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A model of one peaceful settlement

Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Sri Lanka’s President's House in Colombo on Thursday morning May 2
Japan and Sri Lanka will hold their second high-level talks in less than two months as the East Asian nation seeks to safeguard ties .
When Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the President's House on Thursday morning May 2, he conveyed that the Japanese government has prepared to offer technical assistance to Sri Lanka's energy sector to help facilitate more efficient energy production.
During the meeting, the President also expressed Sri Lanka's gratitude to Japan for its continued support in major development projects and told Mr. Aso that he appreciated Japan's understanding of Sri Lankan issues.
Mr. Aso, in return, assured President Rajapaksa of Japan's support to Sri Lanka at international fora. The President and the Deputy Prime Minister also agreed that the two countries should do more to enhance economic cooperation and promote investment.
Mr. Aso also visited Sri Lanka's main port in Colombo, which has been expanded with $800 million of Japanese assistance.Japan tries to counter China's growing influence on an island lying on key maritime routes.
President Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka has lured investment from China, Japan and India as he capitalizes on the end of Sri Lanka's 26-year civil war to build a trade gateway to emerging markets.
China has tightened its embrace by committing at least $3.7 billion since 2005 for projects from ports to a power plant, on an island that has attracted the world's dominant nations since the 16th century for its access to pivotal sea links.
Prersident Rajapaksa, whose armed forces defeated separatist rebels in May 2009, is seeking to take advantage of Sri Lanka's position 31 kilometers (19 miles) off India's southern coast. There lie the main shipping lanes connecting the Far East, West Asia, Africa and Europe. Because Japan's maritime self-defense force vessels engages in anti- piracy operations, Japan thinks to want cooperating with Sri Lanka very much.
I can predict which country hands a lot of weapons to pirates of Indonesia and Somalia in order to fill pirates in 2 exits of the Indian Ocean .Japanese people often use the word of ‘a clear red lie' as a means of expressing ‘ a downright lie'.What country is it?It is a quiz.The answer is secret.
Well,The history of a colonial policy by the U. K., Portugal and Netherlands caused the civil war in Sri Lanka.The tropical nation's strategic location led to colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch and British until independence in 1948.
In Ceylon, Portugal visited a shore in 1505, and the Netherlands visited a shore in 1658, and they built each colony in Gulf region for getting cinnamon .In 1815, all of the islands became the British colony after the extinction of the Kandy dynasty.From this time, each Sri Lankan racial boundary line was ignored, and Sri Lanka came to be ruled integrally by the U. K.
Furthermore, the U. K. gave Tamil people of the minority the important posts as key government officials. British performed "the division rule" to let Sri Lanka govern a Sinhalese of the majority by a Tamil of the minority.
The Sinhalese of the Buddhist occupies 74% of the total population, and the Tamil of the Hinduism occupies 18%, and the Sri Lanka Moor occupies 8%.The Sinhalese of the majority continued suffering by gap-widening society.
After the control for more than 100 years by the U. K., Sri Lanka became independent as Commonwealth of Nations self-governing dominion "Ceylon" in 1948.Naturally the Sinhalese of the majority became to persecute the Tamil people of the minority.
The Tamil people of the minority formed an anti-government organization called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) and began independence movement.More than 70000 people were dead by the civil war for 26 years , but President Mahinda Rajapaksa lets the refugees of the Tamil of approximately 280000 go back to their own country and shows a thought pushing forward "devolution" to recognize constant self-government in each state including the north, the eastern part.
I think that President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the very great President.President Mahinda Rajapaksa brought peace by rare unique patience and his own abiding belief in Sri Lanka.
Myanmar should learn something from the political policy of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is a model of one peaceful settlement to have united by acknowledgment of the autonomy of the Sri Lankan minority race as one nation.
By the civil war for 26 years and the persecution of the Tamil, the United States and Europe continues economic sanctions to Sri Lanka, but I would like to hope that the United States and Europe will stop prejudice for the government of Sri Lanka to accept holy courage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Sri Lanka removed all land mines by cooperation of Japan, and Sri Lanka's economy grows up.Sri Lanka shows the results of the peace more than Myanmar.I hope that many speculative business is concentrated in Sri Lanka from all over the world.

One of the suggestions to divide the occupied Japan at ‘Treaty of San Francisco in 1951
There is a history that Japan was helped by Sri Lanka after defeat in World War II.Because the former Japan forces were too cruel and were cold-blooded and were unjust, the victory countries intended to divide Japan into pieces as follows so that Japan never be able to be the great power.2nd President of Sri Lanka Junius Richard Jayewardene was the Sri Lankan Minister of Finance in those days in 1951, and he was the leader of the Ceylon (Sri Lanka) government delegation which attended at ‘Treaty of San Francisco' in 1951.
He stated at‘Treaty of San Francisco', "I hope that you don't forget that the Asian people who expected independence sympathized with the ideal that Japan advocated ".
Junius Richard Jayewardene
Great Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene
He said,"The hatred never stop by hatred", and he quoted words (gatha of the Dhammapada .1 chapters fifth) of Buddha to say,"Stop it by affection" and he declared his own settled convictions . He was steadfast in his faith.His speech created a miracle of the sensation among the audience and Japan could avoid the division.
Aozora desires to repay the kindness of noble Sri Lanka in 1951.Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso declared that Japan became the rainbow bridge between the American - European social and Sri Lanka.Because Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso is good at solving a dispute, I pray for the world giving him a chance becoming the rainbow bridge .
The next step is waiting for Taro Aso. Somebody must do the intermediation of the peace between " Israel and of Palestine" and between "the United States and Iran".
Because the Bank of Japan prints a large quantity of money and purchases Japanese government bonds in large quantities, Japan is restoring the economy of weak yen high stock prices.Mr. Taro Aso should let "
Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" come true.Because 65% of the Netherlands country are lower than the sea surface, I think the Israel can increase their territorial possession more by the financial support of Japan.I think that Israel can stop occupation of Palestine if Israeli land can increase by 230%.In addition, if this splendid dream comes true, Israel can return 30% of their territory to Palestine, and I think that it can connect Gaza Strip and Jordanian West Bank.
Palestinian children who threw out many stones to the Israeli soldiers are arrested now, but Japan should provide money tio Israel for their bail.If ‘Corridor for Peace and Prosperity' will come true, Japan does not lose something because Japan can get profit at a long-term span.And it may expand the range of available options to negotiate between Iran and the United States.
At first Japan should make an effort now so that Iran can accept the earthquake disaster support of the United Nations and the United States.At the time of Tohoku great earthquake disaster, Iran donated a lot of very delicious canned food to Japan.Japan must not forget the kindness of Iran.I am convinced that Japan can do something.Japan should become the rainbow bridge between the United States and Iran.Japan should make the environment where Iran can accept earthquake disaster support of the United States and the United Nations.Yes,it is.That is Corridor for Peace and Prosperity'.

We need a shift change.
We should change ourselves.
But we must not forget the kindness which we received.

To love such world.
I stake my all life now.
I'm standing here now and forever.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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