday pledged a total of over $16 billion in development aid for Afghanistan through 2015 to help it achieve self-reliance after most foreign combat troops leave.In establishing a new framework of mutual commitments between donors and the Afghan government at a conference in Tokyo, the international community also promised to maintain the amount of aid for Afghanistan through 2017 at around the same levels as over the last 10 years.
It can be said that this conference in Tokyo to aid Afghanistan won a great success. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton evaluated leadership of Japan highly by the talk with Prime Minister Noda, and she praised Prime Minister Noda's courage. While the world is evaluating the corruption report system of the 300-person organization of the Karzai Administration, I think that the greatest factor of a great success of this conference in Tokyo to aid Afghanistan is Prime Minister Noda's leadership.

Prime Minister Noda

Ozawa Devil King

This is a politician's track record.If we compare Ozawa who changes his own political belief one after another in order to hold power, and who ignores national interest, Prime Minister Noda is on a high level farther than Ozawa.The one, as compared with the other,is of a higher tone.Probably, if Ozawa were Japan's Prime Minister,they couldn't gather international support of even $1 billion because the world will suspect whether Ozawa pockets. I think that the world is evaluating Prime Minister Noda's great courage, humanity,and patience.
Because many politicians of stature had forsaken Ozawa, all of Ozawa's fate already ends.Although Ozawa tried to contact Kunio Hatoyama (the younger brother of former Prime Minister Hatoyama), who is a rich man for means of raising money, flattery will get Ozawa nowhere with Kunio Hatoyama . Ozawa's gorilla show is pitiable.
New York Times said that Ozawa was a scandal-tainted figure who earned the nickname "Kowashiya," or "Destroyer," for breaking up parties that he helped form.Yes he is! However unpopular the consumption tax may be, people like Mr Ozawa even less.
Before and after this conference in Tokyo to aid Afghanistan, the American government is advancing the peace negotiations behind the scenes with Taliban, and the American government released the Taleban fighters currently restrained from Cuba's Guantanamo U.S. base. The United States can prevent invasion by the Chinese army against Central Asia , if the peace negotiations between The United States and Taliban are realized. This is the first step toward the epoch-making peace on a history of human race.
I desire the peace of Afghanistan.Since I have the blood of an ethnic minority called Okinawan people in my veins,I love the island in Okinawa of weak fate.In World War II, not all the Okinawa residents ran around this way and that trying to escape from the war fire .There were the families who twisted the mines around their own bodies,in order to jump into the tank of the U.S. Forces.They died by being blown to pieces, in obscurity ,in the war fire. Therefore, if Afghanistan residents' victims are sacrificed by terrorism in Afghanistan, I am sad as if my heart would break. By my clan's suicide bombing, I know that they could defend nothing of Okinawa island.
I wish India and Pakistan will prevent Chinese weapons which are imported to Taliban.
If the factories of saltwater fish are built in the area controled by Taliban, even if Taliban does not fight with weapons, Taliban can live more richly by the principal products of the saltwater fish. If peace is realized ,pipeline of the natural gas of Afghanistan, and pipeline of oil of Middle Eastern are built from Afghanistan to India and Pakistan.India and Pakistan can get immense trade balance more than the present situation.So,I wish India and Pakistan will prevent Chinese weapons which are imported to Taliban.Just calcium food should be imported to Taliban.

Let's plant
Let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
Soon, it buds and becomes one tree.
Soon, it grows and becomes a thicket.
Soon, it becomes a beautiful wood .
If woods are made, a brook will begin to flow soon.
However people will kill together,
but all the same,without giving up,
let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
If a brook will begin to flow soon,
Pretty little birds begin to sing.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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