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Ego of Prime Minister Noda

Because four monitoring ships of China invaded in the Japanese territorial waters around Senkaku Islands in the morning on October 25, Japanese Kaai Foreign Vice-Minister protested Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua on the telephone, but Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua insisted on the China side ,"Senkaku Islands were Chinese territories."

Four ships of Chinese maritime surveillance vessels invaded the territorial waters of Okinawa, the Senkaku Islands offing on the morning of October 25.
Four ships of Chinese maritime surveillance vessels went out of the territorial waters of the Kubajima island offing of the archipelago from about 1:45 to about 2:10 p.m. on the afternoon of the same day.
A patrol boat of the eleventh ward of Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters (Naha) confirmed it.
Four ships continued navigating it in contiguous zone of the territorial waters outside.
Prime Minister Noda
Even if Japan protests China, China has a supercilious air against Japan to shrug off Japanese protest.Probably they went out of the territorial waters because the United States pressured China behind the scenes to stop territorial waters violation.
Oh! How miserable Japan is!!Without help of America,I don't know when Japan will be invaded by China .

It is an ego of Prime Minister Noda that Prime Minister Noda succumbs to a threat of China.
It is an ego of Prime Minister Noda that Prime Minister Noda doesn't dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
Prime Minister Noda acted that way only because Prime Minister Noda did not want to lose his position .
An approval rating of the Noda Cabinet is 18%.The Democratic Party of the political party approval rating is 11% .It is less than half of 26% of the political party approval rating of Liberal Democratic Party .If Prime Minister Noda dispatches the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands, people of secession from the Democratic Party will not appear one after another .
Governor Ishihara
Governor Ishihara who declared that Tokyo purchased Senkaku Islands resigned and announced that he participated in the government. There are rich fisheries around the Senkaku Islands, and Ishihara later added that the area had a lot of potential with regard to natural resources. China and Taiwan, however, claim territorial rights over the Senkaku Islands.
He mentioned China's aggressive actions in the East China Sea and said, "Tokyo will protect the Senkaku Islands."
Senkaku Islands were nationalized by the Noda Administration buying Senkaku Islands at the higher price from a landowner than Tokyo after all.
Although Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao agreed about the nationalization of Senkaku Islands behind the scenes with a Japanese side, Xi Jinping spoke ill of Chinese President Hu Jintao and Current Premier Wen Jiabao during his disappearance for 2 weeks, and Xi Jinping caused huge anti-Japan demonstration.
Next Chinese President Xi Jinping and Former Chinese Presicent Jiang Zemin belong to the group of the descendants of great politicians , and they are charmed by the devil plot of Deng Xiaoping.
The devil plot of Deng Xiaoping is.....
1If both the armaments and the economic power overtake Japan by cheating Japan to defraud the vast fund and a lot of technique, China will seize Senkaku Islands.
2If the United States causes World War 3, China invades Japan and intends to execute the Emperor and the empress as the war criminals.
We defend the Emperor and the empress from the terrible plots by all means.
We protect Senkaku Islands by all means.

The Governor Ishihara resigned the governor of Tokyo and he intends to form a new party in order to participate in the government because the ruling and opposition parties cannot unite when the national existence is in imminent danger.
The Governor Ishihara is my favorite politician.The Governor Ishihara doesn't want to abolish nuclear power generation and regards the consumption tax increase as need and asserts that Japan should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.These are the same as my hope thinking about the future of the Japanese economy.The only difference is that the Governor Ishihara objects to TPP.If act-of-incorporation proposal of the delicatessen industry within an agricultural cooperative association is submitted to the Diet and is approved, I suppose that Governor Ishihara will accept TPP.
Letter of thanks which China sent to Japan which relieved Chinese fishermen on May 20, 1920
It depend on how Prime Minister Noda looks at things.
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
China did not know even the existence of Senkaku Islands at the time of Sino-Japanese War, and, when it was recognized that there might be oil around Senkaku islands until 1968, China began insisting on dominium of Senkaku islands. The history of the Japanese dominium of Senkaku islands is the oldest.
There is a Letter of thanks which China sent to Japan which relieved Chinese fishermen on May 20, 1920.
China spoke an address of gratitude that the Japanese islanders and Yaeyama-gun Ishigaki villagers who lived in Senkaku helped Chinese people were cast ashore in empire Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa Senkaku Islands, Japan in those days.This is the formula document that China admitted that Senkaku Islands are territories of Japan in 1920, and Japan can produce evidence exactly.A sender is written as ,Republic of China consul who lives in Nagasaki city, "馮冕". The consular official seal was also pushed and it is a clear official document of China.
An old factory site of the dried bonito factory of the Uoturijima island of Senkaku Islands
In the Chinese world map which China published in 1958, Senkaku Islands were specified with a territory of Japan.

