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New wind is blowing !

Because China doesn't want to associate with Japan on an equal footing,I often use strong language for China.But I am a pacifist. At the interview today morning,Mr. Armitage emphasized with a sad look ," Japan and China should keep "quiet diplomacy" for the time being today".
I judge that this is an American message for me and I will do the effort to refrain from the violent language. However, please understand if China becomes aggressive so much, my suggestion exists as one way to protect Japan.
I am an ordinary citizen who loves all Christmas songs. According to the Maya calendar, the new times seem to begin today.Everybody was born with something role by nature.I thought today what is the meaning of my birth.And I was convinced that I was born as a Japanese in order to do the activity so that‘ the Japanese Prime Minister should apology to "former comfort women" who were forced to be sex slaves by former Japanese army in Asian foreign countries, and Japan should pay the compensation for damage to them'.
Since Japan tries to escape from this subject, China tends to seize the Senkaku Islands and tends to retaliate upon Japan.It is a vicious circle.For the world peace,we should change in order to talk peacefully.
We who are the human of the new times should build the society where people and all farmers can live happily.
I will make Buche de Noël the day after tomorrow.Do you know Buche de Noël?I will make a roll cake coating white chocolate like this.I will make the design of the lines of the grain of wood with a fork.I am looking forward to make it!It is important for us to keep natural happiness.
I desire to restore the human rights of women whose human rights were deprived by former Japanese army in World War II.So please, God, I wish they can live long.
I want to change their lives for them to be able to think that it was good that they have been born . The recovery of their human rights is a hope and light in order to live for all human beings of all over the world.
Merry Christmas everybody.I wish your happiness.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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