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Victory of Spurious Buddhist priest

Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest and Prime Minister Abe
An order of permission or non-permission of sale shall not be effective until it becomes final and binding.Article 69 An execution court shall hold court on the date for ordering a sale and render permission or non-permission of sale.But The Tokyo District Court expressed approval of the sale to Saifuku Temple of Kagoshima prefecture which made a successful bid of "both of the land and a building of a central hall of Chongryon" at prices of approximately 4500 million yen .
According to the law called the Civil Execution Act, the sale to a debtor (Chongryon) is prohibited. If Saifuku Temple receives funding from Chongryon, this sale will be prohibited, too.The Tokyo District Court judged that Saifuku Temple doesn't have a brush with the law.
A decision given by a court of law is wrong.It is stupid of the Tokyo District Court to make such a mistake.The case was adjudicated in Chongryon which remit a nuclear development fund to North Korea.
North Korea always asks for economic support in return for abandoning its nuclear program . But North Korea has never abandoned its nuclear program.
North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un always hints that he may let Japanese abductees return in order to save Chongryon from several crisis .But he never intends to let them return .North Korea fires a missile to destroy the issue of return of the abductees after having let the Japanese Government make concessions to Chongryon .
The judgment of today's Tokyo District Court means that Prime Minister Abe is deceived by Ikeguchi Ekan who is a North Korean agent.The purchase of a central hall of Chongryon was invited directly on Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest by Kim Yong-nam,Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of North, and Yang Hyong-sop ,Vice Chairperson of a permanent committee of Supreme People's Conference in North Korea.
This is a bad habit of Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe often jumps immediately into the bait which China and North Korea throw .He is Prime Minister Maltese.The U. S. Government should always exercise caution to Prime Minister Abe who is often availed to the plot of North Korea and China.
Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest of Saifuku Temple expressed that a central hall of Chongryon will be lent for Chongryon.A central hall of Chongryon is not only headquarters to send the North Korean nuclear development fund toward North Korea, but also the headquarters of a control tower to abduct the Japanese people.
How does Prime Minister Abe intend to explain it globally about having resisted economic sanctions against the nuclear development of North Korea ?
There's nothing more we can do?No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.There's only one way that we can fight against this plot of North Korean agent who transforms into Buddhist priest.
While one week after March 29, a successful bid of Saifuku temple is settled if there are not "Appeal against a Disposition of Execution" for Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) and if RCC doesn't express its disapproval of decision.
Article 424 (1) A kokoku-appeal against a ruling, except an immediate appeal, has no effect to suspend execution of the decision; provided, however, that the ruling court may, on a ruling, suspend execution of its decision until a decision has been rendered on the appeal.
Article 424 (3) When an objection to a disposition of execution or an appeal against a disposition of execution was filed against a disposition of execution already made , prior to the time when an order under the provisions of the preceding paragraph became effective, said order shall not be effective until a judicial decision on such objection to a disposition of execution or appeal against a disposition of execution becomes final and binding.
1.If the U. S. Government can persuade Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) to file an objection to a disposition of execution or an appeal against a disposition of execution against a disposition of execution already made within one week, we can prevent Victory of Spurious Buddhist priest.
If Kim Jong Un wants to return a lot of Japanese abductees, I'm convinced that he can cancel the nuclear development.Kim Jong Un hopes neither.
2.If President Obama will get very furiously angry, the Abe Administration will pay the balance between the second successful bid amount of money and 4,519 million yen(47,951,109$) to Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC) from secret funds allocated to the Cabinet Secretariat behind closed doors.
A central hall of Chongryon is a symbol of the Reign of Terror in Japan. Japan will find a way out to rescue a lot of abductees if Japan can demolish this central hall of Chongryon.
3.The sightseeing income by the Chinese tourists in North Korea falls off suddenly because of the social unrest.The economic circumstances of North Korea will turn worse more if Kim Jong Un can't change his political direction into the policy of peaceful and unarmed neutrality.If Kim Jong Un is clever, I think he can change his political direction into the policy of peaceful and unarmed neutrality.
Japan must restrain Kim Jong Un. I would like to hope that the U. S. forces will strengthen the defense of Japan for anti- North Korea , in order to demolish a central hall of Chongryon.
An intelligence quotient of Kim Jong Un is very high.Kim Jong Un is surrounded by obsequious persons , but he is not stupid.If Japan is not one of obsequious persons, I am convinced that Kim Jong Un will change his countermeasures to Japan.

The ugly things are not the all of the world.
The beautiful things surely exist in the world.
Even only one piece of green leaf certainly has sparkle of the life.
A menace of the slaughter by the coup d'etat supported by China.
The menace of the armaments of the large country.
The menace of the nuclear weapon.
The menace of the assassination by the man who controls the policy of this country from behind the scenes.
However, we must have courage and must advance.
TPP is a door to the futures.
We take a step historically .
Japan must restore the human rights of the victims of women during World War II.
And let's rebuild Japan as a trusted nation.
Politicians,Let's unite to defend our mother country.
Politicians,Let's stand up to love and respect the Emperor and the Empress.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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