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A surprise dénouement

The suspect black-capped died.
the black-capped suspect - widely named in the US media as Tamerlan Tsarnaev - was the fugitive's elder brother
People across Boston and surrounding suburbs have been told to stay indoors amid a massive police manhunt for one of two brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings.Police are hunting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, after he escaped a shoot-out where another suspect, his brother, died.Police said "suspect number one" had been killed early on Friday, and they were looking for "suspect number two", the "white-capped individual", later named as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Contrary to my expectation,the both suspects are white people.
But,why are they the Chechen?Why?The terrorists of Chechnya often demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya It was announced that the Chechen conflict was settled in 2009, but terrorism in Chechnya continues still.But...........,why did they perform terrorism in the United States?
After all I think that North Korea and Mossad exist behind their backs.As for them, I suppose that a huge reward was promised.
How about do you think who is at the bottom of the scheme?
It was an Egyptian supervisor to have made the movie which insulted a Muslim,wasn't it?Anyone supposes that an Egyptian supervisor got a clearly vast reward from somebody.Probably I think that a wirepuller of this case is a similar person.
I think that First Secretary Kim Jong Un wishes to cause war between the United States and Iran in order to evade the war of between the United States and North Korea.And Israel expects the war between the United States and Iran.In this sense, the interests of both countries might have been matched.
It's no more than a guess.However, we must stop World War 3 and I pray so that the world neither suspect Iran nor accuse Iran falsely by this incident.
In addition, I'm convinced that North Korea can exist as a country if North Korea changes uranium into electricity by stopping the nuclear development, even if an internal disturbance happens in China. The world wishes First Secretary Kim Jong Un accepts that North Korea performs a peace negotiation.
Israel should make more efforts in a peace negotiation,too.Great ex-Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated because many people did not like his peace politics in Israel.But peace politics is important.
The leaders should work for peace in the Middle East until Israelis and Palestinians live together without conflict.And the leaders should work for peace between the United States ,Iran and Israel.
Besides,as for the terrorists, I had thought they might be the type of the person who looked just like gorillas such as "Ozawa who was a Japanese wicked politician " or "the type of dˈæm bonze such as Ikegchi Ekan".They are the type of the common young men walking anywhere in the world whom we can see.One of them is still under-aged.There can be no human society without conflict.But We need peaceful society without the dispute.

Let's plant
Let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
Soon, it buds and becomes one tree.
Soon, it grows and becomes a thicket.
Soon, it becomes a beautiful wood .
If woods are made, a brook will begin to flow soon.
However people will kill together,
but all the same,without giving up,
let's plant the species of peace in the wilderness.
If a brook will begin to flow soon,
Pretty little birds begin to sing.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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