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Solution of the water shortage brings us the peace the most,I think.

Kishanganga dam constructing
The children of Pakistan who draw water
Pakistan told India it wants to begin formal arbitration proceedings over an Indian dam project in Kashmir, threatening to heighten tensions ahead of high-level bilateral talks. Pakistan says India’s planned hydropower dam on the Kishanganga River would violate a 50-year-old water-sharing treaty between the two neighbors by diverting water Pakistan needs for agriculture and power generation.
As the silver waters of the Kishanganga rush through this north Kashmir valley, Indian labourers are hard at work on a hydropower project that will dam the river just before it flows across one of the world’s most militarised borders into Pakistan.
Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant
Kishanganga dam
The loud hum of excavators echoes through the pine-covered valley, clearing masses of soil and boulders.The 330-MW dam shows India’s growing focus on hydropower but also highlights how water is a growing source of tension with downstream Pakistan, which depends on the snow-fed Himalayan rivers for everything from drinking water to agriculture.
Islamabad has complained to an international court that the dam in the Gurez valley, one of dozens planned by India, will affect river flows and is illegal. The court has halted any permanent work on the river for the moment, although India can still continue tunneling and other associated projects.
In the years since their partition from British India in 1947, land disputes have led the two nuclear-armed neighbours to two of their three wars. The next flashpoint could well be water.
“There is definitely potential for conflict based on water, particularly if we are looking to the year 2050, when there could be considerable water scarcity in India and Pakistan,” says Michael Kugelman, South Asia Associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.
“Populations will continue to grow. There will be more pressure on supply. Factor in climate change and faster glacial melt … That means much more will be at stake. So you could have a perfect storm which conceivably could be some sort of trigger.”

For the time being, since India has stopped this construction, I think that it was really good. Since India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, I desire that India and Pakistan keep being friends.The most important thing for Japanese people is stopping the third World War.
Since Japan has deceived for 60 years or more, without even apologizing to the women who were forced to become sex salves by the former Japanese army for the World War II, if the third World War starts, there is a risk that Japan will be ruined by China.
Although I often write many slanders of Chinese Hu Jintao in my blog, I think it unavoidable that Chinese Hu Jintao hates Japan. I think Chinese Hu Jintao is a quite terrible hypocrite,but Japan is a terrible hypocrite, too. I think that you should not trust Chinese politicians and Japanese politicians so much.
Five years ago, by the U.S. House of Representatives,they took the ballots that the Japanese government should apologize to the former sex slaves of Asia, but almost Japanese politicians pretend that they cannot hear the news because Japanese politicans think the next election is the first. Japanese Cabinet is always tenacious of life.
However, if Japanese people love their homeland truly, Japanese people should insist that Japanese government should apologize to them and Japanese government should pay compensation for damages for the Asian women without escaping from this problem. The victims of women have reached her 70's and her 80's, and I decide to regain the dignity as human beings to them. I never give up this problem of War crimes in order to defend my homeland Japan.
And I try to consider how to solve this problem of Kishanganga dam between India and Pakistan in order to stop the third World War.

