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TPP and Nostradamus

Dépôt Nostradamus: Siècle 10, Quatrains 75
Tant attendu ne reuiendra iamais
Dedans l'Europe , en Asie apparoistra
Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Hermes,
Et sur tous roys des orientz croistra.

Long awaited, One which was waited very much(Economic growth) will never return
In Europe, it(Economic growth) will appear in Asia.
One of the league(TPP) issued from the great Hermes(Greek god of commerce),
And it(Economic growth) will grow over all the Kings of the East.

I found the poetry that Nostradamus predicted TPP.What are you on earth ?,Nostradamus??And why can I decode the poetry of the prediction of Nostradamus which has been mystery over a period of several centuries?I don't know.Probably I think that I was the woman who had the rim with Nostradamus in a former life.I can see that Nostradamus wanted to say,without exactly knowing why.I have a clean‐cut features like the Jew rather than a countenance of Okinawa though I am a Japanese from generation to generation.
In Okinawa, there is an opinion to have possibilities to be a descendant of the Chinese Uygur who took refuge in Okinawa, but we often see the persons of the features like the Jews.It is said that the Japanese Emperor is a progeny of the Israeli Lewi group, but probably I think that they crossed from the Uygur district to Okinawa, and I think that they went north and established the Japanese Yamato government in ancien siecle.Probably I may have a same mitochondria with Jewish people if my gene will be checked.
But that's a trifle!Being important is TPP.If Asian countries choose the goods for TPP to produce and they advance the economical talks with the United States , TPP will surely bring the vast wealth in Asia.
Because Chinese Hu Jintao prevents that Japan participates in TPP,I think that China cooperates with Taiwan and Korea about a Japanese territorial problem behind the scenes.
Chinese Hu Jintao is a schemer extremely smart. Chinese Hu Jintao is much wiser far more than Ozawa who is a Japanese wicked politician.
Japanese Tokyo Governor insisted exactly that Japan should nationalize Senkaku Islands, and the Japanese Tokyo Governor tried to start action that Tokyo Metropolitan area should buy Senkaku Islands at the first.Though Japan and Korea were friendly nations, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak visited Takeshima island suddenly in August and The Japan-Korea relations turned worse in a moment.Taiwan was always amiable for Japan as the business partners, but More than 40 Taiwanese fishing boats flocked in the territorial waters of Senkaku Islands in Japan as soon as Japan nationalized Senkaku Islands.
I think that Japan should apologize to the women of victims who were forced to be sex slaves by Japanese former army.But I think that Chinese president Hu Jintao tries to collapse the Noda Administration of the Democratic Party of Japan by pressuring to Japan in a territorial problem at the same time with Taiwan,and South Korea.And I think that Chinese president Hu Jintao expects to prevent Japan so that Japan can't to participate in TPP.
Japanese delicatessen
Japan must cope smartly. The farm co-op objects to TPP hard, but the total amount of the market of the delicatessen industry of Japan is 8,123,800 million yen(104,342,087,200.00$) on an epic scale.Japan should prepare the subsidy for the farm co-op, and it is necessary to devise the construction of the practical factories of the delicatessen industry.
80% of Japanese farm products always are smashed by the bulldozers in order to make a deal at a high price.Therefore the industry of delicatessen makes rapid progress.The farm co-op should establish original the industry of delicatessen, too.
The Japanese lunch box becomes booming now in the United States.It will become the daily life soon that almost students warm the lunch box with a microwave oven in the dining room of the high school.It is the great chance so that the delicatessen of Japanese farm products will boom abroad.
The Democratic Party should unite so that a farm co-op establishes the industry of delicatessen rather than dividing by TPP .
The Liberal Democratic Party can get a seat of the majority in neither the House of Councilors nor the House of Representatives if LDP causes dissolution of the House of Representatives without giving any results.The Liberal Democratic Party is alliance with the Democratic Party and should show the results now on a defense side.If Mr.Ishiba(the yesterday's Moai statue) is in the Cabinet as the Minister of Defense, the problem of the fighter plane Osprey will be settled smoothly.
It is easy for the fighter plane Osprey to fall abruptly, if it blows a gale because it is designed without thinking of the resistance of the wind to receive to the airframe when the fighter plane Osprey changes direction.
This problem can be dissolved if they increase some exclusive propellers to float the airframe when Ospray changes direction .It is not so difficult.
Because Boeing Company said at a press conference that Boeing Company will improve it if the several accidents are caused by a design fault , Japan should offer joint development.Japan should give a fund of the joint development for the security of inhabitants.If Mr.Ishiba becomes the Minister of Defense, it will be easily settled.
Of course Mr.Ishiba will be able to solve the territorial problem of Senkaku Islands and Takeshima if Prime Minister Noda apologizes immediately to the women of victims of China, Taiwan, and South Korea who were forced to be sex slaves by Japanese former army .
Jimi former finance minister
Jimi former finance minister of the People's New Party should be in the cabinet again.However, Mr.Jimi will not want to do finance minister because Mr.Matushita was just assassinated.Because the People's New Party formed the same denomination with the Democratic Party in the House of Councilors, the Democratic Party should provide some kind of post of cabinet ministers to Mr.Jimi.
Because Takenaka of the economist became a member of the executive of Japan Revolution party that Osaka Mayor Hashimoto leads,if Democratic Party make him a finance minister, Democratic Party can from a coalition with Japan Revolution party,too.Even if Takenaka becomes a finance minister, he will not be assassinated.
I feel uneasy about Hashimoto Osaka mayor because he may threaten the Democratic Party by saying that he will form a coalition with Ozawa,as if he were a shyster lawyer.Hashimoto Osaka mayor is a troublesome fellow.
I think that the New Komeito should let representative Yamaguchi join the Cabinet as the Minister of Justice to apply the subversive activities prevention act to Ozawa ,the Ozawa's political group(Kokuminnoseikatugadaiichi) and the Ozawa group of the Self-Defense Forces.Because the representative Yamaguchi of the New Komeito has the qualification of the lawyer, I think he is suitable.
Though one part of Japanese citizens of North Korean descendants have an ambition to execute the Emperor and the empress, and to establish the country of North Korean descendants in Japan , Japan should not take no measures to deal with Ozawa .And because several attempted coups d'etat are taking place many times in Japanese Self-Defense Forces inside, Japan should make an investigation into the Ozawa group of the Self-Defense Forces.
I hope that Japan should establish the bill imposing legal controls on the political subsidy.The Japanese Government should not provide the political subsidy to the person forming a new party in malice.If Japanese Government does not provide the political subsidy to the new party of Ozawa, it becomes the annual expenditure reduction.
At first Japan should start the annual expenditure reduction from what we can do.

