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Scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe

When I watched this photograph of Prime Minister Abe, it made me think of Unit 731.
Osaka Mayor Hashimoto did a controversial statement yesterday.he spoke ,"‘ women who were forced to be the comfort women for the officers at the front' is necessary for the former Japanese armed forces ".And he continued that the armed forces of every country did the same thing, too.But he insisted that he could understand the pain of the women forced .
South Korea flew into a rage because Osaka Mayor Hashimoto did not have history recognition.

I think that Osaka Mayor Hashimoto was asked probably to become a scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe because Prime Minister Abe wants to get away from criticism of the world.I think that Osaka Mayor Hashimoto himself became a scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe in order to try to gain his gratitude because Osaka Mayor Hashimoto wanted to cooperate with the Liberal Democratic Party though Osaka Mayor Hashimoto will not run for the Upper House election of July.
As the men, no the human beings, you're the pits!
Osaka Mayor Hashimoto made seven children in order to prevent his beautiful wife who desires to escape from him.
On the afternoon of May 12, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe got on the T-4 trainer craft of the stunt flying team "Blue Impulse" at the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima base in Higashi-Matsushima-city, Miyagi prefecture as follows .
"Chinese Illuminati" is spreading among `Koreans living in Japan', and the famous mother of Prime Minister Abe is `South Koreans living in Japan'.
The number of the airplane is 731.
731 means....7+3+1=11.....
I often hear that this figure of 11 gives the value of the symbol associated with a sacrifice in the world of Illuminati.And it made me think of Unit 731.Because Hitler was a member of illuminati, the upper echelon of the former Japan forces seemed to be influenced by Illuminati on the military alliance formed by ‘Japan, Germany and Italy, called Tripartite'. Therefore Unit 731 used the number that a total of the numbers became 11.And Prime Minister Abe is a person loving the occult to 'believe in omens'.Believe it or not, I suspect that Prime Minister Abe may be a member of Chinese Illuminati.
By taking a ceremonial photograph by airplane with the 731 number, Prime Minister Abe appeals to the secret society for some kinds of messages to join force.
The Japanese must understand that the anti-Japan sentiment is serious far more than our imagination.The powerful darkness association let Japan ruin exists surely.It will include China ,North Korea and Chongryon.Because Prime Minister Abe cooperates with not only the right wing but also the pachinko industry of ‘Koreans living in Japan', Prime Minister Abe is a very complexed person.

