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Ms.Rebiya Kadeer

World Uyghur Congress President Rebiya Kadeer0730
Ms.Rebiya Kadeer
Ms.Rebiya Kadeer demands Chinese government should return thousands of Uighur's people who went missing by the arrests unjust at the time of a demonstration of the Uighurs on July 5, 2009. She is Uighur people' spiritual leader and I respect her brave sprit very much.
There was the news with the hijack attempt incident in a Uighur autonomous region last month.
According to the Chinese media ,it says that "Although six men planned a hijack within the airplane from Hotan for Urumqi,they were captured by about twenty students of the special force police unit school which happened to ride in the same inside of a plane.Two Uygur people were killed in the airplane" Internal Uighurs and external Uighurs are opposing to this report, and saying "It is fabrication."
It was reported that each hijackers had an iron bar, but there is sense of incongruity. The movement with the airplane of the Uygur person is extremely limited and cannot bring an iron bar in the airplane from Uygur because there is an extremely severe check. Perhaps I guess that they vomited words to insult an Uygur person, and quarrelled. I guess that the trainees of the police officer might do Lynch murder of two Uygur people.
Such hypocrisy is only the beginning

Chinese President Hu Jintao
Have you ever watched the photographs of the vivid corpses of the riot that happened in Uygur at 11:45 a.m. on 4th July 2010 Sunday ?This is the reason that Ms.Rebiya Kadeer appealed at the risk of her life.
Clck here,and you can see how terribel Chinese Hu Jintao is.I hope people of Taliban and people of al Qaeda watch these photographs.All armed groups of India and the Pakistani should watch these photographs.You never belive Chinese President Hu Jintao who hates Muslim.
Chinese President Hu Jintao waits for every Muslim to die out slowly and carefully, and Chinese President Hu Jintao smuggles a lot of weapons in al Qaeda ,Taliban and the army groups among India and Pakistani . And Chinese President Hu Jintao always causes a lot of disputes and fills his own pocket.
The true enemy of the Muslims is not the Zionists. Because the Chinese military became too strong, the world conquest plan of the Zionists is impossible for 100 years. The true enemy of the Muslims is Chinese President Hu Jintao.The Muslim should be reconciled with the United States and Israel early and The Muslim should fight against Chinese President Hu Jintao.
Chinese President Hu Jintao performs the forced abortion of millions of babies of Muslims on the pretence of "plan growth" in Uighur .
And by 45 times of nuclear tests, and the abandonment of the nuke puke, many Muslims people fall ill by the radioactivity in Uygur. Chinese President Hu Jintao carries out the executions of the Muslims of tens of thousands of units as a political offenses.
In addition, it is prohibited to learn their culture,their language, their manners and customs that Uygur has been cultivated originally in Uygur at every school of Uygur people under an ethic cleansing policy by the Chinese Communist Party .And the emigration of a large quantity of Han race take off their jobs from Uygur people.This is not other people's affairs for all Muslims of Central Asia, or west Asia.
In the Uygur, the parents must not teach of the Islam to their children. The person teaching Islam secretly is taken to the police and receives a prison sentence by all means. There is a signboard written on the mosque,"18 years old or younger and the student must not enter."or "The public servant must not enter."or "The pensioner cannot enter.". Chinese government gives money expressly to have lunch in the month of the fast . It is investigated strictly if Uygur people do not eat.   In the Uygur, every lesson of Uigur language disappeared in all universities,and all technical schools in 2002. Uigur language was ousted from 2006 in every kindergarten, and it became Pekingese.
A Uyghur girlA Uyghur girl2 Girls of the Uygur are very pretty and beautiful.Let's help such the cute girls.
There is an opinion that the ancestors of the person of Okinawa may be the Uygur person, and I think that they resemble a woman of Okinawa closely.I desire to release the Uigur because I have the blood of an ethnic minority called Okinawa in my veins.
Young girls of Uygur must do the forced labor far-off in Shangdong or Zhejiang, and young girls of Uygur cannot even telephone to their parents. They must do labor from eight hours to 12-hours. It is deducted from daily allowance automatically from daily necessities to pretty cosmetics necessary for a girl of marriageable age only in labor buildings, and, as for the net income remuneration for labor, it is to around 600 yuan a month.600 yuan is 7,372.83 Yen(94.03$)....Oh.. That's a boss of Devil King Kong all over, Chinese President Hu Jintao is an unspeakable rascal.