China always criticizes Japanese people of a very strong patriotism, as the right wing.
But neither Mr. Ishihara nor I are the right wing in our opinions.China wants to brainwash all Japanese people so that the Japanese people must not have patriotism, but both Ishihara and I love Japan as the mother country, without succumbing to such a plot.At first, I try to stop the World War Third in order to love the peace of all over the world.Just Chinese high government officials are the militarists.
It is about 1884 that persons had begun to live in Uoturijima island of Senkaku islands.Dried bonito factories were built, and 99 houses and 248 people at the maximum settled down in the Uoturijima Island after 1884 .It became the uninhabited island since the war situation of the Okinawa sea area turned worse in 1940.
It is clear from many documents till then that Japanese people continued the economical working.
It is natural to dispatch the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in the territory of Japan.
Ozawa who is a Japanese wicked politician desires to abolish the Emperor system of Japan to perform the founding of a country of the North Korean descendants who live in Japan, and Chinese President Hu Jintao always backs up him.
Ozawa became influential and rich suddenly after returning from Germany.
Because Ozawa was lack of funds, Ozawa held a party of the formation of a party in a poor hall, and it was not possible even to make even the panel of his new party, Kokuminnoseikatugadaiichi.
However, on October 24, Ozawa held a luxurious party of the formation of his party in the grand hall of the luxurious hotel,"New Otani".
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands, in order to restrain "persons who hope the secession from the Democratic Party" and "a coup d'etat of Ozawa".
The U.S. Government cooperates with Japanese National Tax Agency and should investigate money laundering of Ozawa about the flow of the Ozawa's fund from Germany to Japan, and from China to Germany.The most effective method to prevent a coup d'etat of Ozawa is to freeze of assets of Ozawa.
senkakuuoturijima1024.jpgI think that the world economy has the various sides like the kaleidoscope.
If Japan reduces export to China and extends the trade of the United States, India, and Brazil, it will be the most useful measures for strong yen .
The Japanese economy suffered from strong yen for many years.Japan has most export to China now.
The Japanese economy that depends on the Chinese economy should improve this.
But Chinese economy depends on the Japanese semiconductors.
The issue of Senkaku Islands causes strong dollar and is useful for both Japan and the United States.
The economy of USA does not decline.
The economy of China will decline seriously soon.
China threatened Japan so that Japan should release the captain without any punishment last year when a Chinese fishing boat charged at a ship of the marine National Security Force.And China tried to stop exporting the rare earth elements necessary for a cell-phone and a car to Japan.China produced more than 90% of world rare earth elements till last year, but Japanese companies had stocked the rare earth elements which was necessary as resource of two years because Japan supposed a Chinese wicked political strategy.Japan developed the electronic parts which did not need rare earth elements while Japan kept rare earth elements mine of the United States, Mongolia and Vietnam.The rare earth elements export from January to August in this year in China decreased to 8, 700 tons which is the one-seventh standard of the best quantity of 2003 by this aftermath.There are some Chinese rare earth elements factories which went bankrupt.
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
Prime Minister Noda,Screw up your courage.
Don't be afraid of China.
Don't be afraid of Ozawa.

My ideal is a grand coalition without "the political parties which are related with Ozawa" , "Socialist's party" and "the Communist Party".The Japanese politics must unite.Because he hoped that Japan should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands, Mr. Ishihara stood up.Mr.Ishihara,You are a brave man.Prime Minister Nod should be so , too.


Because the strong yen is serious, the Japan-China relations does not have to come back to former normal situation. If Japan dispatched the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands, the strong dollar becomes more strong surely, and Japan can leave from the serious situation of strong yen.
Prime Minister Noda should let all Japanese residents in China go back to Japan immediately.
Whatever!! Shut up!!!China!!
Next Chinese President Xi Jinping is a ringleader of all troubles because he caused the anti-Japan demonstration.
If Japan would obey to the 3 rules of "not to do resources investigation of the environmental research","not to make a structure", and "not to go ashore", China intended to consent tacitly to the nationalization of Senkaku Islands through a business bureaucrat in the end of August.
Although China opened negotiations with Japan behind the scenes,Next Chinese President Xi Jinping destroyed the Japan and China friendship that Current president Hu Jintao built before next Chinese President Xi Jinping became Top.
Because China canceled a promise, Japan has a right to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
If Japan dispatches the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands, next Chinese President Xi Jinping should take responsibility and should resign from the political world.The human being who disturbs public order does not deserve to be head of state.


By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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