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Ozawa Devil King Kong news and the prospects that the Democratic Party wins in election

Ozawa Devil King Kong has the vitality such as the cockroach.
However, Ozawa Devil King Kong feels dizzy.
The Tokyo High Court judgment found second trial judgment of Ozawa not guilty, and 3 designated lawyers of the part of prosecutor decided not to appeal to a higher court on 19th.I was shocked out of my wits.I insisted on two kinds of tax evasions of Ozawa, but I considered that the designation lawyers have given up the final appeal because eight years or more already pass and the statute of limitations of seven years comes.Because Ozawa could get the unreasonable profits if Ozawa did two kinds of tax evasions, I think the Supreme Court could not judge that there was not the recognition of misstatements to Ozawa.However,a judgment is difficult for the Supreme Court, because statute of limitations of his tax evasions comes.Because Lawyers prosecutor gave up a final appeal, innocence of Ozawa was settled.
Because three secretaries of Ozawa who did misstatements have been already found guilty for their first trial, I think they should be at least examined by the second trial of secretaries about two kinds of tax evasions of Ozawa certainly.
Everyone doubted his innocence.Because this trial did not make two kinds of tax evasions the point at issue and judged "Ozawa's recognition of misstatements" and "Where Ozawa can get the the basic capital for the land purchase in an issue?", Ozawa's participation to the crime became vague.Ozawa was doubted that "his basic capital for the land purchase" was "the former political party grant of the political party which Ozawa had pocketed when Ozawa formed a new political party", and "the bribe of the Mizutani construction".Ozawa answered that it was an inheritance from parents and the royalties on his books , and Ozawa kept on deceiving it.
Ozawa's countenance fell at the press conference about the innocence decision of Ozawa.He thinks that the trial of the secretary does not go well.After that, he went through difficult times with experiencing only 2 tournaments which he had more wins than losses.The trial of Ozawa took three years seven months, but he received damage by this trial, and his political power weakened very much.That serves you right." Ha-haha!!!"
The the designated lawyers' salaries were considerably low for hourly wage 1, 420 yen(17.27$).They would wish that they wanted to leave it off early.The public prosecutor's office, a criminal investigation unit called the special investigation section was accused of several false investigations about Ozawa.I suppose that The public prosecutor's office pressured to 3 prosecution lawyers to terminate Ozawa's trial early.

In any case, this trial which extended to three years seven months became the big deterrent for cooperation of Ozawa and Chinese former President Hu Jintao.I wrote many letters that I begged the U. S. Government , famous American high government officials, famous former American high government officials and the famous professor to cooperate about a trial of Ozawa in order to fight against Ozawa.The significance of this trial is to have prevented a coup d'etat by Ozawa.
I thank every American great people who held out a hand to me heartily.Chinese former President Hu Jintao's political power weakens by the failure of a seizure of Senkaku Islands and the failure of the aggression plan in Japan,too.Chinese former President Hu Jintao failed in ruling the cloistered government after his retirement.This is the big results!!!

But the innocence decision of Ozawa may give great damage in the future of the Democratic Party.
Muneo Suzuki Leader of New Party Daichi
Ozawa Devil King Kong Leader of Kokuminnnoseikatugadaiichi
The Democratic Party may fall into a crisis to be annihilated in these areas of Hokkaido, the Chugoku District of Japan, Shikoku and Kyushu, if the Democratic Party states the slogan of TPP for the election issues .It is because Hokkaido and the Chugoku District of Japan, Shikoku and Kyushu are the agriculture center.
If New Party Daichi is against TPP who is cooperating with Ozawa puts up many candidates in all electoral districts in Hokkaido, they can fight well very much.
Ozawa new party becomes predominantly strong in Tohoku area, and three wins of the electoral districts including Ozawa in Iwate are possible.
Azumi chief secretary of the Democratic Party whose electoral district is Miyagi Prefecture of the Tohoku Region may fall into a crisis of the defeat, too.
Former Prime Minister Hatoyama whose electoral district is Hokkaido may not survive.
Masahiko Yamada who was the former the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(left) and Kamei(right)
Kamei who expected the cooperation with Ozawa, he established the new political party ,'The party to realize "anti-TPP" , "anti-nuclear power generation", and "freezing the consumption tax increase"'.It is long long long name without any sense.Kamei means a tortoise and a well in Japanese language.I know the tortoise cooking has bad smell to eat, but the sense of Kamei is always the worst, too.Kamei intends to win all the Chugoku areas around Hiroshima prefecture that is a base of Kamei.Nagasaki of Kyushu is the hometown of Masahiko Yamada who was the former the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries .And he participated in the new party which Kamei made.If Diet members do not gather more than five people, they can't apply as a party, but their party has only two people yet .They will be going to put up a lot of new candidates by the cooperation with a farm co-op as their sponsor.
Oh my god......Both of them have their faces like 2 tortoises!!!!!
Let's compare their faces with the tortoise carefully.

