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Blunder of an inauguration ceremony of Korean President

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and South Korean President Park Geun-hye
Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso who serves for Minister of Finance Incumbent,too, said about the inauguration ceremony attendance of South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the press conference after the cabinet meeting in the morning on 22nd Feb,"I will not get to the point to a concrete talk at the time of this visit about buying Korean government bonds .".Verrrrrrrrrry good!!!!!!Hey!Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso!Good Job!!
sy-tn-130226-1-ns140.jpg Who is he like this boss of the Mafia?Is he Alphonso Capone?
No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No!!Alphonso Capone died long ago.
He is Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan.Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso visited South Korea in the costume of Alphonso Capone , in order to prevent "South Korean President Park Geun-hye" to squeeze him about the huge financial support.He intentionally acted his innocent part by pretending that her saying went in one ear and out of the other saying."This woman who knows nothing about the world" failed so much to get the huge financial support .He is an amusing individual.
It's quite absurd that South Korean President Park Geun-hye invited Ozawa to the inauguration ceremony of the Korean President .Her invitation of Ozawa is equivalent to invite bin Laden or Pol Pot as a state guest .
Her great father,former South Korean President Park Chung-hee got financial support of Japan, and the economy of Korea greatly developed.But she failed it at the first time at the inauguration ceremony of Korean President.South Korean President Park Geun-hye has never listened to any advises that she should cancel invitation of Ozawa to the inauguration ceremony of the Korean President.She might have been brainwashed by Ozawa into believing Ozawa, but she was considerably too obstinate.
I will say plainly,"Hey, Taro Capone! Good Job!!"
"Yeah!! ....Wild Dazei!"

This is a favorite phrase of a Japanese fat small comedian , Sugichan . This is a inarticulate phrase as of pain or excitement.
Everybody of Aozora fan clubs of all over the world!!Let exclaim in excitement with me,"Wild DAZEI".You can learn a Japanese vogue word,now.If you say this to a Japanese politician, he will surely laugh.
"Yeah!! ....Wild Dazei!"
I believe that the great Obama Administration could prevent probably Ozawa who tried to get the war funds from China, in Korea .I thank heartily for the great country of the United States which always prevents all plots of wicked Ozawa and show respect.
"Yeah!! ....Wild Dazei!"
Taro Capone! I may add your name into the list of my favorite politicians.Hi!Taro,let's say with Aozora!!
"Yeah!! ....Wild Dazei!"


Ozawadevilkingkong.jpgChina speaks that China will escalate the swap with South Korean Won.
I suppose that China forced South Korean President Park Geun-hye to invite wicked Ozawa to inauguration of Korea in compensation for South Korean Won's swap of China, in order to let Ozawa receive the money laundering of war funds in Seoul of South Korea.
China decides its own mind that nothing shall hinder China from accomplishing China's purpose to prevent Japan which tries to participate in TPP because China has the hidden ambition to desire to lead Asia in the Chinese economic area without the United States.Therefore China communicates secretly with Ozawa of a wicked Japanese politician. They have more tremendously the wicked ambition to invade Japan .
I always beg the United States to prevent his crime at every overseas travel of Ozawa , but the Japanese Government should work hard itself to arrest Ozawa.The Japanese Government is weakened too much. I do not know till when I live.
Ozawa is too dangerous.
Ozawa Devil King Kong
I would like to hope that U. S. forces will prove the existence of the Ozawa group in the Self-Defense Forces of Japan and will prove attempted coups d'etat of the Ozawa group of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan , and I wish the U. S. Government expresses that Ozawa is a terrorist as soon as possible.
In addition, the Japanese Government must protect the auto industry and household appliance industry of Japan than South Korean auto industry and South Korean household appliance industry.Both industries are one of the main industries in Japan.
The Japanese Government must not be engaged earnestly in persuasion of postponing of South Korean loan's return in future to all Japanese banks. At South Korean economic crisis of 1997 , the Japanese Government was engaged earnestly in persuasion of postponing of South Korean loan's return in future to all Japanese banks in the confused money market and led debt rescheduling negotiations to the agreement in the short term of the Japan, the United States and Europe commercial bank corps on January 29, 1998.The return of the loan of South Korean deferment saved economic ruin in Korea miraculously.
However, because South Korean government itself had never reported Japanese contribution at any news to South Korean people on a large scale, South Korea only planted a new concept to South Korean people that Japan is an only a financial supporter, although Japan-Korea cultural exchange advanced and caused the Korean entertainer boom in Japan after South Korean economic crisis of 1997.
Japan should break this vicious circle.
At first,Japan should not do financial support of South Korea until "Japanese auto industry and Japanese household appliance industry regain their strength".

