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Japanese reproduction strategy

The original plan of Japanese reproduction strategy
Commercial intercourseJapan raises a ratio of trade with the conclusion countries of Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA) from approximately 19% to around 80% until 2020.                                                                                      
Medical care & Nursing an invalidJapan creates 50 trillion yen(636,699,344,896.00$) and  2,840,000 of employments in the new markets by "development support of the advanced medical technology" or "the deregulation"  until 2020.
EnvironmentUntil 2020 ,while Japan extends  the ratio of sale such as electric cars to 50% ,Japan extends sale of the batteries in the world to 10 trillion yen(127,339,864,064.00$) .
And Japan creates  50 trillion yen(636,699,344,896.00$) in the new market and Japan will make 1,400,000 of employments .
SightseeingBy 2020, Japan increases foreign tourists visiting Japan to 25 million.
Japan will raise the market share of low-cost carrier(LCC) from 20% to 30% like Europe and America.
Japan creates the 560,000 people of employments  by the tourist industry.
Employment & TalentJapan makes "the percentage of employment of youths from 20 years old to 34 years old" to 77% in 2020, and Japan raises "year‐on‐year comparison between 2010 and 2020" 3.4 points.
Japan tries the environmental maintenance for the realization of starting the new school year from autumn of the university, aiming at Human Resource Development of the global talented persons who are active in the world .
Exit from DeflationThe Japanese Government expects the monetary easing that is cooperation of Bank of Japan to an exit from deflation.
The government changes essential qualities of things, human beings and money by the policy means of regulation, such as system reform, a budget, the taxation system in the next two years.
Japan realizes it on the budget of 2013.
Prime Minister Noda 801
The Noda cabinet decided Japanese reproduction strategy at a Cabinet meeting on August 1.It seems to enumerate several ideal numbers, but we can understand a formidable strategy of Prime Minister Noda.
Because Japan reproduction strategy became the last compilation of the budget during the term of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Noda declared to carry out the politics-led compilation of the budget which stood on the Japan reproduction strategy well. Prime Minister Noda denied dissolution in August virtually.
Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan and the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren always dominate Japanese cabinet in the Japanese politics.Bank of Japan hates extremely to surrender under Ministry of Finance because Bank of Japan hates to be forced to buy "the Japanese government bonds" on the scale of 1 trillion yen(12,733,986,816.00$) .Although Japanese government can obtain resources of 20 trillion yen(255,852,625,920.00$) if Japan establishes more quickly "Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)" to collect tax and social insurance premium unitarily,Ministry of Finance prevents that "Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)" will be established,because Ministry of Finance makes a part of those funds the surplus funds of Ministry of Finance.
In any case, it's troublesome, isn't it?But I suppose that Prime Minister Noda intends to realize both of "the purchase of Japanese government bonds by Bank of Japan" and "the establishment of Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)".Prime Minister Noda announced the meeting minutes of the proceedings that former Prime Minister Koizumi had threatened Bank of Japan to buy the government bonds on the scale of 1 trillion yen(12,733,986,816.00$) forcibly, and Prime Minister Noda suggests that monetary easing is necessary. In addition,I guess that Prime Minister Noda recognizes that the Democratic Party cannot unite between Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party , New Komeito and THE SUNRISE PARTY OF JAPAN if he can't establish "Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)".
Both Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan should make mutual concessions for national interest.Because Prime Minister Noda is going to let a consumption tax increase bill pass at the risk of his life, Ministry of Finance should accept the establishment of "Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)", too .It is time the gallows had its due.Because Japanese government can obtain resources of 20 trillion yen(255,852,625,920.00$) by the establishment of "Sainyucho(the revenue Agency)",if Japan builds the subway on a national scale, because the land prices will rise, Japan can succeed in an anti-deflationary measure.
Prime Minister Noda 8012012
Prime Minister Noda
The Noda Cabinet opened the administrative reform practice headquarters on first August, the Noda Cabinet decided the schedule of the progress to sell for 500 billion yen(6,366,993,408.00$) of a part of the national properties by the end of 2016.
The Noda Cabinet asserted the reduction in the waste in the growing government's finances due to industrial advancement before a consumption tax increase .
Go for it! Prime Minister Noda!
Japan continues the structure to support "the acquisition of the overseas enterprises by the Japanese companies" and "development of the resources energy" by using "the urgent facility (fund) on the scale of the 10 trillion yen(127,339,864,064.00$) for strong yen".Japanese government starts support by the fund from last summer and furnishes it with the dollar fund, and the government invests by the dollar fund. Because the pressure on strong yen is strong yet now by the crisis in Europe, Japanese Government makes use of an advantage of the strong yen and it supports the overseas development of the Japanese companies.
Although the overseas asset purchase is for the promotion of weak yen ,Japan exists now in the progress of strong yen by the currency risk. "The weak yen " is hard to become active, and domestic demand is more likely to be reduced by deindustrialization this time even if mergers and acquisitions advanced again.
I think that the Japanese Government should prepare the budget to start a subsidy for straight industry to produce semiconductors in the country so that the information of the Japanese superior semiconductor does not flow out abroad.
The accident often happens all over the world to become impossible to drive the car, because many terrorists put a tip of the remote control in the engine of the car.In Japan, a car went out of control recklessly the other day in Gion district. Joint development between the Japanese car companies and SECOM is necessary. Honda has already succeeded in SECOM and joint development, but all the Japanese car companies should strengthen the security of the car. The car which is not performed remote control of is necessary in the next generation.
In addition, the Japanese car companies must develop the car which can prevent terrorism which a terrorist makes an explosive device fix on the side of the car with a magnet.These special techniques are specialized fields of Japan.The effort not to let the information of the semiconductor begin to flow abroad will escalate a trade balance of Japan.
And then, because Japan cannot stop productive industries which expand its business abroad that personnel expenses is cheaper by strong yen, Japan should found a foreign business center such as Hong Kong and Singapore , and I think that Japan should enlarge the domestic employments by the financial services.Vocational training facilities and Qualification system to bring up the dealers are necessary.
Because the elderly person can participate in the work of the dealer, the promotion of the dealer can escalate the employment of a wide age group. It is necessary for the future of Japanese society.
A politician who thinks of only next election cannot carry out the politics which will conduce to the interests of the country like Prime Minister Noda.Avaricious Ozawa is going to destroy Japan in order to be a King in Japan.Prime Minister Noda is a brave Prime Minister in fact , while Ozawa was at most Ozawa Devil King Kong dancing and offering sacrifices before Chinese President Hu Jintao.
Although Ozawa insists that Ozawa may submit a vote of want of confidence in the Cabinet in the House of Councilors.But Ozawa seems to forget that the House of Councilors can order Ozawa to appear for questioning about a trial of Ozawa.

