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For the women in House of Sharing

A Japanese rock band of "Sakura Ran Buryu (the cherry tree boisterous dance style)"sent the CD of the song that this rock band insulted the victims of the women who were forced to be sex slaves by the former Japanese army, to the victims' care facility called House of Sharing in South Korea.
The victims' women went to law against this band in the Seoul center district court on March 4 because their honors were hurt.
As a same Japanese, I have to apologize for hurting you too much.I apologize for their infelicitous expression.I am sorry that this problem has arisen.
I pray to God for victims from today for three days with drinking only water by abstaining from food.I pray to God so that God gives victims the happiness to compensate this incident.
I apologize again for the trouble.
Park Geun-hye1
Park Geun-hye South Korean President
Although Japan should not offer economical support to South Korea for two years, Japan should support in the House of Sharing of this incident. The Japanese Government does not have any mind to chasethis criminals .But although the South Korean President is trying to get the economical support of Japan by criticizing war crimes of Japan, this incident happened at too good timing for the South Korean President. Besides, most Japanese youths cannot read and write Korean language even if most Japanese youths can read and write English.The graduates of the Korean school within Japan can read and write Korean language.Besides, South Korean President who should have criticized war crimes of Japan does not mention this case at all,although every Korean media is wild with anger.
It is something strange.I doubt that this incident might have been clearly staged between South Korean President and wicked Japanese politician, Ozawa.
Ozawa Devil King Kong
Ozawa's father was a North Korean and his mother was a South Korean. Ozawa is one of Korean persons residing in Japan who have gotten Japanese nationality because he was born in Japan. Ozawa is a symbol of establishing of their country by invading Japan.It is very easy for Ozawa to plan this incident.
House of Sharing insisted that the rock band of "Sakura Ran Buryu(their youtube code is Scramble2013,geigeki2010)" participated in the event which the representative Nobuyuki Suzuki of Japanese political organization "Revolution political party, the new wind" held .
The representative Nobuyuki Suzuki installed a stake written that "Takeshima island is the territory peculiar to Japan " beside the leg of "the girl's bronze statue which symbolized a South Korean victims who were forced to be sex slave" in front of the Japanese Embassy of Seoul on June 19, last year. So, Seoul center District Public Prosecutor's Office prosecuted him for the crime that damaged the honor for the victims on February 17.
I saw his video of youtube when he installed it ,but the stake was written in Japanese language.In a letter of this CD of the song at this incident, there was a lyrics translated by Korean language.The representative Suzuki is a famous right-winger of the radicals,but it does not seem to be an act of the representative .
I think that Korean President and Ozawa framed a criminal falsely on this representative Nobuyuki Suzuki .This representative Nobuyuki Suzuki is a man who declares claim of responsibility fairly by all means.He is not a sneaking fellow.
Probably my inference will be right.
However, I think of the depth of the wound of the mind of old women at the first, and I want to apologize to the victims.
South Korean President and Ozawa Devil King Kong,you are cruel to do things like that.South Korean President and Ozawa Devil King Kong do not think about national interest at all, and you are lumps of worldly desires without any pure love.Ohhhhh,South Korean President and Ozawa Devil King Kong are too ugly.
They should not use of these old women for their political purpose .Ozawa often attempts to pull a stunt for his political purpose.The Korean President trusted the person whom she must not believe.A daughter of the big-name politician is a good mark for Ozawa.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will check whether Ozawa is connected to the money flow of the rock band of "Sakura Ran Buryu.
As for Ozawa, almost Japanese politicians don't want to fight against Ozawa who performs vicious revenge and retaliating with several agents of Chongryon(the Korean general association in Japan).However, we should check a reckless action of Ozawa.Ozawa will think about various plots from now on to prevent TPP.Japan and the United States must let Ozawa lose his political position.
And this rock band does not have a political idea , only to want to attract attention and is not rich and not popular.I think that this rock band will do anything if they get pocket money from Ozawa.When US government can testify that Ozawa participates in this incident, victims can win not only compensation for damages out of him , but also "Ozawa's a crushing defeat by the Upper House election of July".
However, I speak to women of the victims.
"Your brave souls are beautiful !I do my best to restore your human rights by all means.I will do the activity so that the day comes true that you can think that it was good to have been born.Your fight is the fight of all human beings."
ishikawahoka2013.jpgWe must let the unspeakable rascal like Ozawa suffer a crushing defeat by the Upper House election.
The judgment of the appeal court of three secretaries of Ozawa is going to be announced on March 13.I think that their conviction will never be overturned.
However, I would like to hope that American high government officials will pressure Presiding Judge Yoshinobu Iida so that they are found guilty because the Chinese government may pressure the Tokyo High Court.
Ozawa is a dangerous charisma.Ozawa is standing at the peak of this fearful secret occult religion .Ozawa is a symbol of the vicious occult religion to invade Japan.

Ozawa is already an old man, too.
Even if Ozawa might live in the survival life, Ozawa should not let the old woman cry.
Did Mom of Ozawa hope Ozawa's ambition?
There is the grave of mother of Ozawa in Cheju island of South Korea.
Mom of Ozawa may cry in her grave .
Spring comes soon.
I wish that a lot of beautiful flowers bloom around these old women in House of Sharing.
I wish that a warm spring breeze blows around them.
They have the big fate to change history of human beings into the direction of the virtue.
I love the old women heartfully.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance
ナヌムの家 The women in House of Sharing
They wait for us.Japan should revive their human rights.


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