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Let's do what Japan can do with our utmost effort.

"Corridor for Peace and Prosperity"
Former Foreign Affairs Gemba met with Netanyahu Prime Minister in Israel on Tuesday, May 1,in 2012.
Former Foreign Affairs Gemba met with Dr. Mahmoud Abbas,
President of the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday,May 2, in 2012
Japan must provide the environment which the United States and Iran, Iran and Israel hold the peace negotiation themselves.
It is necessary to improve Palestinian problem in these peace negotiations.The Palestinian problem is potentially more immediately explosive than any other international question.
Japan must not forget "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity", which would be based on common economic development and effort, rather than on continuous contention over land.It was a plan to build a huge floating island in the Israeli sea while Japan introduced an irrigation technology of Israel and extended the production of Palestinian farm products in West Bank of the Jordan River.This plan was splendid, but because the Democratic Party government of Japan was unstable, this talk dies a natural death and Israel began to expand their settlement again in Palestine.
Japan should be able to provide the environment for Israel to finish a settlement of the colony than criticizing Israel.The U. N. often adopts resolutions condemning Israel for its intrusiveness.But It is important for us to show a concrete plan to ensure their houses to Israel.Because 65% of the Netherlands country are lower than the sea surface, I think the Israel can increase their land by a huge dike better by far than a floating island.That's tons better,I think.This infrastructure business escalates the employment and economy of Israel, and a peaceful shift change will be praised highly from the global community.
In addition, the Palestinian agricultural production will enlarge if the superior irrigation technology of Israel is applied to Palestine.
Japan should mediate this peaceful money-making business.Both of the tyranny of the Israeli military and Palestinian radicals are serious dangerous.They are both to blame.
1Instead of starting the peace education to stop the stone-throwing for the Israeli soldiers to Palestinian children, Israel should release all Palestinians imprisoned who are still minors.
2Both police of Israel and police of Palestine should stop giving the threat and the physical violence to all detainees while questioning.
3Japan should introduce the Israeli excellent water desalination to change seawater into fresh water into the Cather district in order to secure enough drinking water of inhabitants of the Cather district.
4Instead of solving Gaza Strip blockade, both of Israel and Palestine should begin peace education to stop using violence on other pagans and to stop uttering catcalls for other pagans each other.
Israel's President Shimon Peres (L) meets Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Aso in Jerusalem August 13, 2007.
The ex-Foreign Minister Aso interviewed with Chairperson of Palestine Mahmud Abbas in Remallah of the West Bank of Jordan river on August 15, 2007.
Former Prime Minister Koizumi proposed "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity", originally, and Former Prime Minister Aso founded it when Mr.Aso had been former Foreign Minister at the time of the first Abe Cabinet(From September 26, 2006 to August 27, 2007). Because Former Prime Minister Aso is current Minister of Finance and current Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Aso has the sure power to promote "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" concretely.
Because the current Liberal Democratic Party government gets a high approval rating from the nation and Japan expresses the participation in TPP and maintains weak yen and high stock prices, I think that Japan can certainly succeed in this plan "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" at this time.
I think that Japan can mediate a peace negotiation and the financial support by 4 conditions mentioned above(1.,2.,3.,4.).
Mr.Aso is an eccentric a little, but is an attractive, interesting person.The English pronunciation of Mr. Aso is the worst, but both of Israeli politicians and the Palestinian politicians will be attracted by his funny joke.
Japan was saved by the Obama Administration from the slaughter such as Cambodia which China and Ozawa plotted.Japan should support diplomacy of the Obama Administration out of gratitude.
For Myanmar,Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to perform a grant aid of a total of more than 20 billion 400 million yen yen(216,076,800$) to support the regional infrastructure development and the improvement in living standards of the minority race on March 22.
Japan gives more than "3,800 million yen(40,261,000$)" to Myanmar as expenses to install a weather radar to prevent natural disaster for more than "6,600 million yen(69,927,000$)" as an expense of the repair of a hydroelectric power station becoming the main power supply.Furthermore, Japan will provide almost "5,400 million yen(57,213,000$)" to Myanmar as an expense to perform food support and the vocational training for the minority race of Myanmar.
The Japanese Government pushes forward the adjustment for contracting a loan of the 50 billion yen scale(529,600,000$ scale) in addition to this large-scale grant aid.
On the other hand,hostile villagers of Monywa have confronted opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi during the second day of a trip to northwestern Myanmar to explain why Aung San Suu Kyi supports continuation of China's mining project opposed by many local residents from 13 March 2013 to 14 March.Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician and Nobel laureate, visited villages in central Myanmar on Thursday because villages might be displaced by a copper mine and also explained the project.Hundreds of angry farmers heckled and walked out on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, during a visit on Thursday .
Frustration against her has been expanded by some groups in Myanmer and they said that Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi often sides with the establishment of the powerful military, that held her for most of two decades and brutalized the country for five years.
“All we had to eat was boiled rice when we voted for you,” said Daw Pu, a farmer who confronted Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday. “But you are not standing with us anymore.”
Before she left the area on Thursday, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi was asked by reporters to comment on the hostile reaction she received.
“I have never done anything just for popularity,” she said. “Sometimes politicians have to do things that people dislike.”
“The Chinese Government will continue to encourage Chinese companies to conduct cooperation with the Myanmar (Burma) side based on the principle of mutual benefit, so that our joint projects will promote economic development of Myanmar and bring benefits to both peoples,” said China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Gao Mingbo.
However locals near the massive copper mine remain incensed over the commission's support of the continuation of the project.“Should the [project] continue as recommended in the report, the Latpadaung Mountain will surely be destroyed and it will be a huge, irreplaceable loss for both Monywa town and local farmers and villagers,” said Ahunt Maung, a local resident and member of Save the Latpadaung Committee.
“As the saying goes: ‘A forest can be regrown, but a mountain cannot.'”

