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Marie Antoinette's a pair of slippers

Marie Antoinettes a pair of slippers

I tried reproducing a then hue with my PC.
I noticed that light pink line of satin is attached to the white line of satin ,in this design.
Great pretty!!Very cute!!Unbelievable..
If these pretty shoes can be seen from a long dress ,they may be pretty and nice. But I think these pretty shoes will be mismatched with modern clothes because skirt is not so long and they are too highlighted for modern clothes.I think that black and dark blue shoes match modern clothes.But Unbelievable cute!!
A pair of silk slippers believed to have been worn by Marie-Antoinette, the wife of French monarch Louis XVI, sold at auction for 62,460 euros ($82,025)(\6,489,818) here on Wednesday.
The size 36-and-a-half (six) slippers(24cm), green with ornate pink bands across them and featuring a silk bow, had been expected to sell for between 8,000 and 10,000 euros.

Marie-Antoinette, was given the slippers by a member of her court, Alexandre-Bernard Ju-Des-Rets, in 1775.That was 18 years before she died at the guillotine in the terror that followed the revolution.Marie Antoinette's slippers had been given as a gift from her manservant Alexander Bernard Ju-Des-Retz, who had passed them on to his descendents before being sold.
A small piece of fabric said to come from the last dress the Austrian-born royal wore before being imprisoned sold for 6,121 euros, twice the estimated value.
Marie Antoinette myth headed off on Oct. 16.The auction was on October 17. I was tormented by some deep sorrow.After that Bourbon dynasty was ruined, the shoes which the queen wore were auctioned off yesterday.I weep Marie Antoinette's sad fate.
The heel is made of wood and is covered with leather that is white in color.I think that the color was brighter.Please imagine the combination of white and a green striped pattern, ribbon work and a white heel.Marie Antoinette loved pastel color, and the designs of the bars rather than the excessive decoration of the rococo era. Her fashion was based on the daring design and Marie Antoinette led high style in those days .Marie Antoinette was a fashion leader.
marieantoinette_young.jpgMarie-Antoinette1.jpg440px-Marie_Antoinette_Young7.jpg20090813_699710.jpg cmarie23.jpg
The proverb says, "Pride goes before a fall.".But Japanese Imperial Family is modest within the simple economy, and the Japanese Emperor and Empress love their nation from bottom of their heart and Japanese Emperor and Empress often love their nation from the risk of their lives.
Japanese Emperor and Empress visited the place of the decontamination work of neighborhood of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, and Japanese Emperor and Empress encouraged all workers there last week. I worry a little whether Japanese Emperor and Empress to have been touched some quantity of radiation.Japanese Emperor and Empress have the will to save Fukushima prefecture from the damage of rumors caused in the radioactive contamination.
Much Fukushima citizens of the prefecture wept for joy. The reassurances of Japanese Emperor and Empress have encouraged them.
Our Emperor and our Empress are the light for the Japanese nation .
Japanese Emperor and Japanese Empress visit the facilities of the leprosy patients every year, too, and the Emperor and the Empress encourage all patients.Almost families of the leprosy patients do not meet the leprosy patients because they hope breaking with them.The existence to give hope to live for the leprosy patients most is the Emperor and the Empress.In the leprosy patients, there are some persons whose forms of the face collapse.The Emperor and the Empress always talk with them while seeing their eyes affectionately heartily.The empress always takes off gloves and always grasp each hand kindly.Can you do the same?
I desire to defend the Emperor and the empress from the terrible plots.To every head of state of the whole world, every high government official of the whole world, I do begging for lives of the Emperor family.Please understand my hope.
I will stop World War 3 at the risk of my life.
And I will defend the Emperor and the Empress at the risk of my life.

Ozawa visited Germany,to meet Minister of the Environment German Alto Mayer, and Ozawa talked about anti-nuclear power generation on October 17.
In exchange for a plot to execute the Emperor and the empress, diplomatic normalization between China and Japan was suggested in the former terrible Communist Party political power of China .It was too late that we noticed the plot.China consumed ODA business of Japan and China invited a lot of Japanese companies in China and China squeezed huge fund from Japan.China waited for time coming in order to come to seize Senkaku Islands when the armaments and economic power overtook Japan China.
It leads to protecting the Emperor and the empress from a plot of China that Japan protects Senkaku Islands.
Ozawa of a Japanese wicked politician hopes to defeat the Japanese Emperor system , in order to found the country of North Korean residents in Japan .In the Self-Defense Forces, attempted coups d'etat were already caused many times.Chinese Hu Jintao supportes Ozawa for a long time and Ozawa is the man who controls the policy of this country Japan from behind the scenes.Ozawa was ousted from the ruling party in this year, but Ozawa still cooperate with Chinese Hu Jintao and Ozawa is a dangerous person yet.
Ozawa intends to support about 100 candidates by the next Lower House election and whole 100 party members of the Democratic Party Nakatsu Branch submitted the reports of secession from the Democratic party and joined the Ozawa new party last week in Oita prefecture.
I suppose that Ozawa succeeded in receiving a huge fund at last from Chinese Hu Jintao.

