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The Door of TPP

All of Aozora fan clubs of all over the world, A Happy New Year!!Aozora refrained from writing my blog for a while because I made a radical remark too much last year.By such my blog,I suppose nobody thinks that Aozora is cute and pretty.But Peace is of great importance.I suppose that the peace of Asia is improved as if we tore off thin ice.Until the Upper House election of July in Japan, the peace of Asia may not progress, but please give me time.
I desire to restore the human rights of women whose human rights were deprived by former Japanese army in World War II. I want to change their lives for them to be able to think that it was good that they have been born . So please take care of yourself.I never forget the existences of the women.I never give up it.I think that the recovery of their human rights is the meaning of my birth as a Japanese.
In Japan,there were only slight TV programs in a season for New Year holidays.
There was the nonsense quiz show which a team of actresses in their 60s and a team of the celebs women in their 60s hit the right answer of the price of the jewels.Aozora of the poor person can not understand the distinction between an imitation and a genuine jewel.However, I think that a human being needs a beam of hope to live.A beam of hope is the courage to live.A beam of hope is holier than any jewels.Japanese people has a duty to provide a beam of hope to live for all the former comfort women.
Prime Minister Abe may doubt himself why he must apologize to them.However, the human race repeated the history that the human beings abducted other persons in order to make their slaves.If Prime Minister Abe apologizes, the history of the human race will perform step-up.
A change begins from Japan. Therefore I desire that Prime Minister Abe has courage to apologize to them.
Prime Minister Abe lays emphasis on economic measure, but the Japanese economy does not make rapid progress if Japan does not solve the problem of the comfort women.In addition, the Japanese economy does not revive if Japan does not participate in TPP.If Prime Minister Abe can clear these two problems, it means that Prime Minister Abe loves Japan.
The most difficulty of TPP is a farm co-op.We must think about a method to guarantee agriculture by TPP.Japan should cooperate with the domestic companies of Delicatessen industry so that Japan can build Delicatessen industry in a farm co-op.So I made a list of the domestic companies of Delicatessen industry of Japan.
I propose conditions for exchange.
1.Bank of Japan should back up the Delicatessen company which cooperates to build the Delicatessen industry within a farm co-op so that they can obtain a loan from the city banks at low interests.
2.While existing delicatessen industry monopolizes a domestic share, a farm co-op should monopolize delicatessen exporting abroad .
3.Existing Delicatessen industry becomes more easy to cooperate with a farm co-op if Japan divide "the domestic share" and "the share of overseas" between existing Delicatessen industry and a farm co-op.
4.The experts of the companies of the existing Delicatessen industry should be temporarily transferred to the farm co-op in order to build the factories of Delicatessen for exporting within the farm co-op.
5.I would like to hope that an American politician will mediate Bank of Japan, the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren, Japan Delicatessen Association and the farm co-op.
A list of Japan Delicatessen Association is following.
PictureOfficial possisionCapital fundSales amountProduct line/TEL/FAX/E-MAIL
Fujio HoriNo.1 President38,000,000Yen5,874,000,000YenProduct lineRetail sales like the delicatessen such as sushi and the boiled rice
Fujio HoriTEL0584-77-1811
Delicasuito Co., Ltd.FAX0584-78-0877
Representative Director founderMAILinfo@delicasuito.co.jp
evaluationAdress4-1-20 Kagano, Ogaki-city, Gifu
No picture
No.2 vice-presidents22,000,000YenYenProduct lineDelicatessen and dessert
Soichiro SatoTEL02579-2-5811
Sato industry Co., Ltd.FAX02579-2-6666
Representative DirectorMAILsato-@wonder.con.ne.jp
evaluationAdress482-3, Tookamachi, Uonuma-shi, Niigata 〒946-0011
Mikito Iwata
No.3 vice-presidents
10,350,000YenYenProduct lineThe restaurant business, food retail trade
Mikito IwataTEL0868-29-2722
Turuya Co., Ltd.FAX
Representative DirectorMAIL
evaluationAdress80 Kamimyura Tuyama city Okayama
Koichiro HiraiNo.4 vice-presidents273,300,000Yen11,700,000,000YenProduct lineStore specializing of delicatessen and Udon noodle restaurant
Koichiro HiraiTEL096-324-3666
Hirai Co., Ltd.FAX096-326-4115
Representative DirectorMAIL
evaluation★★Adress7-26-70 Kasuga Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi Kumamoto
Nobuyuki JonishiNo.5 vice-presidents30,000,000YenYenProduct lineDelicatessen and set lunches
Nobuyuki JonishiTEL0134-62-6011
Daruma shokuhin Co., Ltd.FAX0134-62-6220
Representative DirectorMAILwebmaster@daruma-foods.co.jp
evaluationAdress4-4-35 Akebono-2-jo, Teine-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido
Tunetoshi ItoNo.6 vice-presidents10,000,000Yen512,000,000YenProduct lineDelicatessen for vegetarian without Animal meat, the coloring agent, chemical seasoning, and preservative
Tunetoshi ItoTEL0198-24-6811
Marma shokuhin Co., Ltd.FAX0198-24-6847
Representative DirectorMAILmama2@mama-foods.com
evaluationAdress4-241-2 Sakuramachi, Hanamaki city, Iwate
Hisakazu KurodaNo.7 vice-presidents10,000,000Yen3,094,000,000YenProduct linePrecut salad, set lunches
Hisakazu KurodaTEL0743-56-5520
Sanko Co., Ltd.FAX0743-56-4319
Representative DirectorMAILhttp://www.frux.jp/postmail.html
evaluationAdress696, Matsukasacho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara
FRUX Group production center support center
Kayoko HayashiNo.8 managing director55,500,000Yen2,362,000,000YenProduct lineThe import , production, and sale of processed foods
Kayoko HayashiTEL088-699-2345
Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd.FAX088-699-2757
Representative DirectorMAILinfo@maruha.org
evaluationAdress4-3 Sumiyoshi, Matsushige-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima
Kenji TanakaNo.9 managing director10,000,000YenYenProduct lineSet lunches for office that changes from day to day/Delivery service of dinner
Entrustment business of School meal
Kenji TanakaTEL0942-27-1212
Seibu Co., Ltd.FAX0942-27-3241
Representative DirectorMAILhttps://secure592.sakura.ne.jp/k-seibu.com/p6.html
evaluationAdress2268-4 Arakimachishirakuchi, Kurume-city, Fukuoka
Mituhiko TakahashiNo.10 managing director10,000,000YenYenProduct lineVarious lunches for office, kindergarten, and elderly people.
Various hors d'oeuvres
Mituhiko TakahashiTEL024-554-1612
Shinanoya Co., Ltd.FAX024-553-7959
Representative DirectorMAILsinanoya3215@maroon.plala.or.jp
evaluationAdress3-9 Nitta Azana Minamiyanome, Fukushima-city, Fukushima
Masuyuki SakaiNo.11 managing director20,000,000
(Mino Kan Co., Ltd.)
YenYenProduct linetsukudani (a preserved food made by cooking fish, selfish, kelp, animal meat, vegetables, etc. in sweetened soy sauce)
Production sale of a lot of salad
Masuyuki Sakai80,000,000
(Mino-ya lunch service)
Yen     4,010,000,000