In addition, the current balance of Korea improves from December in last year.Bank of Korea (the central bank) announced on February 27 that the current balance (seasonal adjustment was finished) of January had become 6, 520 million dollars and the record-high and it had gone into the black.The current balance of December of Korea was revised to 3 billion dollars and it had gone into the black.The trade balance of this month became 6, 730 million dollars and it went into the black.
Korea can manage enough without Japanese financial support .

Lyric:Goodbye Isaac
(Singer,Lyric writer and composer: Motohiro Hata)
The way of welcome of the United States to the visiting of Prime Minister Abe of Japan last week without the enthusiasm is because Prime Minister Abe has not yet done a participation expression of TPP formally.
Let's open our future positively.
China is delighted very much in "the way of welcome of the United States to the visiting of Prime Minister Abe of Japan last week without the enthusiasm", but China will notice soon that it will be premature joy.

The new wind is blowing.
If Prime Minister Abe ensures a participation expression of TPP in March, the Japan-U. S. alliance will become stronger.
Dreams come true.
TPP comes true.
We protect the Emperor and the Empress at the risk of life.
It means that Japanese people defend the mother country Japan.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance

Ah 転がる石 少しずつ日々にすり減って落ちてく
そう 試されてる いつまで運命に逆らえないまま?

引力に負けそうで 無理だろって へたりこんじゃう前に
この際 ノンストップで ゴールラインも駆け抜けろ 今

決定的な君だけのステップを 刻んでよ 踏み出してよ
消極的で弱気なロジックは 破いてよ 捨て去ってよ
未だ見ぬステージへ 壊せ 君を閉ざす殻

Ah 描いているほど現実はうまくいかなくて
そう 誰だってね がんばっているから もどかしくなる

安定を口実に 楽な方に逃げたくなるけれど
一回きりだろって 奮い立たせて 突き抜けろ 今

衝撃的なジャイアントステップを 記してよ 繰り出してよ
劣等感も ほら 最大の武器になるんだろう
絶望的なピンチの場面でも 狙ってよ 打ち克ってよ
積み上げた昨日に きっと 嘘はないから

失敗か成功かなんて 最後までわからないけれど
とことん 信じきって フルスピードで 飛び上がれ 今

絶対的な君だけのステップを 刻んでよ 踏み出してよ
圧倒的で鮮烈なジャンプを 決めてよ 蹴散らしてよ
最高のイメージの先へ 跳ねる 君のストライド

Ah, A rolling stone wears down little by little for days and falls down
Yes. Till when will we be attempted without going against fate ?

Before giving out by impossible because seeming to be daunted by gravitation,
Run through the goal line nonstop at this juncture, now!

Furnish with only your decisive steps! Step forward!
A few centimeters would change the future.
Tear a piece of the negative, bearish logic!Throw away it!
To the stage not to yet watch! Break!The shells into which shuts you!

Ah because the reality does not go well enough to wish,
Yes.because anyone does his best, it becomes irritating.

Everyone wants to run away to the comfortable one on the pretext of stability.
Braces yourself up because it is only once!Break through, now!

Perform shocking giant step!March out!
See!The inferiority complex will become the maximum weapon , too.
Aim at even scene in a hopeless pinch!Overcome it!
Because surely yesterday of your incessant having practised has no lie!

We can not see it will be failure or success till the last.
Trust it thoroughly, and fly up at full speed, now.

Furnish with only your absolute steps! Step forward!
A few centimeters may let the miracle happen!
Perform an overwhelming, vivid jump ! Kick off!
You can jump into the point of the best image. That is your stride.


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