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Ozawa Devil King KoNg News 2

Devil King Kong Ozawa who attended at the meeting of the international relation after the acquittal of Ozawa's second trial
On the afternoon of November 12, 2012, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
The designation lawyer against Ozawa who interviews
Three designated lawyers discussed on November 14 and decided a policy to give up a final appeal from common recognition, "it was difficult, in fact, to assume only misconception a final appeal reason". The designated lawyer is considered to be decided for the last time on November 19, and innocence of Ozawa is settled if they abandon a right to appeal to the supreme tribunal.
I am convinced that they are threatened by Ozawa.If a final appeal is decided between election, this is because election is disadvantageous to Ozawa.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will cooperate with the designated lawyers to get 2 kinds of evidences that Ozawa evaded the property tax about the assets of 800 million yen at the Ozawa's trial.We must let the trial of Ozawa prolong in order to prevent the expansion of Ozawa's political power.
Because tax evasion is unconstitutionality, they can appeal to the Supreme Court. And then,China wishes syncronizing a coup d'etat of Ozawa and the seizure of Senkaku Islands at the same time.
The designation lawyer against Ozaway lose willpower to get the evidence of the tax evasion of Ozawa.And Ozawa tries attempting to destroy the evidence of tax evasion.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will obtain the evidence of two kinds of tax evasion of Ozawa in cooperation with Japanese National Tax Agency.Please persuade them to appeal to the Supreme Court.

There is 2 cirmes in this flow of fund.
-1-.If Ozawa purchases the land of the company dormitory of the secretary by the loan of the bank, the property tax becomes cheaper even if belonging to Ozawa.Because the land of the company dormitory of the secretary was non-mention, Ozawa might be able to avoid property tax.
-2-.There is a flow of the fund of 400 million yen which does not offset and wasn't mentioned .The creamy arrow did not have a thing to offset and was non-mention.2 blue arrows and 4 pink arrows offset each other.And the creamy arrow does not offset itself.I suppose that Ozawa complicates the flow of the fund to get a fund of Rikuzankai in his pocket.
According to the flow of the fund of the creamy arrow, Ozawa won 400 million yen wonderfully from Rikuzankai.It costs a vast tax if Ozawa moves the fund of the company into his private assets.Ozawa tries to evade its taxes of municipal property tax of 400 million yen.Because it is remitted to private property of Ozawa, I am convinced surely that Ozawa tried to escape intentionally this property tax .
The 3 designation lawyers against Ozawa are going to be decided for the last time on Monday of November 19.Without the cooperation of USA,they can't appeal to the supreme tribunal.Please help us.Look at the Ozawa's face.Ozawa Devil King Kong is sure of his victory.I will get even with you some day. Remember it. 

LYRICS:Love will win
Hey Ozawa!!!You can never become a King.
Of course you can never become the Prime Minister, too.
My true love to want to defend the Emperor and the empress will win
against Ozawa's ugly ambition by all means.
My true love to want to protect my mother country Japan will win
against Ozawa's ugly ambition by all means.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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