Mino Kan Co., Ltd.
Mino-ya lunch service
Representative DirectorMAILhttp://www.378.jp/website/contact.html
evaluationAdress137-2, Kitayamachokitayama, Owariasahi-city Aichi
Yasumasa AkatukaNo.12 managing director1,269,230,000Yen41,983,000,000YenProduct lineDelicatessen business
Meat business
Food business
Yasumasa AkatukaTEL0594-23-5500
Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd.FAX0594-24-3055
Representative DirectorMAILinfojs@kakiyasuhonten.co.jp
evaluationAdress8, Yoshinomaru, Kuwana-city, Mie
Haruko SudoNo.13 managing director200,000,000Yen6,830,000,000YenProduct lineDelicatessen
festival foods
Lunch menu
Haruko SudoTEL03-3810-7551
NRE Daimasu Co., Ltd.FAX03-3810-7555
Representative DirectorMAIL
evaluationAdress7-48-1, Nishiogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Hidetoshi ImokawaNo.14 managing director
(Warabeya Nichiyo Co., Ltd.)
Yen163,372,000,000YenProduct lineThe packed box lunch
Hidetoshi Imokawa
(Nichiyo Co., Ltd.)
Warabeya Nichiyo Co., Ltd.
Nichiyo Co., Ltd.
Representative DirectorMAIL
evaluationAdress5-7-10, Ogawahigashicho, Kodaira-city, Tokyo
Yutaka MatunagaNo.15 managing director40,000,000Yen755,000,000YenProduct lineEgg dishes
Yutaka MatunagaTEL076-451-1555
Sanwa Seigyoku Co., Ltd.FAX076-451-6160
Representative DirectorMAILinfo@sanwaseigyoku.co.jp
evaluationAdress8-1-29, Mukaishinjo, Toyama-shi, Toyama
Yoshinori HujikiNo.16   Senior Managing DirectorProbably he is the person concerned of an administrative body called the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Yoshinori Hujiki
The incorporated association
Japan Delicatessen Association
No picture

