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Comet Panstarrs and Nostradamus

The Pan-STARRS Comet is making its turn around the sun and will be visible through the end of the month, but experts at NASA say that one of the best times to view it will be this week, weather permitting.
On Tuesday, March 12, the Pan-STARRS Comet will be the clearest relatively close to the Sun, only 28 million miles away.In order to see the Pan-STARRS Comet , if we will make sure to be outside 15 - 60 minutes after sunset , we can look toward the moon and the horizon. In order to see the Pan-STARRS Comet , if we will make sure to be outside 15 - 60 minutes after sunset , we can look it toward the moon and the horizon. On Tuesday, the Pan-STARRS Comet will be most visible to the west of the moon in the violet sky at dusk.We had better use a telescope or binoculars to get a better view of this rare comet, which is the Pan-STARRS Comet because the Pan-STARRS Comet is very small.
This pretty Pan-STARRS Comet was first seen in 2011 by, and named after, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System in Hawaii which is traditionally used to detect possible earth threatening bodies of rock.Experts say that the next time this Pan-STARRS Comet will make an appearance in Earth's skies will be in approximately 106,000 years.
Another much brighter and possibly even seen in the daylight comet by been seen in November this year. That is Arison Comet which blazes brighter than the full moon.

The comet causes the international situation dramatically a great change.
Which of a happy augury or a black augury Heaven has sent us by this Comet Panstarrs?

The international situation attracting attention most is the problem of whether peace negotiations between the United States and Iran come true now.Everybody is still in doubt for both countries to enter into peace negotiations.However, we can suppose the future if we analyze the international situation.
If the United States begins World War 3 against Iran , China intends to let Japan sink under seawater by a lot of nuclear weapons and China intends to let the Asian whole land ruin except Pakistan, North Korea, and Myanmar . And if the United States begins World War 3 against Iran , because China will make Australia and New Zealand into China's colonies, the United States receives damage economically, and will lose prestige.The military affairs industry of America does not have a merit by war with Iran so much.
However, if the United States and Iran can make the peace negotiation come true in order to evade World War 3, because China begins to ruin itself by pollution, the United States only need to watch for an opportunity when the Chinese armed forces which will rise in revolt against Chinese one-party system.If the Chinese armed forces will rise in revolt for democratization and for stopping pollution, the world should cooperate with the Chinese armed forces, on condition of the independence of Turkestan and the independence of Tibet.By this manner, the United States can have a just cause, and the military industry of the United States can get the vast economic growth by offering a lot of weapons to the Chinese armed forces which rose in revolt.
Because the bribery politics of China is serious, the pollution of China is in the situation of saturation, and the Chinese citizens must live in air of the heavy pollution.
More than 6000 corpses of pigs were discovered in Huangpu River of Shanghai, China, but the Chinese government do no action for the water pollution.As for the smog called Chinese PM2.5, the neighborhood foreign countries are damaged, too,but China can do nothing by a lot of bribery cases that develop into a political issue.In China, even privileged class is not fled into now from air pollution.
Because the Chinese armed forces became so much powerful, the Chinese government can't gain control of Chinese armed forces .If U. S. forces base will be built in Turkestan and Tibet, the United States can cut off the weapon route to al Qaeda or Taliban from China.
It will be the great benefit for the United States to conclude peace with Iran.
And Nostradamus said a prediction that it will be useful for the United States to make peace with Iran,too.
Durant l'estoyle cheuelue apparente,
Les trois grands princes seront faits ennemis,
Frappes du ciel, paix terre tremulente .
Po , Tymbre vndants , serpent sus le bort mis.   
(Nostradamus, Cent.,II,43)
During the appearance of the bearded star,
the three great princes will become enemies,
The peace is hit from the sky and resounds on the earth.
While Po and Tiber overflowing, serpent(Persian sabre (sickle type sabre) will be placed upon the shore.
Nostradamus II Century, 43rd Quatrain
ノストラダムス 百詩篇第2巻43番

Because the Pan-STARRS Comet appears from the middle of March to the beginning of April, I think that heads of states of the United States, China and North Korea will come into antagonism behind the scenes during this period.
North Korea can't have any fund of a nuclear development by itself.China contributes the nuclear development fund to North Korea obviously to attack the United States by the intercontinental ballistic missile.China only pretends to criticize nuclear development and missile launch of North Korea.And China is looking forward to an event of World War III.
On the other hand,North Korea often asks for economic support in return for abandoning its nuclear program.And the United States has demanded that North Korea declared an end to its entire nuclear program.Meanwhile, North Korea declared that the firing of the missiles was a part of its military training and that it would continue its missile tests.
The political tag-team by China and North Korea is mere farce if we look at it from the outside.The U. S. Government should make peace with Iran in order to win against this farce, and it is the most suitable method for the United States to wait for China to ruin itself by pollution.If the Chinese armed forces will uprise of antigovernment force, North Korea loses the last source of funds.
I understand that the third line foretells the reconciliation between the United States and Iran.The peace will resound on the earth.I think that the Comet Panstarrs brings the peace.
I suppose that Po and Tiber overflowing means that the power of Roman Catholicism of these areas along Po river and Tiber river will create mayhem from the middle of March to the beginning of April.I think that the election of the Pope may be confused.
I think that "serpent "means that Persian sabre (sickle type sabre).In Iranian national flag, the national emblem which put four new moons and one sword together is designed.I think that the last line expresses that Iran evades war.I think that to put a sword means that Iran can evade war .
The focal point will be to see whether both countries make some type of compromises.I wish that Iran will make up the mind to advance a peace negotiation with the United States than the solidarity with other countries.The international opinions always change with the times.The times change.By a conference or discussion between the United States and Iran, the international peace will be born.If Iran participates in discussions with the United States, I am convinced that Iran will be protected peacefully.Please notice the change of the time.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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