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the candidates running

Upper House 3 Diet members of the Democratic Party which submitted the secession report (from the left) Yasue Funayama, Kuniko Gyoda, Ikuko Tanioka .
Since three Councilors opposed nuclear power plant re-operationand ,they left the Democratic Party.The Councilors of the Democratic Party are 88 persons. There are 86 Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Democratic party keep Major faction yet but if more 2 persons leave from the Democratic Party,the Democratic Party will be the Second faction.
It is said that these three persons construct a new faction with Akiko Kamei who had been banished from the Democratic Party with Shizuka Kamei.
古手川裕子 kakuchikako.jpego0294045010811531396.jpg
takigawayumi.jpg tmatusakakeiko.jpg mandahisako.jpg
All readers in the world of Aozora fan club,Are you surprised at Japanese beautiful actresses in her 50's?
Although the minister of the former quack doctor of Russia had said "Don't eat sliced raw fish",
because many linoleic acid which makes skin beautiful is contained in sliced raw fishes,
they are so beautiful like the above,even if Japanese actresses will exceed their age of 50 years old.
Prime Minister is so obstinate.Prime Minister Noda depends on the opinion of chairman of the Federation of Economic Organizations,Keidanren. Chairman Yonekura of Federation of Economic Organizations,Keidanren opposes stopping nuclear power generation again in autumn ,for construction .
Prime Minister Noda agreed the opinion of Yonekura Chairman of Federation of Economic Organizations,Keidanren ,in order to restart the nuclear power generation again in July,even if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor who has the great popularity to the nation, had opposed.
I would like to hope that American high government official will persuade Prime Minister Noda and Chairman of Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren, in order to stop nuclear power generation again in autumn. They should respect the people's will at this time for several construction works for the security in order to stop the nuclear power generation again in autumn.

Play the game with leonine dignity!!!
The Democratic party should prepare the candidates running against the politicians who had left from the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has to prepare so that the beautiful actresses in her 50's who do not have a child, and the beautiful actresses in her 50's whom child-rearing has ended may be made into a confrontation candidate.
Of course, Shizuka Kamei and Akiko Kamei are the targets for the Democratic party. The Democratic Party has public funding for political parties most.

Those who recaptured more than five Councilors who left from the Democratic Party, and those who bring them to the Democratic Party should receive a 20 million (252,652.86$) of the political donation.
I would like to hope that American government high officials persuade "the chairman of Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren Yonekura" to prepare an abundant political donation as a reward.


Shizuka Kamei
Kamei is 163 cm
or 5.347769028871391feet) tall.

Akiko Kamei
Gamera is weigh 5,500 tons.
The name of Kamei means a tortoise and a well in Japanese. Hey,Kamei!!Do you want to be the cooking of turtle ?
Not a few Japanese politician eat the tortoises like Shizuka Kamei or Akiko Kamei and they get sick every year.
You are just minions of Ozawa!

Those who are opposed to TPP and the consumption tax increase bill are traitors.
Investors face defaults on government bonds given the burden of aging populations and the difficulty of increasing tax revenue.
If Japanese government cannot approve a consumption tax increase bill in 2012, almost investors in the world will stop buying the National Debts of Japan suddenly, and a serious default of the National Debts of Japan will occur in finance, in 2015. Since the politicians who are opposed to the consumption tax increase bill want to earn more vote in the next election, they flatters to national people, they act as if they were the politicians of the common people , and they are deceiving the national people.
Don't fall a prey to sharpers!!!Both of Kamei are sharpers! Those people will see losing their political lives forever,soon
The next election will be an easy victory for the Democratic party if the Democratic party can get the most abundant political fund, the most subsidies, and the most beautiful actresses in their 50's as candidates. It is because Japanese beautiful actresses in her 50's do not disappoint the national people like the present politicians.
Hey,Kamei!!!!All right! You will be sorry for this. Untempting tortoises!!
A slip of a boy of tortoise such as Kamei is not even my enemy.That little boy who has an old man's face is a pushover.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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