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Senkaku Islands

Senkaku Islands
Japan needs great courage for the solution to territorial problem of Senkaku Islands.Deng Xiaoping suggested that Japan and China entrust the solution of dominium of Senkaku Islands to the next generation in 1978.
China kept harrying Japanese Government by the issue of Senkaku Islands, trying to persuade them to place restrictions on foreign trade.When China is angry at the issue of Senkaku Islands,China threatens Japan by saying that China does not export rare earth elements necessary for the production of car and cell-phones to Japan .In addition, China often leads to collide Chinese fishing boats to Japanese patrol boats of the marine preservation headquarters in Senkaku Islands approximately every year before APEC so that Japan does not participate in TPP.
The possibility of the underground resources was pointed out in an investigation of 1968 in the bottom of the sea of the neighborhood of Senkaku Islands, and China has begun to insist on dominium of Senkaku suddenly from 1971.
The claim of the Chinese dominium is unfair, but Japan did an unfair thing,too In World War II.
The former Japan forces abducted Chinese women to force them to become sex slaves.And the former Japan forces branded each chest by a hot stigma(a branding-iron)in order to put numbers on sex slaves.
Japan paid compensation for damages of 146,532 million yen to the northeast of China,55,437 million yen in the North China,and 36,718 million yen to central China and South China, after the war.
Japan paid compensation of damages generously of the war, but Japan announced that Japan finished all war crimes to pay these compensation for damages.And Japan ignored war crimes of sex slaves.These women of the victims did not receive compensation for damages even 1 yen.

How can we resolve this?

We cannot continue this situation.
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch some experts to China in order to make the list of women of the victim.Japan must make a check list in order to inspect whether their testimony does not change.The expert must mention their marks of branding irons in the check list.
In response to the check list, Prime Minister Noda should apologize to women of the victim and Japan should pay compensation for damages individually.
And I want to suggest that Japan buys Chunxiao gas field at the low price because Japan contributes to the Chinese ghost town area by ODA business after the war.The Chunxiao natural gas field was built by the joint development of Japan and China in the East China Sea within the Chinese Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), but China has monopolized it domineeringly.
Instead of Japan's apologizing and paying compensation for damages to sex slaves, and instead of buying Chunxiao gas field, China should accept the Japanese dominium of Senkaku Islands.

I notice that China wants Senkaku Islands as the equipped military base in order to invade Taiwan rather than natural resources .Vast construction costs are necessary to develop seabed resource, but the outskirts of Senkaku Islands does not have natural resources enough to balance with vast construction costs.China wants Senkaku Islands as a base in order to invade Taiwan but Neither United States nor Japan nor Taiwan expects it.
So I suggests to the U.S. Government and Japan Government that Japan should build a base through water service, electricity,and gas to let the Self-Defense Forces be stationed in Senkaku Islands.
China just have to hide the fact in China.I am convinced that China can do such a thought control.Because the construction of the facilities of Senkaku Islands takes more than one year,if anti-Japan demonstration continues more than one year,Chinese nation's dissatisfaction for the one‐party rule explodes, and China military authorities will have a coup d'etat against one‐party rule of the Chinese Communist Party.
Because the bribery of the politician occurred frequently, in China, the pollution became serious.Many rivers are dyed into the malicious color of the chemical, and a lot of people with a disability are born in China.A lot of deformity of the domestic animal are born ,too.The Chinese nation endures one-party rule of the Chinese Communist Party most.If anti-Japan demonstration is prolonged, one-party rule of the Chinese Communist Party will collapse.

The United States deploys Osprey which can fly from Okinawa Island in one hour in the US base of Japan and intends to cooperate thankfully for the backup of Japanese Senkaku Islands.
Senkaku Islands never develop into a serious problem if China does not report it in China about the news about Senkaku Islands.In addition, Chinese government can save the honor by my suggestion, too.Let's wait for the Chinese nation to forget Senkaku Islands afterward together.This is the wisdom of our generation of the present times.
The United States is the major economic power first place, and China is the major economic power second place.Both countries have a lot of nice markets and both countries are very important to Japan.Japan of the major economic power third place wants to be the good firends of both of USA and China.I hope that China does not invade Asian countries.Because Japan is afraid of the Chinese national military so much, Japan needs Japan-Korea military alliance and Japan needs Japan-Taiwan military alliance. Don't take it unkindly if Japan is afraid of the Chinese national military so much.

Japan should apologize to women of the victims of sex slaves, as a nation and Japan should guarantee the war crime for all women of the victims of sex slaves in World War II.
Japan should jump into the new times from ancien regime.
For Chinese President Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao of Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, I may be only a descendant of the beasts of The wicked former Japan forces.
As a descendant of the beasts, I apologize to China about the war crime of the former Japan forces having invaded China from bottom of my heart.I want to make the pains of women of the victims into half.I am convinced that the national apology and compensation for them make their pains into half.If their pains become half, they will feel at ease more than now.I want the chance that Japan apologizes to them.
But even if I may be only a descendant of the beasts,I have a heart to love my mother country,Japan.I protect the Emperor and the empress at the risk of my life.Even if I may be only a descendant of the beasts,I am surely a human being.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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