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President Obama saves economy of America

President+Obamal.jpgIf President Obama is reelected, I can explain well that American economy can make rapid progress by all means .
Strong yen of 1 dollar 70 yen level continued for a long time, and Japan suffered from serious deflation.China came to threaten Japan by the territorial problem of Senkaku Islands.But after issue of Senkaku islands , the world hot money left from the two countries of China and Japan, and the world hot money flowed into the United States.Strong dollar advanced smoothly, and Japanese yen keeps to the 80 yen level now.Japan should reduce the export for China and should extend trade for the United States,Brazil and India.It is the most effective measures for strong yen.
When 1 dollar became the 80 yen level and became the strong dollar and weak yen by only approximately 2 yen, 171,000 people of the employers of the American non-agriculture section increased. It largely exceeded a market prediction compared with the previous month.
If Japan lets the Self-Defense Forces be stationed in Senkaku Islands,the exchange rate of the yen will be 87 yen level to the dollar and it becomes the splendid measures for strong yen.If 1 dollar becomes the 87 yen level, President Obama can provide 598,500 people of employment according to my simple calculation.
Because the Japanese car's factories and a lot of the Japanese cars were destroyed by anti-Japan demonstration in Beijing city of China, the sales of the Japanese cars in China reduce nearly 40%.This is a great opportunity for the auto industry of USA to increase American market share in China.
Of course because I am Japanese woman, I have one suggestion of establishing the joint venture of the auto industry among Japan and the U. S.My idea will be a surefire hit in China by all means if we sell the car which introduced a good engine of the Japanese performance into the model of the nice design of American cars in China because the designs of American cars are much better than the German cars or Korean cars .
Because Romney candidate always has many scathing sarcasms of Japan, Japan has uneasiness to Romney candidate, but Japan can suggest such my business model to USA because President Obama is trusted by almost Japanese people at all .
Romney candidate insisted that USA should leave bankruptcy of the auto industry of America in a lurch, but President Obama has already shown the good result in the wonderful relief measure for automotive industry.Romney candidate does not have an idea of concrete economic measure and Romney candidate tries to find fault of the other party .Although even Japanese woman can talk about the prospects of American economy by using concrete numerical value, the Romney candidate cannot show a concrete plan of American economy.
Romney candidate, only himself will desire to become rich by his business venture among the war industry by making war on Iran somehow.It is the most dangerous that Romney candidate becomes a puppet of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu .Prime Minister Netanyahu desires to relegate the United States to an inferior position under Israel.Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to brainwash the American elite Jew people by using thought of fascinating Zionism by the conditions advantageous to Prime Minister Netanyahu.However, the United States of America has the best economic power and the best armament power in the world.
Because all the American elite Jew people love the United States as their mother country, they live in the United States.
All Americans should unite for democracy and freedom.
The mind to love the mother country is a sacred thing.
The United States of America should keep No.1.
The United States of America should not be an inferior position under Israel. Yes,the United States of America is No.1 for the all Americans.!!!

If Romney candidate becomes the President, Romney candidate will put a lot of American excellent intellectuals and American excellent engineers into the concentration camps with Big Bird of Sesame Street and Romney candidate will begin a reign of terror in order to let the United States of America be an inferior position under Israel.
The United States is a country of the freedom and is a democratic country.
The United States must not do a reign of terror.
The clock of Illuminati stopped at 13:23:33 of September 9, but nothing happened.
London OLYMPIC had several symbols which seemed to be very dangerous, and possibility of terrorism was worried about, but after all nothing happened.
Don't you think that it was extremely peaceful that there was nothing?
Probably this is by the natural virtue of President Obama.
bigbird.jpg This is a warning!!!
Because Romney candidate has beetle brows, I am afraid of Romney candidate's evil-looking face.
The American citizens must not vote for Romney candidate.
The American citizens,Big Bird of Sesame Street loves the United States of America very much.
The American citizens,Please throw over neither Big Bird of Sesame Street nor the auto industry of America.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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