Ozawa visited Germany,to meet Minister of the Environment German Alto Mayer, and Ozawa talked about anti-nuclear power generation on October 17.I suspect that Ozawa might have received the huge fund from China, in Germany.
Because Ozawa is dangerous, National Tax Agency should supervise the flow of the fund of Ozawa.
If Ozawa succeeds in a coup d'etat, he will put the Emperor's family under house arrest and he will deliver the Emperor's family to China after tormenting the Emperor's family by several harassments.We must let Ozawa lose his position at Japanese political world, and we must defend Senkaku Islands at the risk of our lives in order to defend the Emperor's family.
After the war,Japan paid the amount of compensation for damages of the war to China too more than normal amount. Japan expressed this as all apology of the war crimes.In addition,Japan contributed by vast ODA business for China to compensate for war crimes.
However, Japan hoped the issue simply faded from public awareness although there is the problem of the women who were forced to become sex slaves of the Japanese soldiers by the former Japanese army.And China did not provide any compensation for damages to any victim from the huge amount of money that Japan paid.
China which exploit a vast fund of the ODA business from Japan is unfair, while China let Chinese people amplify anti-Japan sentiment and while China plans the plots to execute the Emperor and the Empress. But Japan must not escape from this issue afterwards that Japan should apologize for the women of the victims,too.Japan makes the list of women of the victim and pays compensation for damages individually separately, and head of state should apologize to them.We should break the vicious circle of the war crime.In order to defend our Emperor and our Empress,Japan must not escape from this issue.

I would like to have 3 requests to the U.S. Government.
The sea of Henoko
1Please persuade Prime Minister Noda to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands promptly.After dispatching the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands,Japan should start the peace negotiation with China.
2The sexual crime by the U. S. soldiers happened in Okinawa, yesterday and, an anti-Americanism demonstration is taking place in Okinawa.I thank for faithfulness of the Obama Administration who extradited 2 criminals immediately to Japan.The Bush administration was always insincere by this matter.I pray to God so that the woman of the victim will be able to live with the hope without throwing away her own life.However, the anger of the citizen of the prefecture of Okinawa is serious.
Please cancel a plan to reclaim the foreshore from the sea in the coast of Henoko to stop the anger of Okinawan people.
The blue of the sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful in the world.The island of Okinawa has weak fate, and the island of Okinawa suffered from the colonial policy of the Japanese feudal clan Satsuma in the 17th century and, in World War II, Okinawan persons suffered from the reign of terror of the former Japan forces, and about 200,000 were burnt to death in the war and Okinawan persons swallow the crimes of the U. S. soldier many times after the war.Even if the Okinawan persons' lives are very painful, there is always the most beautiful blue sea in the world, beside Okinawan persons. The beautiful sea of Okinawa is the last hope of Okinawan persons.To prepare the reclaimed land into the sea of Okinawa is equal to make a tattoo on the face of a beautiful daughter.The Japanese Yamato race devised a landfill plan of Henoko.This is not the plan that people of Okinawa of the minority race devised.
Please cancel a plan to reclaim the foreshore from the sea in the coast of Henoko to stop the anger of Okinawan people.
If Japanese Government borrows a very large sugarcane field from the farming families and builds the new residential area for the residents around Futenma base camp, the farming families of the sugarcane field can get the rent.Because the foundation of the Henoko base after closing of Futenma base camp means the reduction of U. S. forces, China will be pleased very much .
There is the miserable history in Okinawa.But the blue of the sea of Okinawa sanctify a person's heart.Okinawan persons can feel the love of the Emperor and the Empress.However, now,Okinawan persons accept the Emperor and the Empress as their King and Queen, and they love the Emperor and the Empress from the bottom of their hearts.
Okinawa was a yes-man of the former Japanese military before the war.However, Okinawa persons grow and must express an opinion for peace as the witness of war now. I hope for the continuation of the Futenma base.
Please cancel a plan to reclaim the foreshore from the sea in the coast of Henoko .
The blue of the sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful in the world.
3In addition,because the trial of Ozawa is an incident that Ozawa tries to complicate the flow of the fund in order to evade its taxes of municipal property tax of 400 million yen .Because a judge and the prosecution and the media and the nation do not have any knowledge of the bookkeeping, Ozawa expects to be able to deceive all of them, and Ozawa thinks that he can be declared innocent at his trial in his shamelessness attitude.
I would like to hope that American high government officials will pressure to TV programs of Japan to produce the program which explains tax evasion of the property tax of 400 million yen of Ozawa to the Japanese nation.

The creamy arrow did not have a thing to offset and was non-mention.2 blue arrows and 4 pink arrows offset each other.And the creamy arrow does not offset itself.I suppose that Ozawa complicates the flow of the fund to get a fund of Rikuzankai in his pocket.
According to the flow of the fund of the creamy arrow, Ozawa won 400 million yen wonderfully from Rikuzankai.It costs a vast tax if Ozawa moves the fund of the company into his private assets.Ozawa tries to evade its taxes of municipal property tax of 400 million yen.
The judgment of the Ozawa's second trial will be sentenced on 12th November .
Ozawa has the vitality such as the cockroach.The Japanese imperial family is not ruined like Bourbon dynasty. I will smash ambition of Ozawa.Ozawa is Devil King Kong after all.
Ozawa!!!!!!!Is it your dream to make beautiful woman army corps of Qaddafi girls'imitation?You have already had Ozawa girls which are composed by only middle-aged women in your new political party.I have a question for you,Ozawa....Although all the members of Ozawa girls are from the late 30s to the late 40s,Why are they called girls?
A concept of Girls has an age limit and should be until 29 years old at least.Ozawa always tell a lie which comes to light easily.
Ozawa is found guilty by all means one day .And because Ozawa may have a lot of loans, a pair of Ozawa's slippers will be auctioned off one day at the price of 0.00006246 euros.Just you wait!!!
Japan should deploy Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
Why must we read China's facial expressions?
China says to Japan that we should stay at home without locking the door .
The times of the farce were already over.
Japan should deploy Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands of our homeland.
Let's defend our Emperor and our Empress from China.
Let's defend our Emperor and our Empress from Ozawa.
Stand up everybody.
Do not be afraid of China.
Do not be afraid of Ozawa.
Stand up everybody !!

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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