I think that the group of the inhabitants who oppose China's mining project has a very strong case.
A large number of Chinese people deliver a lot of physically handicapped persons by the pollution of the Chinese companies, and deformity of the domestic animal increases, too .Of course, in China, the condition of the ground of subsiding is serious, too.
A daughter of the big-name politician is a good mark for China.The Chinese high government officials often praise her father so much in front of the daughter of the big-name politician, pretending good persons as if Chinese high government officials loved the big-name politician.By this trap, China changed "Makiko Tanaka who was a Japanese politician" and "the Korean President" into China's puppets.
But Japan can bring the matter to an amicable settlement.Because this protest movement of inhabitants is serious, there is a method that the Chinese company of the copper mine development can sell its property and the development right cheaply peacefully to Japan.Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi should mediate this package sale between China and Japan.
The Japanese companies are superior in an antipollution measure, and the Japanese companies can suggest the irrigation business for local inhabitants.
In addition,if China pushes forward the construction of the golf courses and the resort hotels and the casinos in Myanmar , which are a tourist industry irrelevant to the pollution, Myanmar can get a lot of Chinese tourists.
Myanmer should settle the dispute by peaceful means.
Deputy Prime Minister Aso who is current Minister of Finance too , Yonekura, chairperson of Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren, and "Yohei Sasakawa, who has been named as the Japanese government's representative to help bring peace among Myanmar's ethnic minorities, and chairman of the Nippon Foundation" will be suitable for the negotiations of the Japanese side.
Deputy Prime Minister Aso has the talent of the businessman rather than a politician.Because this type of person understand the needs of the partner, he is good at dispute solution.
Chairperson Yonekura has good acquaintances with the Chinese politicians. I think that he is suitable for the talks about exporting "how many percent of copper produced in Monywa" to China and Japan each other.
Mr.Yohei Sasakawa will have the talent to relax a situation to hear the opinions of inhabitants.
If the employment increases in Myanmar, the riot will be settled naturally.I think that Myanmar can unite.
Spurious Buddhist priest
Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest and Prime Minister Abe who is more young than now.
Chongryon is the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.Chongryon is going to evade the critical situation now.
The Chogin credit association which was a bank of Chongryon went bankrupt under the burden of huge debts of 62700 million yen by the influence of Japan's bubble economy burst and "economic sanctions to North Korea by the Japanese Government".The Chogin credit association which have accumulated huge wealth for the money of the pachinko went bankrupt because Mangyongbong-92(a mixed passenger-cargo ferry running between Wonsan in North Korea and Niigata) which was active out of sight of ordinary people for north unjust remittance and the drug, was prohibited the arrival of to Japan.The Chogin credit association went bankrupt in each prefecture of the whole country, and Chongryon has turned over a central hall of Chongryon to its creditor which is Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) by the amount of claims for 62700 million yen .And Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) auctioned off a central hall of Chongryon at last yesterday.
A central hall of Chongryon
4 people participated in a bid.And Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest of religious corporation Saifuku temple of Kagoshima prefecture made a successful bid for 4, 519 million yen on March 27.By decision given on March 29, Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest will become an official successful bidder.It's tomorrow.
However, Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest is one of the descendants of North Korean residing in Japan and is the low ranking official who serves to North Korean high government officials. Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest was entreated to defend a central hall of Chongryon to the death by North Korean high government officials.Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest is going to lend this facility to Chongryon.