20120802-420922-1-N.jpg 11660611771.jpg
Kohei Uchimura won the gold medal in the men's individual all-around event.
Prime Minister Noda should get power from Uchimura.Because Uchimura fell over a horizontal bar in the qualifier of July 28, Uchimura could not get his score so much, and Uchimura went into the finals with the ninth place.However, Uchimura was lucky because the score of the qualifier was not carried over in the finals. Uchimura showed an inborn sense of stability from the pommel horse of the first item and Uchimura greatly mark his score as different than second place .And Kohei Uchimura won the gold medal in the men's individual all-around event.This is the second gold medal in Japan.
I am convinced that the world wishes Prime Minister Noda would win a gold medal.The world pays attention to Prime Minister Noda.


By Aozora Japanese Resistance
Japan stands at a turning point.New wind blows.
I see a beautiful full moon from my room now.I spoke to the beautiful moon.
Japan should face war crimes sincerely and compensates faithfully and should cooperate with Korea for military cooperation in order to rescue all abductees in North Korea.
We must free all concentration camps of North Korea.
Therefore Japan rebuilds economy.
We must unite.

We have also our own warm hearts.
We must finish the times to be cursed "the descendant of the beast".
I believe that the day when Japan can participate in the United Nations comes one day.

There seems to be a plan to execute the Japanese Emperor and empress in China. Ozawa is a puppet of the terrible plan of Chinese President Hu Jintao.
We must unite.

We defends the Japanese Emperor and the Japanese empress by all means.
We defends the Imperial Family by all means.
We defends our homeland,Japan.
We must unite.

I promise with a moon.
Japan will change.
Japan unites.
A skylark of an early riser has begun to sing. It is the daybreak in Japan.



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