No.17   Supervisor
Hideki Fujioka
a lawyer of Fujioka law office
No picture

No.18   Supervisor
Kazuhiro Ogiwara
Director of government official of Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd.
No picture

No.19   Supervisor
Teturi Ema
Morita certified public accountant office
Prime Minister Abe
US President Obama
About negotiations participation of Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership
Agreement(TPP), Prime Minister Abe will put off the participation expression at the
Japan-U.S. summit meeting that Prime Minister Abe is planned in about February.
Prime Minister Abe intends to postpone a conclusion
of TPP until the Upper House election of July of this summer.
How should President Obama judge intention of
Prime Minister Abe?

I regret to say but I must warn President Obama that the Liberal Democratic Party
government intends to declare that Japan never participate in TPP.
This is reality of the Liberal Democratic Party.80% of the Diet members of Liberal Democratic Party object against TPP.
As for this participation expression postponement, the Liberal Democratic Party must win at the Upper House election for the constitutional amendment, and this is because it is necessary to secure seats more than two-thirds of the House of Councilors in the ruling party.The Liberal Democratic Party intends to sacrifice TPP for the constitutional amendment.

The Liberal Democratic Party pledge as follows.


1.Japan will object against the negotiations participation, as far as USA will declare the premise like that "no sanctuaries for tariffs".
2.Japan does not receive the numerical target of the industrial products such as cars against an idea of the free trade.
3.Japan protects the universal care.
4.Japan protects a standard of the food safety relief.
5.Japan does not agree the ISD clauses spoiling the sovereignty of the country.
6.Japan is based on a characteristic of our country about government procurement, a financial service.