Presiding Judge Shoji Ogawa in Tokyo High Court did not adopt even witness to prove without adopting the evidence which the plaintiff submitted,on 26th September. The hearing was concluded.
Even if Judge Shoji Ogawa watches the flow of the fund because Judge Shoji Ogawa is ignorant about bookkeeping, Judge Shoji can't understand that the complicated flow of this fund is the tax evasion of Ozawa.
The creamy arrow did not have a thing to offset and was non-mention.2 blue arrows and 4 pink arrows offset each other.And the creamy arrow does not offset itself.I suppose that Ozawa complicates the flow of the fund to get a fund of Rikuzankai in his pocket.
According to the flow of the fund of the creamy arrow, Ozawa won 400 million yen wonderfully from Rikuzankai.It costs a vast tax if Ozawa moves the fund of the company into his private assets.
The judgment of the Ozawa's second trial will be sentenced on 12th November .
I would like to hope that American high government officials will persuade Judge Shoji Ogawa to declare guilt to Ozawa because Ozawa's omission is the purpose of tax evasion.
If Judge Shoji Ogawa sentences Ozawa to innocence, Judge Shoji Ogawa will disgrace himself in public all over the world because Judge Shoji Ogawa is ignorant of bookkeeping and he is very fool.
The plaintiff should obtain some documents from the taxation office whether Ozawa evaded his taxes for 400 million yen of the creamy arrow if Judge Shoji Ogawa sentences Ozawa to innocence by any chance .And I hope that the plaintiffs will appeal to the Supreme Court without being discouraged.
Japan needs solidarity than dissolution of the House of Representatives.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will persuade Noda Prime Minister to apologize immediately to the women of victims of China, Taiwan, and South Korea who were forced to be sex slaves by Japanese former army.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will persuade Noda Prime Minister ,Abe president of LDP ,Representative Jimi of People's New party , Representative Yamaguchi of New Komeito,and Representative Hashimoto Osaka Mayor to form the grand coalition.

Japan should apologize to women of the victims of sex slaves, as a nation and Japan should guarantee the war crime for all women of the victims of sex slaves in World War II. Japan should jump into the new times from ancien regime.
I want to make the pains of women of the victims into half.I am convinced that the national apology and compensation for them make their pains into half.If their pains become half, they will feel at ease more than now.I want the chance that Japan apologizes to them.
Who defend the Japanese Emperor and empress from the wicked plot?
It's Us!
Who defend our mother land,Japan ?
It's Us!
Who realize the grand coalition?
It's Us!

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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