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I pray for peace

webworld050912.jpg Libyan U.S. consulate
(Esam Al-Fetori-Reuters)
I pray from bottom of my heart so that the anger of the Muslim subsides.The saint of the Islam is a symbol of each life for each Muslim.Neither a Christian nor the Buddhist have an ideology such that a saint is always with himself.Therefore neither a Christian nor the Buddhist can understand the importance of this incident.However, the world should understand that Muslims feel that it is painful for even their breath by this incident.
Every Muslim, please please quiet your anger.Please not murder an American more than now. Please, please permit Americans.The producer of a movie profaning a Muslim always avoids getting involved in the anger of Muslims and just looks on indifferently at TV in his room which is well air‐conditioned. For some wicked Americans,this incident happens. I beg every Muslim to stop killing more innocent Americans.
Some wicked Americans kill American diplomats without polluting their hand by using Muslims in order to lower the approval rating of President Obama .
Please, please wake up.Please do not be used by one part of wicked Americans.The supporter of President Obama does not plot such a wicked plot.Even if Romney did not participate in this incident directly, I think that Romney chuckles to this incident.Romney detests Japan, but probably does not feel all Muslims are important.The supporters of Romney expects World War 3.
Please wake up.I must stop World War Third.Every Muslim,please let me win against wicked person who desires to get a great fortune by World War Third.I desire to stop World War Third.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones
Clergyman Terry Jones who lives in Florida is engaged in the PR of this wicked movie.It is said that an Israeli American real estate developer named Sam Bashir has made this movie, but we notice that his own age changes so often through Media .
Much Medea suspects that Terry Jones and Sam Bashir are the same people,and I think so,too.
An Israeli American real estate developer??
Sam Bashir induces that the Israeli will be hated.And Sam Bashir makes a phony excuse that Israel attacks Iran.I want to protect both Iran and Israel from the war.I love the both.
We should devise penalty regulations for Sam Bashir to solve this incident peacefully.
1.By the crime of disturbing public order,Sam Bashir should pays compensation for damages to the bereaved of the murdered diplomats and should compensate instrument damages of the American consulate and U.S. Embassy of each country.
2.If he refuses to announce his apologize, USA should hand Sam Bashir over to Libya.The act of Sam Bashir is beyond a limit in the range of the freedom of speech and there are some people who are dead.Besides he was going to entrap President Obama.The United States should deliver him to Libya as a warning to the others.Sam Bashir takes lightly about the society.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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