It is necessary for us to get the approval of the countries which already are negotiating, in order to participate in TPP negotiations, but it is decided that the American procedure needs more than three months for the approval.The TPP's negotiations for the last agreement will be carried out in September, and a deadline of the expressions of the negotiations participation is at least until May.The next Upper House election of Japan is the middle of July in 2013.
Prime Minister Abe pretends to participate in TPP and intends to deceive President Obama.This is reality of the Liberal Democratic Party.The Liberal Democratic Party is more afraid of Japanese farm co-op than the United States.The system of the Liberal Democratic Party does not change at all.
President Obama must understand an Asian special vague answer.Prime Minister Abe suggests NO to TPP.
However, Japan can open the door of the TPP participation if President Obama refuses a summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe until May.
President Obama should come on strong in order to Japanese praticipation in TPP.
Of course cooperation of the U.S. Government is necessary so that Japan participates in TPP.The Liberal Democratic Party has never intended at all to make Delicatessen industry in a farm co-op.
I would like to hope that USA will dispatch several able American politicians to make Delicatessen industry of export of TPP in Japanese farm co-op.
Please look at a company of Mr.Hidetoshi Imokawa who is No. 14 "managing director" of the above list. He has the huge group of several joint‐stock corporations.I described his companies,Warabeya Nichiyo Co., Ltd. and Nichiyo Co., Ltd. in the above list.
If Hidetoshi Imokawa can cooperate in establishing Delicatessen industry in a farm co-op(an agricultural cooperative association), I would like to hope that the American government will promote so that a lot of American investors may buy the stocks of his companies.
The financial condition of Net Sales of the companies of Hidetoshi Imokawa is the best ever.
The box lunch of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." is made by considering the balance of nutrition and calorie calculation , and they always try not to use deep-fried foods so much. "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." will ship " box lunch of a gentle seasoned dish" at budget prices into convenience stores all over the country. "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." acquired popularity and grew rapidly.Since his companies consider the consumers' health aspect and the low price , this company understands the needs of consumers well.With high-class foods,everyone can make delicious box lunch,but a price becomes high. With deep-fried foods, we can make the box lunch rapidly and easily, but a calorie becomes high.The box lunch of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." is yummy, cheap, and good for health. Those who do only demanded work can't do better job.Probably, "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." carry out a field survey sincerely, and will try to know consumers' needs, in order to make Delicatessen for export of TPP.
Because I wrote this list mentioned above in the HTML script, it was very difficult to make this.Because I would like to notify President Obama and American politicians that the financial condition of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." is by far the best company in Japanese delicatessen industry, I made this list.
Because a watchdog(No.16 Senior Managing Director) is dispatched by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, I think Japan Delicatessen Association doesn't cooperate with the U.S. Government very much.
I would like to hope that the U.S. Government will negotiate directly with "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." .
Since the time limit in May is imminent, we had better prepare "Participation expression of TPP" by extracting this one company of "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd.".
Japan is not even prepared for expression of TPP participation.The Liberal Democratic Party government prepares nothing for the agriculture's security so that Japanese farm co-op can receive Japanese participation of TPP.At first,we must make Delicatessen industry of export of TPP in Japanese farm co-op.

