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Modern Rasputin

Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest in front of Benzaiten
Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest ingratiates himself to the political world and the entertainment world .He will become being called 'Grigorii Efimovich Rasputin in Japan' in the future.I think that he would be slimmer if he were a person attaining spiritual enlightenment, forgetting the fact that one is but a mortal.The following statue of Benzaiten and Ikeguchi Ekan are so fat.I am convinced that he must always eat a lot of roasted meat.Such a fat Buddhist priest can realize nothing.
He is a Buddhist priest of the Buddhism, but believes in Benzaiten who is Sarasvati.Benzaiten is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Worship of Benzaiten arrived in Japan from the 6th to 8th centuries.
There is the opinion that Benzaiten originates from "Anāhi" of the water goddess of Zoroastrianism .Zoroastrianism originated in ancient Balfe which existed in the northern part of Afghanistan.
Ikeguchi Ekan is Buddhist priest of Shingon Sect.There are both of "the exorcism" and "placing a curse against someone else" in Shingon Sect.As the headquarters of the esoteric Shingon Sect , Mount Koya had the most authority for curses and may have posed the greatest psychological threat to the Imperial Court in 6th centuries.
Ikeguchi Ekan Buddhist priest has a ruddy complexion which is characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood.So fat.
The Shingon Sect of Buddhism is the polytheistic nature religion of witchcraft whose central deity is a mother goddess of Zoroastrian origin.Severe prayers such as Holy Fire , Gomagyo are influence of the Zoroastrianism to worship fire.Because Ikeguchi Ekan often holds ritual of "severe prayers such as Holy Fire, Gomagyo" as one business show, Ikeguchi Ekan became popular suddenly.
People gather to Ikeguchi Ekan but Ikeguchi Ekan does does not teach any special lessons .
In a doctrine of the Shingon Buddhism, it is decided that the priesthood practices severe prayers such as Holy Fire, which is called Gomagyo, by themselves.Severe prayers such as Holy Fire which is called Gomagyo are originally permitted for the common people to observe this ritual behind these priests.Ikeguchi Ekan made free from this restriction in his own temple, and he allowed for the commoner to participate in severe prayers such as Holy Fire, Gomagyo which did a prayer in a side of the fire.
If human beings stare at the fire and pray, they can get some kind of inspiration.Ikeguchi Ekan changed this ritual into show business by the participation of the commoners.
The business opportunity is like the egg in the Columbus story. His ritual keeps creating new demand and bringing new business opportunities to him.
However, his claim may not be right many times.
In order to borrow money of 4,519 million yen(48,335,224$), Ikeguchi Ekan expressed that he will mortgage "land and a building" of both of "a central hall of Chongryon" and "Enoshima Daishi of the annex of Saifukuji temple" in security for payment .
The possible price of the lower limit of the bid purchase of "land and a building" of "a central hall of Chongryon" is approximately 2, 135 million yen(22,835,960$)."Enoshima Daishi of the annex of Saifukuji temple" is about 600,000 yen(6,417.6$)per 3.3 square meters' because it stays in the remote place such as the isolated peninsula of Kanagawa prefecture.I suppose that "Enoshima Daishi of the annex of Saifukuji temple" is around 617.2 square meters.
I suppose that the land area of "Enoshima Daishi of the annex of Saifukuji temple" is about 112,020, 000 yen(1,198,165.92$). I do not know the price of this building of "Enoshima Daishi of the annex of Saifukuji temple", but the value of these assets in total does not match with loan amount of 4,519 million yen(48,335,224$).
I suppose that "the bank which financed Saifukuji Temple" cheats in counting more than 2,300 million yen(24,593,900$) from the value of these assets in total of loan amount of 4,519million yen.This 2,300 million yen(24,593,900$) may be the unjust receipt of money from North Korea and money laundering for this bank from North Korea.
In addition these banks' crime that tries to protect the remittance headquarters of the North Korean nuclear development fund is heavy.
Of course Ikeguchi Ekan's crime that tries to protect the remittance headquarters of the North Korean nuclear development fund is heavy,too.
1.I would like to hope that the U. S. Government would pressure all banks which financed Saifukuji temple to stop dollar business if all these banks can not cancel the finance to Saifukuji temple.
2.I would like to hope that the Obama Administration will pressure the Abe Administration of Japan to inform the U. S. Government about the details of all banks which financed Saifukuji temple.
Japanese government can know the details of all banks which financed Saifukuji temple if Japanese government ask for information about the list to Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC).
Resolution and Collection Corporation (RCC)
mail kouhou@kaisyukikou.co.jp
Shin Nisseki Building Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-4-2
〒 100-0005
Tel 03-3213-7101
Fax 03-3213-7170
3.When the U.S. Government will be able to demonstrate that these banks had received a remittance from North Korea, I would like to hope that the U. S. Government would freeze the assets of some banks of these banks and all assets of Ikeguchi Ekan.
4.Japan without the armaments can't so strongly criticize Kim Jong Un who is the North Korean best leader. Therefore I hope that Ikeguchi Eikan will cry by his heavy mishap, instead of Kim Jong Un .I think that it is the greatest honor for Ikeguchi Eikan.
By this incident, Ikeguchi Eikan had better keep the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.While Ikeguchi Eikan should adhere to the precepts of Buddhism and should distribute his offerings among poor people, he should be content with living in poverty.And Jesus said,"Then shall the poor and humble man have great confidence!"
5.Ikeguchi Eikan declared openly to lent a central hall of Chongryon to Chongryon as a building for the Japan-North Korea friendship like the embassy if he can make a successful bid of a central hall of Chongryon on March 26.However, on March 29, Ikeguchi Ekan changed suddenly and insisted that he intended to let Chongryon get out of a central hall of Chongryon.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government would ignore his speech.

The ugly things are not the all of the world.
The beautiful things surely exist in the world.
Even only one piece of green leaf certainly has sparkle of the life.
A menace of the slaughter by the coup d'etat supported by China.
The menace of the armaments of the large country.
The menace of the nuclear weapon.
The menace of the assassination by the man who controls the policy of this country from behind the scenes.
However, we must have courage and must advance.
TPP is a door to the futures.
We take a step historically .
Japan must restore the human rights of the victims of women during World War II.
And let's rebuild Japan as a trusted nation.
Politicians,Let's unite to defend our mother country.
Politicians,Let's stand up to love and respect the Emperor and the Empress.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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