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Film-maker of anti-Islamic movie

controversial film-maker Nakoula
A FILM maker whose provocative anti-Islamic movie has sparked violence across the world has been taken in for questioning by US authorities.
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, covered his face with a scarf as he was escorted by police from his home to the sheriff's office in Cerritos, California.Officials said he was quizzed over a potential parole violation and was not arrested.
Nakoula is reported to have uploaded to YouTube a 14-minute excerpt from his controversial film Innocence of Muslims, which has been seen as grossly insulting to the Prophet Mohammed.
The clip sparked fury in the Islamic world with protests directed towards the USA and Britain. Militants in Libya killed the US ambassador and three other Americans at the consulate in Benghazi, while a number of demonstrators have died in clashes outside embassies in Sudan, Egypt and Tunisia. And the violence reached Australia today when a large protest by Muslims broke into ugly scuffles with riot police in Sydney.
Six cops were injured by missiles thrown by an angry crowd demonstrating outside the US consulate in the city centre. Police used dogs and pepper spray to control the protesters, who carried banners saying: "Behead all those who insult the Prophet."

I was completely dumbfounded at the underhand and cruel way in which Nakoula had plotted.Nakoula had introduced himself as An Israeli American real estate developer but actually he is a Coptic sect Christian of Egyptian American.Much Medea suspected that Terry Jones and Sam Bashir were the same people,and I thought so,too.But it was wrong.
Because he made a bank account and a credit card by using a false identification card in 2010,he received the probation five years and 21 imprisonment months, as found guilty.Probably he seemed to suffer financially because he participated in a financial crime in the past and I think that someone else handed large sum of money to let him make a video.
Some actors said, "that was dubbed words into without permission", "I did not know the true purpose of this movie. I was heard the other purpose of this movie." .A certain actress thought that this story had been expressed the world of the desert 2,000 years ago , but she said that she had been deceived.
Nakoula made a movie of a totally different purpose ,and he forced the actors and the actresses to perform with a different script.After that, he replaced their parts in editorial process, and he made it a false by changing the movie into video clip of "the anti-Islam".Someone else of anti-Obama made a movie insulting a Muslim clearly, and I suppose Nakoula taught al Qaeda the URL of the animation of youtube.The law of America can make them guilty if USA can prove that they cooperated with al Qaeda.Life is dear to Nakoula.If the United States says that USA will send Nakoula to Egypt forcibly, Nakoula will speak all.And Clergyman Terry Jones who lives in Florida is engaged in the PR of this wicked movie.USA should need the investigation whether Terry Jones cooperated with al Qaeda.

Well,Who is someone else?

Israel has more than 400 nuclear weapons , and I understand that Israel cannot abolish them.However, it is unfair that Israel insists so that Iran stops uranium enrichment. Concession between Israel and Iran is necessary .
I hope that the United Nations should have jurisdiction over Jerusalem .
And I hope that you will leave a freight route of Gaza Strip open.
As last item ,I hope that you will admit "the Founding of a country of Palestine".
By the exchange conditions to show 3 items,Iran should stop uranium enrichment,I think.
The United States, Iran, Russia, EU should talk about war postprocessing of Syria.
On the condition that 3 politicians of the Alawi( Islamic group which is centred in Syria) should participate in the new cabinet, and, on the condition that Syria takes responsibility to pay Syrian debt to Russia and Iran after the war, Iran should stop supporting weapons and the armed forces for the Assad government.I hope Iran should back up so that the Assad family takes refuge in Tunisia.I wish Asma Al-Assad called a rose of the desert takes refuge with her family safely.
The problem of the World War Third is a matter of life and death for Japan.
Please solve this more quickly. Because both of Israel and Iran are obstinate, the world shudders with fear.
I hope that USA will check whether the Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister participated in this plot.The Israeli cabinet does not expect an attack against Iran, but Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to hope to force an attack against Iran and Prime Minister Netanyahu stands alone in the Israeli cabinet.Because the menace of the Chinese military is serious,a nuclear weapon will be dropped in Jerusalem by the Chinese military if World War 3 begins now .
Prime Minister Netanyahu always hopes the downfall of President Obama, but because we must prevent World War third,we must defend President Obama for the world peace.
The combination of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and the Romney candidate of USA will develop into the global nuclear wars.
I pray so that Israel which I love should be loved from the world.The national intention of Israel is different from intention of Prime Minister Netanyahu.It is important that we love both of Iran and Israel.If Prime Minister Netanyahu resigns, and if more peaceful person become the new prime minister of Israel, the Middle East and Israel will advance peacefully epoch-making.Israel is the New Year from the night of September 16. Israel should do decision to select the new prime minister.
We need the investigation whether the Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister participated in this plot, for the peace of the world.If World War Third will begin now ,because the Japanese Islands will be made to sink by nuclear weapons of the Chinese military,this problem is a matter of life and death for Japan.If World War Third will begin now ,China will invade Korea,Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan,Bangladesh,Tibet, Eastern Turkestan of the Uygur, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,and Turkmenistan in order to make them ruin.
I don't hope this issue simply fades from public awareness.
We need the investigation whether the Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister participated in this plot, for the peace of the world. On earth will how many diplomats American,or U.S. soldiers be murdered until a presidential election is over?
On earth how many Muslims will be murdered until a presidential election is over?
I don't hope this issue simply fades from public awareness.
We need the investigation whether the Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister participated in this plot, for the peace of the world.
And Google should delete this animation.I hope an injured person no longer appear.
Google should not take part in World War Third.
The citizens of Muslim in the Middle East calmed the anti-Americanism demonstration on 16th September ,but the citizens of Muslim in Asian countries began the anti-Americanism demonstrations on 16th September .We should understand that Muslims feel that it is painful for even their breath by this incident. Every Muslim, please please quiet your anger.I beg for every Muslim to quiet your anger.

Please wake up.I must stop World War Third.Every Muslim,please let me win against wicked persons who desires to get a great fortune by World War Third.I desire to stop World War Third.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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