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The National Crisis of Japan

China intends to perform the occupation of Senkaku Islands and the coup d'etat of Ozawa in Japan at the same time.China wants to synchronize them.Wake up every Japanese politician.
Every Japanese politician,how much your salary do you get from Japanese government?It is from 10 million yen(125,520$) to 30 million yen(376,560$).I receive even only 1 yen from nobody.I write a lot of letters desperately to the U. S. Government and high government officials, former high government officials and a famous professor because I want to defend the Emperor and the Empress and I want to defend Senkaku Islands, and to defend my mother country.Because my specialty is French language and French culture, I am not good at English.Surely my English is not smart, and I think that my English is not fluent very much.However, every person who read my letter can feel that my thought is sincerely to want to defend the Emperor and the Empress.
Why do you think that China threatens Japan not to have to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands?
It is because that China wants to synchronize the occupation Senkaku Islands by China with the coup d'etat of Ozawa in Japan.
And the diplomatic normalization between China and Japan was suggested in exchange for the execution of the Japanese Emperor and Empress in the former terrible Communist Party government in China by Deng Xiaoping.
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
How many Japanese politicians on earth move to prevent a coup d'etat plan of Ozawa?Since the Japanese politicians get their salaries from Japanese government, they should prevent a coup d'etat of Ozawa and should be active to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.We must express doubt why Ozawa becomes rich suddenly after Ozawa went back to Japan from Germany.Attempted coups d'etat were already taking place many times in the Self-Defense Forces.Do Japanese politicians know who is the ringleader of the Ozawa group within the Self-Defense Forces ?Japan should apply Japanese Anti-Subversive Activities Act to Ozawa and all the Ozawa's political groups and "all the Ozawa groups within the Self-Defense Forces".
Every Japanese Politician, Believe only in hard work with more truly `selfless' motives!!!Abandon the astonishing amount of self-deceptive harm Japanese politicians do .The politicians who talks about the dissolution of the House of Representatives now are stark bonkers.
Wake up, everybody, and Stand up , everybody.
Unite despite minor conflicts!!

Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS and Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(Japan Economic Newspaper) held a symposium by cosponsorship in Tokyo on October 26.
Former United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, and Professor Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr of Harvard University said at this symposium, that USA clarified that "Okinawa prefecture and Senkaku Islands were application objects of U. S.-Japan Security Treaty Article 5 which was fixed defense duty", and they conveyed USA's stationan about Japan to the China side again when four people of the U. S. delegation of former White House Assistant for National Security Affairs Stephen Hadley, former Deputy Secretaries of State James Steinberg , former United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, and Professor Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr of Harvard University visited China on October 23.
Former United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said at this symposium, "China tried it to drive away the trade of U. S. and Japan for something that from forcibly the actual you know, US administration is going by.".What he says in above movie has a slightly different shade of meaning from these subtitles.I think an interpreter cut corners a little.
Mr. Armitage's saying means that China hopes the United States doesn't make any attempts to save Japan and if China makes threats Japan by several menacing attitude, China thinks to be able to disturb the trade between Japan and USA , and so China tries it now.Mr. Armitage emphasized that the United States protected Japan when there was an attack from China.Professor Joseph Samuel Nye of Harvard University asserts that the United States protects Japan and US is not neutrality.
They are the wonderful men to be depended on.
Prime Minister Noda should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.
Unite despite minor conflicts!!!!Every Japanese politician!!!!!!
Protect the Emperor's family day and night, if you are a politician.
Not for a moment must you think of submitting to Ozawa.
Fight against Ozawa if you love our mother country,Japan.
senkakuuoturijima1024.jpgDon't be afraid of China.
Don't be afraid of Ozawa.
The mind to love the mother country is holy.
Let's shout out,"We love Japan."
Let's shout out,"We never obey to China."
Let's shout out,"Whatever!! Shut up!!!China!"

By Aozora Japanese Resistance
Japan should revise an error by right decision and a certain effort and Japan should understand the present conditions definitely and Japan should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.I feel like Zhang Zhijun Foreign Vice‐Minister said similar thing.
Prime Minister Noda should let all Japanese residents in China go back to Japan immediately.


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