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Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi

aung_2287310b.jpg Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi

Tohoku Shinkansen Hayate safely stopped at the Tohoku great earthquake disaster.
Burma opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday called for laws to protect the rights of the strife-torn nation's myriad ethnic minorities in her inaugural address to the fledgling parliament. The Nobel Peace Prize winner won her first seat in the legislature in landmark April by-elections, marking a dramatic transformation from a longtime political prisoner to a key political figure in the budding reform process. The veteran activist used her first speech to MPs to support a motion by a ruling-party MP on upholding ethnic minority rights. "To become a truly democratic union with a spirit of the union, equal rights and mutual respect, I urge all members of parliament to discuss the enactment of the laws needed to protect equal rights of ethnicities," she said. Protecting ethnic rights required more than just maintaining ethnic languages and culture, she added, noting that ethnic minority groups suffer above-average poverty rates. "Furthermore, the flames of war are not completely extinguished," she said.

Yes,it is.But today is the first step historical for Myanmar .
In order to support the ethnic Karens of the ethnic minority of Myanmar, Japan will support the food aid and flood disaster prevention for the ethnic Karens., with the plan of economies of scale support of 2,600 million yen(33,078,880.00$) for Ethnic Karens.
If the government of Myanmar builds the highwaies from cities to the villages of ethnic minorities , Myanmar will achieve economic growth. In addition, the infrastructure building can provide ethnic minorities of Myanmar with work.
Since Myanmar has the complicated geographical feature and geological structure, there are many earth-and-sand disasters, such as the landslides and the mudflows. By the random development according to plantation farming, the deforestation has caused the flood in Myanmar.Myanmar should investigate The rock of the mountain ranges and Myanmar should build the national-land-use master plan for the disaster mitigation based on it.
Japan has the technology which leads the world in the disaster prevention field. Japan has the technology enough to create the map in which the points where the earth-and-sand disasters of floods and mudflows occur were described, in order to decide upon the Basic Land Use Plan guideline. In Japan, the Niigata area or the Sendai area have introduced the "landslide geographical feature deciphering technique", by using the landslide observation system and the aerial photograph.I think that they will be applicable also in Myanmar.
And at the next of the construction of the highwaies, of course, Myanmar must pull the railroad from the metropolitan area to the ethnic minority's villages. Since the mountain range covers almost 75% of the country of Japan, Japanese technology of the railroad construction in the mountain ranges have reached the highest level in the world.
Although South Korea hopes to get the railroad construction of Myanmar, please give Japan a chance of all railroads constructions of Myanmar.
Prime Minister Noda is the courageous prime minister.
Please give him the chance.
Since Prime Minister Noda had been lost 57 lawmakers of the Democratic Party by Ozawa and Kamei who are the atrocious fiend's politicians, Prime Minister Noda is in adverse circumstances now.If Japan acquires the vested rights of all railroads constructions of Myanmar, the Noda government improves its power.
The Japanese train is excellent in the air conditioning, and the people of Myanmar will be surely pleased with the Japanese trains in especially hot summer, since the Japanese train is coolly comfortable.The Japanese train is excellent in the air conditioning, and the people of Myanmar will be surely pleased with the Japanese trains in especially hot summer, since the Japanese train is coolly comfortable.
The safety of Japanese railroad is No.1 of the world.Even the Shinkansen railroad which was being run at 200 km/h also in case of the Tohoku great earthquake disaster stopped safely.
Please give Japan the chance of all railroads constructions of Myanmar.

Myanmar advanced one step forward for the peace.
In order that the political world of Japan can become independent from Ozawa who is a puppet of Chinese President Hu Jintao, Japan should advance the first step for the peace,too.

I must knock down Ozawa Devil King Kong surely who is the follower of Chinese president Hu Jintao.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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