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For 103 victims of Iraq

a quiz show called Hitacih World history's mystery discovery



Probably, Chinese president Hu Jintao is laughing loudly now, by watching the news of the terrorism of Iraq on television.
Chinese president Hu Jintao,I will get even with you some day.
Remember it.
Chinese president Hu Jintao always breaks the Japanese cabinet by using Ozawa Devil King Kong.
I must knock down Ozawa Devil King Kong surely who is Your follower.
Chinese president Hu Jintao,Remember it.
I hate your smiling!!!!
Chinese president Hu Jintao,Throw your hands up!
Remember it.
The number of dead in a wave of attacks across Iraq on Monday has risen to 103, authorities said Tuesday, making it the deadliest day in the country this year according to a CNN count. The attacks wounded 267 people, they said.
There were at least 35 attacks in seven provinces Monday, authorities said, ranging from shootings and assassinations to bombings, including car bombs and roadside explosives.
Monday's attacks coincide with an emerging political crisis in Iraq, which faces an increasingly fractious legislature as Iraq's Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political blocs increasingly seem at odds. Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has struggled to forge a lasting power-sharing agreement and has yet to fill key Cabinet positions, including the ministers of defense, interior and national security, while his backers have also shown signs of wobbling support.

I pray for 103 victims of Iraq tonight and I consider how to realize the peace in Iraq.
If Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki begins the coalition government among Shia Muslim,Sunni Muslim ,and Kurdish political blocs ,Dispute of Iraq will end.I think that the Iraq inside is a hotbed of the proxy war of Iran vs a certain power.Which country handed weapons to the Sunni Muslim ? Since not much many information on Iraq enters to Japan,I am uncertain which country is a certain power.
However, if a coalition government among Shia Muslim,Sunni Muslim ,and Kurdish political blocs is born in Iraq, Iraq not only moves forward greatly for peace, but also Iran will get the chance of peace with the United States and Israel .
Peace should be realized if Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has a strong belief that he must realize peace in Iraq.
I think I must have a strong belief,too ,in order to stop the third world war.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki,Come on, have courage!Defend your homeland.
Please realize not suppression but alliance.
You can defend your mother country.

I think that Iraq should be more substantial in the entertainer programs.I hope Iraq imports some national hit programs of Japan.I recommend a quiz show called Hitacih World history's mystery discovery. I wish Iraqis people will be glad. Since the history of Mesopotamian civilization or Kurds often become the theme of this quiz show, it is very pleasant for Iraqis people. Iraq should also rapidly importe Animes of Japan like One Piece,DragonBall and Gundam.Moreover, the number of juvenile delinquents or motorcycle gangs decreased sharply in Japan by the spread of video games.I recommend that the dance game like JUST DANCE Wii.After you dance with a Wii remote control in one hand according to the "model" (arrangement of a dance) and music of a screen, you can see the total number of points of your dance.You can play with a maximum of six persons by JUST DANCE Wii.
Since terrorism of Iraq was long, Iraqis forget how to enjoy life. I think that national amusement is very important.I desire the peace of Iraq.Let's revive with Japan.

Although al-Qaeda which turns against the United States is increasing influence quickly, I surmise that China is in the background of al-Qaeda. China tends to instigate the slaughter in the foreign countries and tends to achieve economic growth by export of weapons. The Chinese communists guided the sadistic Torture and Execution to kill men alive by the slaughters by alligators in Cambodia.
Since the king's palace in China had much more terrible sadistic Torture and Execution to kill men alive from ancient times, I surmise that the Chinese communists suggested the contents of the slaughters which are beyond imagination of Africa to the armed group. The civil war of Africa and immense Chinese economic growth are synchronizing.
Al-Qaeda should not trust China.Iraqis should give top priority to Iraqi people's happiness. Iraq is the birthplace of human beings' civilization and Iraqis should take pride. Political Power and money which the Chinese government tempts are a hypocritical lump.Iraqis should take the pride of Mesopotamian civilization and al-Qaeda should wake up from Cheinese hypocritical lump.We should finish the history of the slaughter.
Of course, I know Japan is scorned as brute posterity from Asia foreign countries for 60 years or more, since the former Japanese army carried out the cruel slaughters and suppressions by World War II. However, Japan has realized many by 2 atomic bombing. Terrorism and war drive people mad. I think that Japanese people have to compensate to Asia over numbers of generations after this.But I want to cry," Terrorism and war drive people mad."
Present China obtaines immense profits by the war industry so that China may not be disclosed more cunningly than the old Japanese army. Iraq should ally by exceeding several factions and Iraq should realize peace.

I tries to consider the employment policy of Iraq for about 2 days. Today's of Baghdad in Iraq maximum temperature is 49 degrees. Lack of the forests is raising the temperature of Iraq clearly.Iraq should promote the seawater reverse osmosis plant.Since construction of the seawater reverse osmosis plants provides the Iraq people with many employments and relieves a water shortage, Iraq can expand farmland. Dissolution of a water shortage brings Iraq peace most.
Israel is due to return 150 million cubic meter of water every year into the River Jordan which was withering by the technology of very able seawater reverse osmosis plants . Since the latest technology of Israel is very wonderful, in order to promote global peace, I would like to hope Israel will provide Iraq with the technology of very able seawater reverse osmosis plants.
We have to stop the third World War. In order to oppose the threat of the Chinese army, I desire that all Iraqis unite to get over a difficulty of all factions of Religious Activities, or the relation between Israel and the Middle East.
And the U.N. jurisdiction of Jerusalem is realized and I am anxious that true peace will be fixed.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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