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Economy of USA is on a steadily rising trend by issue of Senkaku Islands .

Nikkei Stock Average

Chart of the yen

America $
The Nikkei Stock Average made a sudden drop by the issue of Senkaku Islands at a moment of time, but improved from the middle of October because the U. S. Government tries to protect Japan from the attack of China.
I greatly appreciate and thank for the Obama Administration.I really thank for the great American high government officials who mediated heartily.
After issue of Senkaku islands , the world hot money left from the two countries of China and Japan, and the world hot money flowed into the United States.Strong dollar advanced smoothly, and Japanese yen fell to the 80 yen level for an instant today.
In order to stop strong yen, the Bank of Japan intervened in the foreign exchange market to support the yen by spending funds more than 10 trillion yen in last year.But the Bank of Japan couldn't provide the effect so much.However, USA can restrain finance globalization of the renminbi by American high government officials' mediating of the issue of Senkaku islands.
The Japanese economy continued suffering from extreme strong yen these days.Japan should reduce the export for China and should extend trade for the United States and India.It is the most effective measures for strong yen.
If Japan lets the Self-Defense Forces be stationed in Senkaku Islands,the exchange rate of the yen will be 87 yen level to the dollar and it becomes the splendid measures for strong yen.
The Noda Cabinet has only one-third of the approval rating of President Obama at the present, but the Noda Cabinet's approval rating will exceed at least 25% if Prime Minister Noda dispatches the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
If 1 dollar becomes the 87 yen level, it will push unemployment rate of USA down.
I would like to hope that USA will pressure Prime Minister Noda as soon as possible to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands of my homeland.
Our Senkaku islands
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang
The U.S. has been urged to relax restrictions on high-tech product exports to China and eliminate unreasonable regulations for Chinese companies investing in its country. The U.S. delegation of former White House Assistant for National Security Affairs Stephen Hadley, former Deputy Secretaries of State James Steinberg and Richard Armitage Professor Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr of Harvard University, and former Assistant Secretary of Defense talked with Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing.
As the top two economies in the world, the U.S. and China are and will be highly complimentary to each other in the coming decades. The essence of bilateral trade cooperation is of mutual benefit, Li said. "The key to strengthen our cooperation is to jointly combat protectionism and provide a level playing field for businesses in the two countries," Li said. This year marks the 40th anniversary of resumption of contact between China and the U.S.. Relations have made historical achievements, the key to which is that both sides have enhanced mutual trust, enlarged common ground and strengthened mutual interests, Li said. China and the U.S. should stick to the right path to push forward ties and explore a new relationship pattern, Li said. He said both sides should deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, manage disagreements and disputes and promote bilateral ties toward healthy and stable development, Li said. Echoing the vice premier's views on bilateral ties, the U.S. said both the Democrats and Republicans supported a strong bilateral relationship. As former U.S. officials and long-term supporters to U.S.-China relations, they are willing to use their influence to contribute to bilateral friendly ties and regional stability and peace. Li also stated China's solemn stance on the Diaoyu Islands issue, stressing the international community should jointly protect the outcomes of the victory of the Second World War and the post-war international order.
It boils down to this.Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang requested indirectly not to apply "U. S.-Japan Security Treaty Article 5 of USA's defense duty for Japan " to Senkaku Islands .

In addition, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang suggested for USA about the export of high-tech products deregulation in China and he called for limit abolition of the investment of the Chinese company to U. S.
However,for the United States of America, my suggestion has a bigger merit than suggestion of Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang .My suggestion will lead directly to the decrease of the unemployment rate of USA.
Ozawa and Chinese President Hu Jintao
And then Japan must prevent the New plot of Chinese President Hu Jintao and Ozawa .Chinese President Hu Jintao intends to cause Coup d'etat of Ozawa and the seizure of Senkaku Islands for simultaneous process .In addition,probably I suppose that Ozawa will win even military fund to bribe the executives of the Self-Defense Forces,from now.At First, Japan should advance peace negotiation with China, after dispatching the Self-Defense Forces into the Senkaku Islands. Chinese President Hu Jintao already enters into the second stage ,"the New plot of Chinese Hu Jintao and Ozawa".
It is important to freeze a source of funds of Ozawa.The U. S. Government should recognize Ozawa as the terrorist who is equal with bin Laden . The U. S. Government should realize the freeze of assets of Ozawa .The U. S. Government should not do dollar business with any banks which have the accounts of Ozawa.
But it is not easy to realize it.
So I would like to hope that four people of the U. S. delegation of former White House Assistant for National Security Affairs Stephen Hadley, former Deputy Secretaries of State James Steinberg ,former United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, and Professor Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr of Harvard University, will form a specialized team to freeze assets of Ozawa.

Because the Ozawa group within the Self-Defense Forces led attempted coups d'etat many times, I would like to hope that this specialized team will grasp this information of attempted coups d'etat and the information of the money laundering of the fund of Ozawa from the Chinese government.
Ozawa intends to perform slaughter such as Cambodia.The U.S. Government should recognize that Ozawa is a terrorist.
Ozawa has boasted, "U. S. Forces in Japan were enough only in the United States Seventh Fleet". And when Ozawa was Chief Secretary(now he is an official representative of the Party "Kokuminnoseikatugadaiichi(People's life the first)") , Ozawa took 143 Democratic Party Diet members in December, 2009 and visited China. And Ozawa said to Chinese President Hu Jintao,"Figuratively speaking, I (Ozawa) am the field commander of the People's Liberation Army of China ".
I must defend my mother country Japan.
The Japanese politicians among the Democratic Party ,Liberal Democratic Party, and New Komeito play the political games like the primary schoolchildren.
Help of America is necessary to defend the mother country Japan.
Help of America is necessary to defend the Emperor and the Empress.
Please cooperate with Aozora.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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