I think that all the trouble spots are caused by the water shortage. Present India and present Pakistan have a serious damage of agricultural products by the drought of summer,now. Moreover, economy of both of the countries is quite negatively affected by the influence of the Euro crisis.
In order to improve economy, the nuclear power plant of the advanced security level as 30 percent of the electric power of a country is required if oil is not produced .Although Japan supplied 30% of the electric power of the country from the nuclear power plants, since Japan has reexamined the safety standards of the nuclear power plants, JApan has stopped operation of almost nuclear power plants. Although only Oi nuclear power plants re-worked for the shortage of electric power in the summer, the national opposition movement brakes out now. However, Japanese trade balance decreases rapidly because Japan does not have energy resources, if Japan depends on thermal power generation. So re-operation of a nuclear power plant is required for Japan.On a worldwide scale, the default crisis of each national bond may happen. In order to prevent this, each country cannot but work a nuclear power plant.While Japan's Prime Minister Noda decides to restart Oi nuclear power plant, he plans to advance construction for strengthening safety measures at at the same time. Because Japanese people claim that the operation of all nuclear power plant should be stopped until it finishes strengthening safety measures,the demonstration of the large-scale nuclear power plant contrary becomes to break out in front of the official residence on every Friday. At this background of this demonstration,2 bad politicians of Ozawa and Kamei incite Japanese people to do this demonstration by the twitter and facebook,I guess. Ozawa and Kamei cooperate with China, North Korea, and Chongryon ,in order to ruin Japan .
However, the deflation of each national bond may happen on a worldwide scale, and I think that India and Pakistan also need to expand the nuclear power plants even if the opposition activity of national people occurs.
Japan considers that the durability of a nuclear power plant continues 40 years. Therefore, Japan has to do decommissioning of the old nuclear power plants, and Japan has to build a new nuclear power plant.Probably, I think that almost nuclear power plants in the world are in a turning point now.
Then, I think that each country should promote the nuclear power plant of Israel. Since Israel has continued efforts to strengthen the safety of the nuclear power plants although Israel exists in the worst situation of Middle Eastern hostility, its security is the most thoroughgoing. I think that the turning point of the worldwide scale of the nuclear power plant is a turning point of economic growth also for Israel.
Since Israel is persecuting Palestine, Israel is unpopular and Israel does not have a company brand of a worldwide scale.However, if Jerusalem becomes jurisdiction of the United Nations and the NATO force will protect Jerusalem, it becomes unnecessary for Israel to persecute Palestine and Palestine can establish their country. If Palestine is founded, Israel will be loved more from the world and the company brand of Israel will be a worldwide scale.I think that the fields which should become a company brand of the worldwide scale of Israel are the nuclear power plant and Seawater desalination.
Scarce rainfall and abundant seawater prompted Israel to find the happiness.
Israel is due to return 150 million cubic meter of waterfor 10 years into the River Jordan which was withering by the technology of very able seawater reverse osmosis plants . The latest technology of Israel is very wonderful.Since the river of Jordan has some possibility of drying up, this technology of Israel is a historical brilliant achievement.
Peace negotiation is advanced in order to oppose the uranium enrichment of Iran. However, this problem is not a problem of only Iran. It is a global problem include Jurisdiction by the United Nations of Jerusalem,Protection of Jerusalem by the NATO force,Formation of a worldwide scale of the company brand of the nuclear power plant and Seawater desalination of Israel,Founding of Palestine,and Evasion of the default crisis of the national bond in the world . If India and Pakistan can introduce positively Seawater desalination of Israel and the nuclear power plant of Israel ,and if India and Pakistan can govern dispute, they can prove the peace . The problem of the uranium enrichment of Iran is a problem which the world should have patience and which the world should solve to take the long view. I would like to hope that India and Pakistan will stand on the start point.If India and Pakistan introduce the nuclear power plant and Seawater desalination of Israel, Israel should mediate so that India and Pakistan can obtain a loan by a low interest rate.

Since a hydroelectric power station causes dispute between India and Pakistan, I do not recommend a hydroelectric power station. It is my dream that the pipeline of oil of Turkestan and the Middle East will be tied to India and Pakistan, and it is my dream that the pipeline of the natural gas of Afghanistan will be tied to India and Pakistan. In order to realize my dream, I hope Pakistan would cooperate nicely with India for building the pipeline from Pakistan to India.
India and Pakistan should be friends like the true brothers. The London Olympic Games which are a festival of peace start today. Peace is the first. I love India and I love Pakistan.
Yes....the peace is the first.
I am fighting against Ozawa and Kamei, in order to realize peace as the Japanese people.
Their hypocrisy based on lust of lucre of Ozawa and Kamei is ugly .
It is not all in the world that are ugly .Surely there is something beautiful in the world.
So I never give up.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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