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For Kachin people in Myanmar

myanmar-kachin-manaw-festival-2011-1-8-9-40-0.jpg Kachin people in Myanmar
Much opium is grown in Kachin states of Myanmar.
About Kachin's Climate,generally divided into three seasons: the hot summer, the rainy monsoon and the cold winter. Climate conditions vary considerably from warm to humid in the lowlands and extremely cold in the highlands. In winter, mountains in the far north are snow capped. The rainy season starts in May in the lowlands and April in the highlands. The winter starts in December followed by a very short Summer.
Kachin state is the highlands where they are hard to make irrigation facilities, and they can't avoid the opium production which does not need water so much in order to get the crops because the shortage of water of the dry season is serious to make living.
Because a drug ring still acts secretly in Kachin state, the government troop does not treat this local minority race of Kachin state as a human being.In addition, the wirepuller working on to slay this local minority race is China.Because China built the Tapain hydropower plant forcibly in the Kachin state of Myanmer and China dammed up a flow of the water upstream , the downstream minority race resisted strongly to keep drinking water.But the Myanmar government sent the armed forces to them to slaughter the downstream minority race .
When this local minority race objected from the viewpoint of environmental disruption about a pipeline of the gas from the Kachin state to China , China pressured the Myanmar government to slaughter them.
In order to solve this vicious circle, Japan should provide the environment that a minority race of this area can live even if they stop opium production.
Myanmar has opened a long-awaited auction for 30 offshore oil and gas exploration blocks in its latest effort to attract foreign investment even as it considers recasting a series of older contracts with outside companies.The government has invited foreign companies to submit expressions of interest by June 14 and the auction is expected to attract fierce competition.
Japan should participate in tendering for the construction of the gas plant of Kachin state to get a right to establish a gas plant to employ the minority race of Kachin state.
In Algeria, British Petroleum, Norwegian oil company Statoil and JGC develops natural gas jointly .
I think that they succeed in a bid because they are each major company if they do the bid of the gas plant of the Myanmar Kachin state jointly.
In addition, Japan should participate in a bid of the hydraulic power generation that served as irrigation facilities. If a Japanese company can supply abundant water and abundant electricity to people of Kachin, we can call upon Myanmer government , the international community and "people of Kachin" to join together to eliminate opium production.
Of course,the Japanese companies should build "high-rise housings for exclusive use of Kachin people" .The armed forces of Myanmar government will not attack the high-rise housings if they put up the Japanese national flags in the first floor of high-rise housings.If these high-rise housings are fully equipped with "nursery school" and "the place of care of schoolchildren outside of school time", the area of Kachin will be activated.If Japan should open the store of Japanese supermarket which let Japanese national flag stand and some bank in the first floor of high-rise housings, it is easier for the women to work in the areas.
And the Japanese company should give some scholarships for the students who learn Japanese cuisine to the people of the Kachin state.Because Myanmar's meal is yummy but too oily, the Japanese people frequently mess up its stomach.Japanese company should need training of sushi chef of Kachin area, training of persons who have mastered professional skills to make soba noodle by hand as soba chefs and training of persons who have mastered professional skills to make Udon noodle by hand as Udon chefs.Of course it is necessary for Japanese local staffs to eat Umeboshi which is the pickled plum in Kachin area.Because this neighborhood is segregated on the mountain in Kachin area, I think that the Japanese staff is easy to suffer from homesickness.Kachin people may harvest the fruits of Japanese plum if Kachin people plant Japanese plum trees on the slope of the mountain because drainage of the slope is good for Japanese plum.
If there are the chefs of Tsukudani and Tukemono in Kachin area,too,Japanese staffs will be happy.If there are OChazuke in the menu of the Soba restaurant or Udon restaurant in Kachin area,Japanese staffs will be too happy to cry.Because these Japanese foods lacked during my studying abroad in France, I often have shed tears.If Myanmer government will care the homesickness of Japanese staffs in Kachin area, I am happy.If the system which imports Japanese delicious rice into Kachin state will be established, Japanese staffs will be pleased very much.The Japanese delicious rice is so high quality that Japanese people feel that the rice abroad is bad .The Japanese farmers are very skillful to cultivate the rice-fields for the high quality of the rice.I am convinced that Kachin people can cook them yummy if Myanmar government will train chefs of Kachin to cook Japanese foods .
Probably I think that many exiles of the Kachin live in Japan.Myanmar government should perform the amnesties of the crime of the political offense for the chefs of Kachin state if they can get the skill as the chefs to cook the Japanese foods.The Japanese Government should mediate it so that they can get the amnesties.
If the Japanese companies develop Kachin state in earnest and push forward irrigation business, the regional economy becomes rich by all means, and I think that the minority race of Kachin can break with the drug traffic.
The drug traffic gives an excuse for the government troop to persecute this local minority race .Japan should be able to provide environment for them to live soundly.
The minority race of Kachin supported a British side in World War II, and I know the history that the former Japan forces persecuted a minority race of Kachin .Japan should work hard to save the minority race of Kachin now and we should restore world's confidence.
Certainly I know that many exiles of Rohingya people live in Japan,too.
Myanmar government should perform the amnesties of the crimes of the political offenses for the chefs of Rohingya if they can get the skill as the chefs to cook the Japanese foods.
If the Japanese companies can go into Rakhine state, the Myanmar government should give the chefs of Japanese foods of Rohingya people who live in Japan the amnesties.

The Japanese Government should mediate it so that they can get the amnesties. And the Japanese Government should contribute the subsidies to learn how to cook Japanese foods for Myanmar political offenders who take refuge in Japan.

World War II continues secretly yet.We must really finish the World War II in order to prevent happening the World War 3.
I hope Japan will become the loved country by the world.

It is my dream and the dream comes true.

Let's plant
Let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
Soon, it buds and becomes one tree.
Soon, it grows and becomes a thicket.
Soon, it becomes a beautiful wood .
If woods are made, a brook will begin to flow soon.
However people will kill together,
but all the same,without giving up,
let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
If a brook will begin to flow soon,
Pretty little birds begin to sing.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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