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My thought to Afghanistan

Abdullah Abdullah
Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah
Current main opposition party's leader
The terrorism of Taliban continues since the Tokyo meeting of Afghanistan. When I was praying for people of Afghanistan, I felt as if I could hear the voice which people of Afghanistan scream .Because Taliban detests the Karzai Administration even if Taliban tries to talk with the United States, Taliban never tries to have a dialog with Karzai Administration. The people of Afghanistan are supporting Abdullah Abdullah which is a main opposition party's leader.
And the Karzai Administration did not announce the details of the budget of the fund gathered by the Afghanistan Tokyo meeting,to the world at all .
Just the Karzai Administration was not able to cease terrorism.Rather than blaming Taliban which repeats cruel terrorism,we should demand to the Karzai Administration to be finished .If Abdullah Abdullah is the President, the reconciliation with Taliban can also be realized, the irrigation enterprise of the ascendancy area of Taliban should be able to be advanced, and terrorism should be able to be ceased. Since calcium foods are not supplied to all the people of Afghanistan,Afghanistan can not finish any atrocities in the current situation.
The Chinese army tends to ruin Afghanistan using Taliban. Of course, I surmise that the Chinese government is going to slaughter Taliban. The American government should need to show leadership, in order to support an opposition party leader's Abdullah Abdullah, and Afghanistan needs to make the new government . Afghanistan must finish the vicious circle.Since embezzlement and corruption are serious, Karzai Administration cannot build both of the pipeline of natural gas,and the pipeline of Middle Eastern oil. The embezzlement and corruption of Karzai Administration induces the terrorism of Taliban. We should hear the voice of the people of Afghanistan who scream because the world already noticed President Karzai's two-facedness.

I must knock down Ozawa surely!!
If the United States backs up, the new government should certainly be born in Afghanistan.
In order to stop the terrorism of Taliban and to save the lives of people of Afghanistan, the Karzai Administration must be ended. The people of Afghanistan should not die more than this.Mr.Karzai should return to private life.
Since there is no legal basis in the determination of Independent Election Commission,IEC of Afghanistan, the Karzai Administration is the government without legitimacy. The Karzai Administration can be stopped if the American government intervenes.

Mr.Abdullah Abdullah,although it may be hard for you to believe, I am one obscure citizen. Aozora has neither property nor an army nor political power. My resistance activities of Aozora have received no financial support from any countries. It is only courage which I have. I am fighting against a plan to invade Japan by China, North Korea, and Chongryon at risk of my life. Ozawa is a charismatic leader of the North Korean residents of Japan of the fearful intrigue. I am fighting against at risk of my life.If the third World War starts, Japan, South Korea, Turkestan, and Afghanistan will go to ruin.It is a plan of the Chinese illuminati. I have to defend my homeland. You,too.
The love of money so much is the root of all evil.Because you are also unattached and free from desires,you can realize the peace in Afghanistan.
I am fighting against Ozawa at risk of my life.
Mr.Abdullah Abdullah,Come on, have courage!Defend your homeland.
Will we stand up champions tonight!
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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