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Naturally, by the end of August, Japan must declare a express intent to participate in TPP.

The Armitage-Nye Report: U.S.-Japan Alliance: Anchoring Stability in Asia from CSIS on Vimeo.

200_2012_134551286449.jpgThe Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Japan Chair cordially hosted the release of a new report co-chaired by Mr.Richard L. Armitage, President of Armitage International and former Deputy Secretary of State, and Mr.Joseph S. Nye, Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University.
That is,"The Armitage-Nye Report,U.S.-Japan Alliance: Anchoring Stability in Asia"
This is the third report on U.S.-Japan relations and U.S. strategy in Asia co-chaired by Mr.Richard L. Armitage and Professor Joseph S. Nye. Amb.of Harvard university.
They point out that the crisis of the alliance that is indispensable for stability of the Pacific of Asia is caused by confusion of Japannese political world.
In the present situation, the Japan-U.S. alliance are very strong.But Mr.Armitage wants to say that the United States may not help Japan from the menace of China and North Korea if Japan is insincere for TPP .
The Japan-U.S. joint exercise according to each function began in Hijiudai maneuvering ground on August 20 .The Japan-U.S. joint exercise contains the training such "Advance to contact" which advances while removing an enemy,"Heli-borne training" which carries a member by a helicopter,and "Relief activities of the forefront" to treat an injured person temporarily in battle front.I think that it is the training to attack the enemy by Japan-U.S. combination to defend the remote island such as Senkaku Islands.
The system to protect Japanese Senkaku Islands in cooperation between the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces at the risk of our lives, is already prepared.
Naturally, by the end of August, Japan must declare a express intent to participate in TPP.
Can you understand current situation of Japan?
If Japan can't declare a express intent to participate in TPP by the end of August,Japan must lose Senkaku islands and Takeshima island forever.
There are only another ten days in August.There isn't more time.Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) should perform recruiting of five Diet members immediately to establish a political party,and Osaka Ishinnokai should cooperate with the Democratic Party immidately.Japan needs quick response.As if Japan standed on the edge of a precipice,Japan is in the crisis of the alliance between Japan and USA.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will persuade the Mayor of Osaka Hashimoto to form the coalition with the Democratic Party.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will make a definite promise with Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka so that Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) does not accept a person of secession from the Democratic Party ,the New Komeito and People's New Party(Kokuminshinto)after 8th August,2012 in this time,because we must prevent a plot by both of Ozawa and Hatoyama.

Koki Kobayashi

Toshiaki Koizumi
Ishizeki takashi
Takashi Ishizeki
Yorihisa matuno
Yorihisa Matuno
These four politicians are agents whom Ozawa and Hatoyama prepare to destroy the Democratic Party in order to prevent TPP.
Because Ozawa is lack of funds, Ozawa blackmails Hatoyama now.Ozawa forces New Party Daichi cooperating with a new political party of Ozawa to put up Chiharu Matuyama of a famous singer as an opposition candidate against Hatoyama.And Ozawa threatens Hatoyama of a man of great wealth.Ozawa is going to force that Hatoyama contributes 3 billion yen(37,770,000.00$) of political funds.
Hatoyama let Koki Kobayashi and Toshiaki Koizumi leave from the Democratic party for the purpose of determining its effect whether Hatoyama can join Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association).Because they did not put it in Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association), two people cooperated with Mayor Nagoya.
However, as the second step, Hatoyama dispatched Takashi Ishizeki and Yorihisa matuno as negotiations roles to join Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association).
Ozawa is lack of funds of 3 billion yen(37,770,000.00$) for the next election.Even if Ozawa blackmails 3 billion yen(37,770,000.00$) Ozawa is never arrested,although general person will be arrested if the general person blackmails 1,000 yen(12.59$).
Because Russian President Putin has the great power, Putin can arrest the girls of rock band only to sing a stupid song at the church, but Prime Minister Noda cannot readily arrest Ozawa.
At first, Hatoyama does not understand even the fact that Hatoyama is blackmailed by Ozawa because Hatoyama is very fool.Even if Hatoyama is defeated by a singer in the next election, Ozawa will only make Hatoyama the Special Counsel of Ozawa's new political party. Ozawa depends on Hatoyama as a financial supporter.
Japanese political world has many fools.This is very deplorable.

Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should decide not to let four Diet members of the above photographs participate in Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association).
Of course it is common sense that Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) should not cooperate with them so that a lot of Diet members should not leave from the Democratic Party in order to enter the faction of Koki Kobayashi and Toshiaki Koizumi.Because the Democratic Party led a consumption tax increase bill disliked by the nation, the Democratic Party must prevent the secession.
But,Hashimoto Osaka Mayor ,please establish a political party hastily.

There are only another ten days in August.There isn't more time.
Japan depends on the quick responce of Hashimoto Osaka Mayor whether Japan can protect Senkaku Islands and Takeshima Island.
Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) should rob Ozawa's new party ,Kokuminnoseikatugadaiichi of the Diet members if necessary.Almost Diet members of Ozawa's new party,"Kokuminnodeikatugadaiichi" will desire to participate in the Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) by leaving from Ozawa's new party.
The Democratic Party should cope quickly to cooperate with Hashimoto Osaka Mayor.As for Prime Minister Noda, decision is too slow as the Prime Minister.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will persuade the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren to prepare the abundant political donation to Osaka Ishinnokai(Osaka Restoration Association) and to support Las Vegas plan of Hashimoto Osaka Mayor,if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor can establish his new political party in a few days to cooperate with the Democratic Party.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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