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It's an awfully good business chance in Sri Lanka.

Sri-Lanka-240-animated-flag-gifs.gifSpeaking from the development experience of various Asian countries, including Japan, infrastructure development such as construction of roads, ports, and power plants is an essential basis for economic growth.Sri Lanka is creating new demand and new business opportunities in the market.
Washington: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected Sri Lanka's growth rate at around 6.25 per cent this year, observing that the country has achieved notable progress on a number of economic fronts over the past few years.
Real GDP growth is projected to increase to around 6.25 per cent in 2013. The recovery will likely be constrained by the need to continue fiscal consolidation, high inflation, which limits the room for near-term monetary easing, and a continued slow recovery in Sri Lanka's main trading partners, particularly the US and EU.
Advantageous information in the direct foreign investment to Sri Lanka
Literacy rate is 93%!human resources with their study abilities which are the highest quality
Splendid locationIndia having a world eminent consumption market is Sri Lankan immediate neighborhood.
Air route from Indian Tiruchirappalli International Airport' to "‘Bandaranaike International Airport' of Gampaha prefecture of‘ Katunayake State ' in western Sri Lanka" is the shortest distance.
The time required is only approximately 45 minutes, and the fare of a round‐trip ticket is around 30,000 yen(302.88US$).
Active progress of the infrastructure maintenance
by domestic restoration in the post-war era
1.)Domestic electricity development, harbor development, road maintenance
2).Development of the hotel construction , new product, and service industry
GDP (gross domestic product)
$126.2 billion (2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 67
$118.2 billion (2011 est.)
$109.2 billion (2010 est.)
Private consumption accounts for around 70% of the GDP.
GDP - real growth rate6.8% (2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 28
8.3% (2011 est.)
7.8% (2010 est.)
The ratio of the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment' per GDPResults base of 2012: 1.5% of GDP ratios
Results base of 2011: 1.6% of GDP ratios
Results base of 2010: 1.0%.of GDP ratios
Development of Strategic Objectives of the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment
(February, 2011)
Sri Lanka intends to raise it to the levels of 4-5% of the GDP in three years.
View Point
Sri Lankan Bridal Models Sinhalese Bride17bd5d80db35ca0fb46932963a1cb855Actress-In-Bridal-Saree-Gallery-23.jpg
Tamil Bride

How beautiful they are!!! Unbelievable beauty..

In fact, a Sri Lankan woman is extremely beautiful.
Oh,yes...Let's drink Sri Lankan tea more.
According to the report, I hear that Japan will offer technical assistance to Sri Lanka's energy sector to help facilitate more efficient energy production.We don't know the details of more efficient energy production well,but Japan should suggest of a safe nuclear power plant to not only Saudi Arabia but also Sri Lanka,I think.If Sri Lanka can secure abundant electricity, Japan can expand to the suggestion of a subway and the monorail.
Japan should repay the kindness of 2nd President of Sri Lanka Junius Richard Jayewardene at ‘Treaty of San Francisco' in 1951.
Japan held the international exposition after the war, and there is an history that Japan's economy grew up greatly by the international exposition.
If Sri Lanka will hold an international exposition of the tea, I think that this exposition will succeed because visitors can eat side dishes or a cake made from several kinds of the tea leaf of the world.
I love ice cream of the Ceylon tea. If there were ice cream of the rooibos tea because I like the Egyptian rooibos tea, it is wonderful,I think.
Apart from my suggestion of icecream,because the international exposition is an emblem of peace, an image of Sri Lanka will be improved.Of course I hope that Sri Lanka reproduces every Sri Lankan temple and ancient beautiful gardens.
The ethnic dance , ethnic music and the ethnic crafts of both of Sinhalese people and Tamil people are very attractive, too.If there is the pavilion to wear ethnic bride costume of all over the world for taking photos to remember it by, it is wonderful.Ohhhhhh...It is good idea that there is the international exposition of the ethnic bridal costume .Ohhhhhh...How peaceful it is!!!
It is necessary for Sri Lanka to more substantially raise the amount of acceptance of direct foreign investment for the accomplishment this year.
New tax holiday systemBy national budget of 2012, Sri Lanka reduced the basic tax rate of the corporation tax for the foreign direct investment from 35% to 28%.
Sri Lanka introduced the preferential treatment (tax holiday) of a wide corporation tax in "a classification appropriate for each scale and the type of the company" and carried it out from April 1, 2012.
1.New investment by the small-scale companyTax holiday of 4 years is applied to agriculture, and the service industry (only as for the specific activity).
2.New investment by the medium-scale companyThe tax holiday from 4 years to 6 years is applied to ‘manufacturing industry (except a cigarette, alcoholic beverages)' and ‘ agriculture' and ‘a service industry (only as for the specific activity)' and ‘ education' and ‘IT-related' and ‘the others' .
3.New investment by the big businessesThe tax holiday from 6 years to 12 years is applied to manufacturing industry and agriculture and a service industry (only as for the specific activity) and tourism industry and renewable energy and waterworks development and a shipping industry and a city housing estate and others.
4.Strategic industry for the business of import-substitutionTax holiday (it becomes 12% after the end of an exemption period) of 5 years is applied to ‘textile' and ‘pharmaceutical products' and ‘dry milk' and ‘the cement' .
5.Strategic development project
Gangalama Temple
Gangalama Temple of Buddhism
A roadside Hindu Temple in Jaffna
A roadside Hindu Temple in Jaffna
Not only business to lead to national interest bringing social profit to Sri Lanka's economy but also the business that changes the sight of the country besides.
These business will be applied the corporation tax exemption to 25 years in the maximum.
The withholding tax of ‘ the dividend and the royalty and the interest' becomes the exemption.
In addition,large-scale infrastructure projects such as a harbor or the urban development will be applied.
It includes these projects as follows.
Shangri-La hotel which is planned the opening of business in 2014.
The construction plan of the new resort "Shangri-La, Hambantota, resort & spa" in Hambantota and Colombo at the Sri Lankan south coast.

wonderful beachtropical fishThere are a lot of beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.Please plan a swimming tour with dolphins and a swimming tour with sea turtle.If there are several cute cottages to get the diver's qualification , it will be nice too.
The staffs of the foreogn companies which go into Sri Lanka can enjoy Malin sports.Is there a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean from the room of Shangri-La hotel?
How nice it is!!!Besides, Sri Lanka is very kind for foreign enterprises because a tax is very low.
Sri Lanka is so beautiful that Aozora can forget Ikeguchi Ekan of dˈæm bonze for a while.Thank you very much,Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka is a fantasy for me. ane_001.gif

We need a shift change.
We should change ourselves.
But we must not forget the kindness which we received.

To love such world.
I stake my all life now.
I'm standing here now and forever.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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