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USS George Washington, (CVN-73)
Displacement: 104,200 long tons (116,700 short tons)
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
Displacement: 103,300 long tons (115,700 short tons)
How beautiful these aircraft carriers are !Because Japan doesn't have the armaments so much, the Japanese aircraft carriers and fighters are considerably shabby.The Japanese aircraft carrier is a one-fifth scale of the American aircraft carrier and the displacement of Japanese aircraft carrier is not more than 20,000 tons.And because the hull of the Japanese Aegis-equipped destroyer has a clumsy figure, I don't want the plastic model of the Aegis-equipped destroyer.I always think that I want the plastic model of the American aircraft carrier, but there is no space to put it in my very small room.
Because Japan is surrounded by the large seas,Japan should make an aircraft carrier of 104,200 long tons and should deploy it in Senkaku Islands.

Do all members of Aozora fan clubs think that Aozora threatens former Chinese Hu Jintao by the photographs of the aircraft carriers of other country at this time?You should not say such mean things.Yes...I can understand myself that it is not so cool to act so.But because the Noda Administration is unreliable, we don't have any choice.
The Chinese patrol boats repeated to enter Senkaku Islands of Japanese territorial waters without permission, but USS George Washington, (CVN-73) and
USS John C.Stennis (CVN 74) arrived to the see around Senkaku Islands yesterday .I was beside myself with joy when I heard the news. I shed tears in my joy when I heard the news because I know the terror of Chinese national military.
I thank for the U.S. Government and the U.S. army from bottom of my heart.Thank you cordially.
Carter U.S. national defense Deputy Secretary
a single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation supermaneuverable fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology.
F-35 Lightning II
single-seat, single-engine, fifth generation multirole fighters under development to perform ground attack, reconnaissance, and air defense missions with stealth capability.
The United States urgently deployed 22 battle-planes of F22 which is world's strongest Stealth fighter, in Okinawa.Carter U.S. national defense Deputy Secretary gave a lecture in Washington on October 3 and expressed a policy to deploy latest Stealth fighter F35 of the United States Armed Forces in the U.S. air force Kadena base (Kadena city, Okinawa).The U.S. air force considers deploying at least 54 battle-planes of F35 in Kadena base by 2016.
I thank for Carter U.S. national defense Deputy Secretary from bottom of my heart.
Anti-Japan sentiment is serious in China because the former Japan forces did really bad things in China before the war. I will join my hands in prayer to bless you.