Now,the Democratic Party must advocate 3 slogans of"Chinese situation" ," Senkaku Islands" and "The detail of specific protection of farmhouses in TPP" in order to win.
New Zealand 4,270,000
South Korean48,184,000
Sum 826,981,000
Even if Japan participates in TPP , the Democratic Party should establish delicatessen industry in a farm co-op.Japan can anticipate profit of 24 trillion yen(291,936,000,000$)in a farm co-op if the Democratic party can establish the delicatessen industry of the yearly income 8 trillion yen scale(97,312,000,000$ )with the present situation within a farm co-op on a triple scale.Japan can let Japanese agriculture make rapid progress.
The following list expresses the population of TPP member nations, and the population of the nations which are planning of TPP participation .The total population of TPP is "826, 981, 000 people" that is approximately 6.5 times of the population of Japan.Because working women increase, the delicatessen industry is promising.
By showing a clear number, the Democratic Party should appeal to the farming families for more advantageous merits than anti-TPP of the Suzuki camp , anti-TPP of the Ozawa camp , anti-TPP of the Kamei camp and anti-TPP of the Liberal Democratic Party.
The members of the Diet electing of the areas of agricultural center like Hatoyama have only to say that they can establish the delicatessen industry within a farm co-op whether Japan participates in TPP or not.Hatoyama had many remarks of the alien, but Hatoyama is necessary for the Democratic Party.The Democratic Party should not reduce many seats.
While I wrote this blog, there was a news that announced that Former Prime Minister Hatoyama did not run for the Lower House election before about a half an hour.Ummmmmmm.However, I decide to watch his situation for a while because Hatoyama may say that Hatoyama will run for an election for governor of Tokyo more 30 minutes later because Hatoyama is an alien from space.After more a half an hour , Hatoyama may say that he will advertise of election campaign of governor of Tokyo by riding UFO.We had better watch his situation for a while because the opinion of Hatoyama always changes repeatedly.
hatoyamaUFO.gif At first, the Democratic Party can get cooperation of the Obama Administration by participating in TPP and the Democratic Party can dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands in a pledge.The nation becomes tired of the matter of Senkaku Islands. The nation is disgusted with the plight of Japan that cannot dispatch the Self-Defense Forces quickly .A way will be opened for the Democratic Party if the Democratic Party advocates the the Self-Defense Force's dispatch of Senkaku Islands in an election campaign.
Vice Prime Minister Okada
Vice Prime Minister Okada who is an aide to Prime Minister Noda seems to oppose directly the challenges of the SDF dispatch of Senkaku Islands.Because the ion which is the supermarkets of his father moves in on the China market , Vice Prime Minister Okada does not want to anger China.However, Vice Prime Minister Okada should give priority to the Democratic Party than his own self-protection and he should give priority to national interest than his profit of the relative, too.
If Vice Prime Minister Okada gives priority to the profit of the relative, the Democratic party should force Vice Prime Minister Okada to offer to give Ion supermarkets within China completely to Xi Jinping without charge, Vice Prime Minister Okada should negotiate with Xi Jinping in order to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in Senkaku Islands.The private funds of Chinese President Xi Jinping is about 30 billion yen(367,470,000$), and on the other hand, the private funds of the Wen Jiabao former prime minister is about 200 billion yen(2,449,200,000$).
I think that Chinese President Xi Jinping will want Ion supermarkets than Senkaku Islands.
Only by the slogan of TPP, the Democratic Party will decrease to 60 seats degree from 242 seats.
But if the Democratic Party must advocate 3 slogans of"Chinese situation" ," Senkaku Islands" and "The detail of specific protection of farmhouses in TPP" in order to win, the Democratic Party can keep more than 200 seats.
Because the Democratic Party is not good at the strategy of the election, I would like to hope that that American high government officials will participate to produce the Democratic Party's election .Japan must participate in TPP absolutely.

LYRICS:Love will win
Hey Ozawa!!!You can never become a King.
Of course you can never become the Prime Minister, too.
My true love to want to defend the Emperor and the empress will win
against Ozawa's ugly ambition by all means.
My true love to want to protect my mother country Japan will win
against Ozawa's ugly ambition by all means.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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