The agriculture-and-forestry fishery growth industry support mechanism bill (6th fund bill) was enacted on August 29, 2012.
The 6th industry means the management form in which primary industry, such as agriculture and fisheries, is carrying out business development also to food processing and circulation sale.The Japanese government will invest the treasury funds of 30 billion yen of a country to the business unit to the subfunds which invest to business entities which tackle the 6th industry in various places.
In order to establish the Delicatessen industry for export of TPP within Japanese farm co-op,I would like to hope that the American government will put pressure for the Japanese government to invest to Japanese farm co-op and "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,.Ltd." .
I would like to hope that U.S. government will dispatch the able American politicians who can handle these big jobs.
Though it may be hard for President Obama to believe this , without a charismatic leader , Japanese politicians can't decide easily one thing. Japanese politicians seem to be the crowds of fat sheep of the strong self-assertion.Since Japanese people are mother complex races, they consent to the will of each group. In this situation, even the argument on TPP does not progress.There is not the charismatic leader to realize the big job like TPP in Japan now.
Japan also has to make the system for bringing in premium beef and high-class fruit to the first-class hotels in Washington. This job needs the able American politicians.
The dairy farming of Hokkaido should make the lact ice of the package of the character of the anime of One Piece series or Pretty Cure series for overseas export.
Japanese lact ice is cheap and yummy.Moreover, because these Japanese anime are very popular in overseas, if the application ticket which gains character goods by a lottery is attached to a package, it will certainly become a hot product.The TOEI animation and Japanese farm co-op association should tie up.
The swine industry should change it to the breeding of wild boars not to receive damage by the import of cheap pork.
Japanese wild boar and "ryukyu wild boar in Okinawa island" will become popular through TPP because they are more delicious than Iberico pig.Because there is the habit that the wild boar rushes, the government should contribute a subsidy to rebuild the hogsty.
The poultry farming business must make manufacturing industry of the foie gras of the chicken in a farm co-op in order to cope to cheap chicken through TPP.
I think that the Japanese farm co-op can make pate of chicken's foie gras more cheap, and more yummy than the foie gras of the duck.
If the farm co-op contributes refund to each farmhouse from profit of the export of TPP, it will be enough profitable, even if the price of vegetables and meat slumps .
Both of "a farm co-op" and "Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd "should talk to decide the margins that a farm co-op pays to Warabeya Nichiyo Co,. Ltd.
It is important that Japan realizes a method to protect agriculture by TPP.At first Japan should build the system which a farm co-op can export yummy delicatessens to abroad immediately than continuing many worthless arguments.
Okinawa's sea
And if cheap sugar is imported in TPP, the sugar cane farming families of Okinawa damage seriously .
If the government borrows a cane field of Okinawa and pays the ground rent to sugar cane farming families and builds the new town and let the inhabitants around the Futenma base move there, the sugar cane farmhouses will be protected and the Futenma base problem will be solved.
If Japan will reclaim land from the sea of Henoko in order to make a US base, it entails a vast cost.If Japan will reclaim land from the sea of Henoko in order to make a US base, also the inhabitants of Okinawa may cause a riot.Shimoji former Diet member of the House of Representatives was a politician very popular in Okinawa, but lost the Lower House election because Mr. Shimoji agreed to cabinet decision of the plan of reclaiming land from the sea of Henoko.If he had objected to it by cabinet decision, I am convinced that Mr. Shimoji could have been able to win at the Lower House election.
Why did former Prime Minister Noda decide the plan of reclaiming land from the sea of Henoko at cabinet decision?
New Zealand 4,270,000
South Korean48,184,000
Sum 826,981,000
It is what a new cabinet should have decided after the Lower House election.Former Prime Minister Noda predicted that the Democratic Party suffered a crushing defeat by the Lower House election.Because Shimoji was often noisy so much to complain to Noda government, former Prime Minister Noda dared to do cabinet decision in order to let Shimoji lose at the Lower House election.Former Prime Minister Noda is not a strong leader but an old fox.
United States and Japan should cancel the plan of reclaiming land from the sea of Henoko in order to let TPP progress smoothly.United States and Japan should give priority to TPP.
People of Okinawa are minority races called Ryukyu, who believe Okinawa's sea is the most beautiful in the world.The sea of Okinawa is soul itself for the Ryukyu race.The Japanese Yamato race can't understand that it is very barbarian to reclaiming land from Okinawa's sea.The Japanese Yamato race can't feel that the cobalt blue of Okinawa's sea is a noble pure color.Okinawa's sea is the most beautiful in the world.
I think that Shimoji humbly reconsidered his conduct on his judgment error by watching the cobalt blue of Okinawa's sea.I expect so that Shimoji can revive by the Upper House election if he can say that he recognizes his judgment error.Okinawa's sea is the most beautiful in the world.
First of all, we should open a door of TPP .
Japan can obtain the consumers of 6 times of Japanese population if Japan participate in TPP.If Japan has the ability to produce the TPP business, Japan can get the vast tax revenues.
In addition, Japan must participate in TPP to protect the Emperor and the Empress from Chinese terrible plot and Japan must enhance Japan-U. S. alliance.
Almost Diet members of Liberal Democratic Party forget to protect the Emperor and the Empress.
Diet Members of the current Liberal Democratic Party totally seem communists.
We must protect the Emperor and the Empress at the risk of life.
It means that we defend the mother country Japan.
The Japanese imperial family is the world's oldest imperial family.
The Japanese should be proud of the Emperor and the Empress.
I will kneel every day in the direction of the Imperial Palace in order to pray so that God always defends the Emperor's family .
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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