Because the facilities of Chongryon are not government office, "the municipal property tax" is naturally caused. It becomes synonymous with a property tax exemption of Chongryon virtually if "Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest" uses the format to lent this facility to Chongryon because "the municipal property tax" will never be applied to the religious corporation.Because the religious corporation does not announce a flow of the money and because the religious corporation is tax-free, it is famous that many north Koreans use a religious corporation for money laundering .
Because Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest has vast financial power, and because Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest has wide friendship with the big-name politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party, Prime Minister Abe was taken a snapshot with Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest.
By decision given on March 29, Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest will become an official successful bidder.It's tomorrow.
The Obama government should prevent the place of dispatch of the nuclear development fund to North Korea.The Noda Administration of the Democratic Party was deceived by Chongryon to evade seizure of a central hall of Chongryon on condition that Chongryon will rescue the Japanese abductees who are in North Korea.As a result that the Noda Administration of the Democratic Party tried to evade seizure of a central hall of Chongryon by , North Korea fired a missile, and the talk of the rescue of the abductee disappeared.
Although North Korea determines not to return any abductees, North Korea always suggest the return of the abductees to Japan, and North Korea uses the Japanese government for its political purposes.
North Korea always gets the better of Japan.I think that Kim Jon Un sneers that all Japanese politicians are only fools.Japanese politicians ought to seek for future triumph.So we need the help of Obama Administration.
1.I would like to hope that the Obama Administration will pressure on "Abe Administration of Japan" so that Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest will not to be able to become an official successful bidder on March 29.
2.Please freeze all assets of Saifuku temple of Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest because Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest buys the headquarters of the North Korean nuclear development fund by the amount of 4,519 million yen(47,982,742$) in order to protect the headquarters of the North Korean nuclear development fund, if Obama Administration will not be in time to prevent Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest so that Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest will not to be able to become an official successful bidder on March 29.
Impudent Ikeguchi Ekan is resisting to President Obama's economic sanctions against North Korea although Ikeguchi Ekan is just an only bonze.
His fourth visit to North Korea
Ikeguchi Ekan was shaking hands with Mr. Yang Hyong-sop who is Vice Chairperson of a permanent committee of Supreme People's Conference in North Korea.
"Kim IL Sung Kanzenonbosatu statue " which was made imitating the original of "Chairman Kim IL Sung".It means "God's messenger to save human beings" in Buddhism .This statue exists in Saifuku temple.North Korea can't attack Seoul if this statue stands in Seoul city of South Korea.

a big statue(18.5m) of the God called 'Benzaiten'.
I think that the idolatry is wrong but I wonder they couldn't build this Beizaiten more slim. Would the weight of Benzaiten rebound by eating sweet offerings at midnight secretly??

The favorite car of this Buddhist priest is Benz.
I wonder how a mere a bonze can manage to live in such luxury. A bonze's income is all clear profit?I prevent surely Ikeguchi Ekan!!!!I will expose the bald head of Ikeguchi Ekan in a true sense.

The ugly things are not the all of the world.
The beautiful things surely exist in the world.
Even only one piece of green leaf certainly has sparkle of the life.
A menace of the slaughter by the coup d'etat supported by China.
The menace of the armaments of the large country.
The menace of the nuclear weapon.
The menace of the assassination by the man who controls the policy of this country from behind the scenes.
However, we must have courage and must advance.
TPP is a door to the futures.
We take a step historically .
Japan must restore the human rights of the victims of women during World War II.
And let's rebuild Japan as a trusted nation.
Politicians,Let's unite to defend our mother country.
Politicians,Let's stand up to love and respect the Emperor and the Empress.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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