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Mr.Ishiba was not elected the President of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The former prime minister Abe
The presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party was really close.The Liberal Democratic Party elected hawkish former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as its new president Wednesday, pinning its hopes on him to guide the party back into power in the next general election.And Mr.Ishiba was not elected the President of the Liberal Democratic Party.I am discouraged because my wishes were not realized.
Mr.Ishiba was by far the best to get the local votes.But Mr.Ishiba couldn't get the Diet members' votes.It means that people wanted Mr.Ishiba to become the President of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Since they elected only by the Diet members' votes, in the second round, it was disadvantageous for Mr.Ishiba.
In the first round of voting, in which both lawmakers and the party’s regional chapters cast ballots, Abe recorded 141 votes but trailed Ishiba, who tallied 199 votes. But with Ishiba failing to capture a majority of the total 498 votes cast, a run-off was necessitated between the top two vote-getters.
The former prime minister Abe totaled 108 votes and Ishiba 89 in the polling of lawmakers, with one abstention.It's quite something for Mr.Ishiba to get 89 votes.
It is not in mortals to command success??No.No.No.There is a reason that the former prime minister Abe had won the position of the president of LDP.
After the presidential election of LDP,the former prime minister Abe claimed that he would broadly select out of factions sect this time because having opted for personnel affairs only by his comrades had made a mistake when The former prime minister Abe became the Prime Minister before. Probably, I surmise that The former prime minister Abe was talking this to all the Diet members in the early stage of the presidential election of LDP. This is the reason for the victory of the former prime minister Abe.
Mr.Ishiba disliked the sectarian politics but all the political parties are faction‐ridden.If the person meets the needs of the Diet members, he can become the rage of the times. Factionalism hinders political development but there is a happy medium in everything.The former prime minister Abe can understand a happy medium,I think.
It was too late for me to have noticed the needs of the Diet members.If I wrote in my blog two weeks ago so that Mr.Ishiba should adopt intraparty personnel affairs from all the factions, Mr.Ishiba might have won. I wanted Mr.Ishiba to win.
But Stop bothering your head about it.We should think the future of Japan.
How can Japan solve the territorial problems?
How can Japan realize TPP?
How can Japan rescue more than Japanese abductees in North Korea?

Japan needs the grand coalition than an early Dissolution of a Diet session. I hope that the Liberal Democratic Party, the Komeito, People's new party and Ishin will be allied with the present Democratic Party Administration, and I hope that Mr.Ishiba enters into the Cabinet as the Minister of Defense.
Chinese President Hu Jintao and Ozawa devise a stratagem to execute the Japanese Emperor and empress.Many Japanese citizens of North Korean descents believe that Ozawa is the Second Acala who is protected by the the Plow.They believe that Ozawa will perform the great coup d'etat one day and Ozawa will execute the Emperor and the empress in order to establish of a country of Japanese residents of North Korean descents.
It is not allowed for Prime Minister Noda to be obstinacy.Everything will go against Prime Minister Noda in this current situation.Prime Minister Noda can no longer refuse to apologize for the women of the Asian victims of sex slaves.Japanese former Army has done more worse by far than any kinds of satanists. The Japanese army in those day bore the semblance of a man, but has the heart of a beast.
Japanese people can live without touching the anti-Japan sentiment of the Asia foreign countries, when living in the Japanese country. Japanese people only neglect the news about anti-Japan sentiment.However, when Japanese students study abroad, Japanese students must face anti-Japan sentiment. I was very frustrated to have not retorted to the language of anti-Japan sentiment.I stood aghast at the dreadfulness of anti-Japan sentiment. Japan will go to ruin one day if Japan ignored anti-Japan sentiment in Asia.I keenly realized that we had to change Japanese society.
In order to protect my homeland, I desire grand coalition now. If Prime Minister Noda of the Democratic party refuses to apologize for the women of the Asian victims of sex slaves,you had better just to carry out dissolution of a Diet session then.

Japan should apologize to women of the victims of sex slaves, as a nation and Japan should guarantee the war crime for all women of the victims of sex slaves in World War II. Japan should jump into the new times from ancien regime.
I want to make the pains of women of the victims into half.I am convinced that the national apology and compensation for them make their pains into half.If their pains become half, they will feel at ease more than now.I want the chance that Japan apologizes to them.
Who defend the Japanese Emperor and empress from the wicked plot?
It's Us!
Who defend our mother land,Japan ?
It's Us!
Who realize the grand coalition?
It's Us!

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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