Chinese President Hu Jintao not only executes the Uygur person, but also exhibits the stuffed human beings of the Muslim of the Uygur at the corpse show and sells the organ of the Muslim of the Uygur.
To the dispute between each tribe of the African Continent, Chinese President Hu Jintao smuggled a lot of weapons, and China greatly did economic growth.The central figure slaughtering the Muslims of the world is Chinese President Hu Jintao.
However, we need courage. Central Asia, west Asia, the Middle East, Israel, the East Asia should unite and we should fight against Chinese president Hu Jintao.
Solution of the water shortage brings us the peace the most,even if Chinese Hu Jintao smuggled the terrible weapons to a cuttlefish and desires more disputes of each place,I think. If the nuclear power plant of Israel ,and Seawater desalination of Israel are introduced into India and Pakistan, the disputes of the army groups of the anti-government organization will be calmed down at first.
If we match power with Central Asia, west Asia, a Middle Eastern Muslim, and the East Asia like Japan and Korea, we can appeal for the opposition to Chinese one-party system, second Chang Hsueh-liang will appear from the inside of the Chinese military.Because the corruption of the bribery extends in China by reckless driving of Chinese one-party system, the pollution of the factory spreads, and people with a disability increase by water pollution.In China, a limit already comes.
From the inside of the Chinese military, somebody stands up by all means,I guess .So we can appeal for the opposition to Chinese one-party system.
And we can confine China in cooperation with the United States and Europe, and we can defeat Chinese president Hu Jintao.
Current World Map
Map of Chinese Illuminati's plan
If U.S. forces and the NATO military intervene in Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur person,and Tibet , independence is possible and can cut off the weapon route of al Qaeda ,Taliban and other anti-government organizations from China.
In the Taklamakan Desert of Tarim Basin of the Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur person, 1 billion tons of oil and 59 billion cubic meters of natural gas are produced.In the Jungar Basin, there are 1,370 million tons of oil,and 41 million cubic meters of natural gas .There are also gold, silver,platinum and rare metal such as palladium, ruthenium, and iridium, in the Jungar Basin .
The Mt. Altai includes copper, nickel, tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, and molybdenum.And the Amayama mountain includes coal and iron ore.
On the other hand, Tibet has "lithium of half of mineral reserves of world" ,"chrome of the first place of Chinese mineral reserves","copper of the third place of Chinese mineral reserves" ,and "a large quantity of diamonds".
If the United States and EU intervene, Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur ,and Tibet can become independent countries, and there are a lot of business chance as the same as Myanmar.The bases of the encircling net around China should be Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur,and Tibet more than Afghanistan.
Because Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur contact in the frontiers of both of India and Pakistan, Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur can tie each pipeline of the oil to India and Pakistan .Because both Eastern Turkestan of the country of the Uygur and Tibet appeal to the world that they want to become independent from China, the world should cooperate with them.
If World War 3 begins, China will invade Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan,Bangladesh,Tibet, Eastern Turkestan of the Uygur, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,and Turkmenistan in order to make them ruin.
Let's unite, and let's fight against Chinese president Hu Jintao.Let's unite, and we can realize the true peace.
Let's plant
Let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
Soon, it buds and becomes one tree.
Soon, it grows and becomes a thicket.
Soon, it becomes a beautiful wood .
If woods are made, a brook will begin to flow soon.
However people will kill together,
but all the same,without giving up,
let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
If a brook will begin to flow soon,
Pretty little birds begin to sing.

And....Let's insist with Ms.Rebiya Kadeer to return the missing persons by the unfair arrests of the Uygur persons.

They live until the day when they become the target of the organ sale.Let's rescue more Uygur people as possible as we can.


By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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