very large sugarcane fields of Okinawa
Because a lot of citizens of Okinawa often perform the opposition movements against the construction of the Henoko US base, Japan should make
the huge aircraft carrier instead of the construction of the Henoko US base, in order to deploy in Senkaku Islands.
It is more effective,I think.
In addition, Japanese Government should borrow very large sugarcane fields of Okinawa in order to build the new residential area for the inhabitants around the Futenma base.I wish Futenma base continues.Because cheap sugar comes to be imported in TPP, my idea can protect farmhouses of sugarcane.
Mr.Henry Alfred Kissinger
Mr.Kissinger who is "former U.S. Secretary of the State" stated on 3th October that it was the most really true wish United States should maintain the neutral position in front of the fact that Japan and China should solve a problem of Senkaku Islands except involving the United States.
Mr.Kissinger is the great politician who returned Okinawa to Japan from the United States, and Mr.Kissinger has the wonderful achievement that Mr.Kissinger revived miraculously the diplomatic relations among the United States and China .
Because China is a very smart country, China never fight against the United States.Unless the United States causes World War Third,China never fights against the country which is stronger than China.China waits the United States causes World War Third,in order to invade the Pacific region whole area and the whole area of West Asia.
In Japan,there is a plot to execute the Emperor and the empress, for founding of the country of "the North Koreans living in Japan" with new King Ozawa.And in China,there is a plot to execute the Japanese Emperor and empress as the war criminals .Therefore Ozawa of the Japanese politician cooperates with the former chinese president Hu Jintao.
Mr.Henry Alfred Kissinger,I beg for the Japanese Emperor family's lives to Mr.Henry Alfred Kissinger.The situation is serious.Even the Self-Defense Forces performed a coup attempts many times.You can save the lives of the Japanese Emperor and empress.Japan cannot move back now.
The Japanese Emperor and empress continued giving the beam of hope to live to the Japanese people.The Japanese imperial family is the world's oldest imperial family and is the progeny of the Israeli Lewi group.Mr.Henry Alfred Kissinger,I beg for the Japanese Emperor family's lives to Mr.Henry Alfred Kissinger.Because China never bombards against USA,the United States can persist that the United States deployed USS George Washington,USS John C. Stennis,F22 and F35 to restrain all North Korea.Please, please close your eyes to pretend not to see, in order to defend the Japanese Emperor and empress from several terrible plots.
If Senkaku enters under Chinese effective control, China intends to make various military installation there including a radar base.China wants Senkaku Islands as military affairs base in order to invade Taiwan.China advances preparations to invade Taiwan clearly.
If China occupies Senkaku Islands, a marine route to India is closed, and the U.S. forces come to have to go to India by the circuitous route.Of course China plans the fall of Okinawa.It is against both national interests between USA and Japan.
SHIN Shijun Taiwanese ambassador to Japan
SHIN Shijun Taiwanese ambassador to Japan returned to Japan on 4th October.The Noda Administration should do talks with him about the right of fishery of Senkaku Islands immediately.Japan should relax the control of imports of the Taiwanese products.Of course Japan should talk with him in order to import the delicious, sweet Taiwanese bananas which has the fragrance that it seems a refreshing mint and vanilla .If the Noda Administration realizes the import of Taiwanese bananas, an approval rating will rise a little more.
The Noda Administration brings back a Japan-Taiwan treaty and should connect it with the Japanese-Taiwan military alliance while USS George Washington and SS John C. Stennis staying around Senkaku Islands.Make hay while the sun shines. Victory goes to the one who makes the first move.
graphics-champagne-991600.gif President Obama is reelected by all means.
I pray God will bless a wonderful married couple, too.
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Song:ANNIVERSARY/lyrics:Yumi Mattoya

Why I did not notice such this thing?
Here is the love that I continued looking for
Sunlight filtering through trees like rice shower is pouring
on two people holding each other's hands.

I believe you.
I look up at your eyes.
Even if I am left alone, I think of you.

I understand the bitter daily meaning now.
It becomes yesterday tenderly if single-minded.
For you who are precious for me.
I will become precious myself for you equally.

I believe of tomorrow.
I walk with you.
Even if this morning is ordinary ,it is a memorial day for me.
I feel the light of this morning as if I can receive endlessly.
Even if I know what I will not be able to meet you someday.

I believe you.
I love you.
Today when my heart seems to be clear is a memorial day.

I believe in tomorrow.
I am beside you.
Even if this morning is ordinary ,it is a memorial day for me.
I believe you.
I look up at your eyes.
Even if I am left alone, I think of you.

I am here with you getting over our youth.
Today when I will ride on the far-off train is a memorial day.
なぜこんなこと 気づかないでいたの
あなたを信じてる 瞳を見上げてる
ひとり残されても あなたを思ってる

今はわかるの 苦い日々の意味も
いつの日か かけがえのないあなたの
同じだけ かけがえのない私になるの
明日を信じてる あなたと歩いてる
ありふれた朝でも 私には記念日


あなたを信じてる あなたを愛してる
心が透き通る 今日の日が記念日
明日を信じてる あなたがそばにいる
ありふれた朝でも 私には記念日
あなたを信じてる 瞳を見上げてる
ひとり残されても あなたを思ってる
青春を渡って あなたとここにいる
遠い列車に乗る 今日の日が記念日


By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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