We should notice that Prime Minister Abe is a dangerous charisma. I must wake people up to these dangers.It can't be true that Prime Minister Abe is ignorant about the meaning of 731 number.
On the other hand,Hashimoto Osaka Mayor feels deadlock for politics administration.Osaka International airport is a big airport extending over Itami-city of Hyogo Prefecture, Toyonaka-city of Osaka Prefecture, Ikeda-city of Osaka Prefecture.Because he was going to close Osaka International airport, he suffered a crushing defeat of his political party in the Itami mayoral election.There is a concept called the 'JR Fukuchiyama Line Branch Track Plan,' in which an airport access railway from JR Itami Station to the nearby Osaka International airport would be constructed.The local inhabitants in Itami city had expected that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor might let 'JR Fukuchiyama Line Branch Track Plan' come true.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor antagonized three major cities city, and anti-Hashimoto groups increased in Hyogo and Osaka.
If around Osaka International airport Hashimoto Osaka Mayor could build the facilities which has many rooms for exclusive use of the dance to play a game such as Dance Dance Revolution to compete for an evaluation mark, he could have succeed in the new industry more than karaokes.If there are the disco rooms' spaces for the person waiting their turns of the game to dance behind a game player together , I think that the facilities will have the ability to attract customers.
The idea of his substitute land of the Futenma base might have progressed more smoothly if there were healthy facilities of Dance Dance Revolution to relieve stress of U. S. forces, even if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor insisted that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor did Osaka International airport in the substitute land of the Futenma base.As healthy facilities, the large communal baths with the curing a bodily disorder by massage, such as chiropractic service would be good, too,I think.
Because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor was going to change Osaka International airport into a US base without any idea to protect public security though there was not the revival of the town of Osaka International airport at all, Hashimoto Osaka Mayor received only antipathy.
There are many chances for new industry to succeed by his popularity , but he lacked wisdom.His power to read local needs is ignorant.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is not a genius enough as same as Hideyoshi Toyotomi(February 2, 1536 or March 26, 1537 – September 18, 1598) who was a hero of Osaka.By the remark with an impact such as attracting media attention, he always tries to succeed, but it reaches already to a limit.
Because ‘Hideyoshi Toyotomi' could increase the yearly income of the people immensely by ‘his infrastructure maintenance and the plan of revitalizing a lot of towns', ‘Hideyoshi Toyotomi' could be a hero of Osaka.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should learn from him to increase the yearly income of the people immensely by ‘his infrastructure maintenance and the plan of revitalizing a lot of towns'.
Not only Hashimoto Osaka Mayor obeyed Prime Minister Abe, but also Hashimoto Osaka Mayor gives priority to his own profit more than Osaka.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should try the shift change , too.
Because Osaka International airport stays in the city area, Osaka International airport can't be open for prevention of noise for 24 hours and Osaka International airport is operated in the red.However, it is not necessary to worry about the noise and is open for 24 hours because Kansai Airport is built in the marine reclaimed land.Kansai Airport can pile up more black if Osaka prefecture abolishes Osaka International airport and can reduce a deficit of the whole of Osaka.
But because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor was too unprincipled to speak his plan too much, there is many oppositions against him now.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor had propelled Osaka International airport as substitute land of the Futenma base, but encountered the counterblast of local inhabitants.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor's turn is wrong .
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor thinks about schedule to build the casino in Konohana-ku of Osaka, but I think that Osaka prefecture should establish the casino in Osaka International airport hotel than Konohana-district of Osaka.
If Hashimoto Osaka Mayor can perform success in revitalizing the town around Osaka International airport ,I think that he can advance his plan more smoothly even if he insists on the transfer of Futenma base from Okinawa to Osaka.
The local peace and order around Osaka International airport will be stable if a well-conducted soldier can get a privilege to use these facilities at the cheap price even if Osaka International airport becomes the US base.
But the Futenma base should not be closed down, in order to restrain China.
Several interceptor missiles should be deployed in the Futenma base , and canceling the entry of airplanes in the Futenma base is desirable for local inhabitants.
‘The powerful darkness association which will include China , North Korea and Chongryon' which hopes to let Japan ruin exists surely.Since September 29, 1972 of "the Joint Communiqué of the Government of Japan and the Government of the People's Republic of China", they pushed forward a plan to invade Japan surely.In Self-Defense Forces , not a few members with dangerous ideas to invade Japan by North Korean school within Japan exist..
I think that the US base is necessary for Kansai area.
Several unidentified ships have been carrying something just until recently in the river‘Okawa’flowed through the business area of Osaka.I am afraid that they may be weapons.
Because there are some huge districts of `Koreans living in Japan' around Okawa river, I hope that the police will strengthen the control of the weapons in districts of `Koreans living in Japan'.

Hashimoto Osaka Mayor has become famous as the entertainer who combined the lawyer at the same time by an image of little devil.But because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is no longer young, he should not say something to become the image damaging before the next election.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should not speak ill of the United States to succeed by infrastructure business and casino business.In addition,Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should not shame his children and his beautiful wonderful wife.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor will always take so seriously what someone else says blistering criticism against him.

The disappointment of Osaka is too big.Besides, he never apologizes for the improper words he used.I love ‘the smothered chicken cooked in a seasoned gravy source' or ‘ chicken simmered in broth with onions and paprika then mixed with sour cream' but I hate Hashimoto.Too much indelicate remarks!!!
Grow up, a dear old bird,Hashimoto!!
TV viewers are disgusted with you.
Everyone thinks that's uncool.

However, it is dangerous that Prime Minister Abe shows a charisma, because the supporters of Prime Minister Abe form the group of right-wing to lead World War II.If we believe Prime Minister Abe forever, Japan will commit a fatal blunder.The Japanese people are the race which obey extremely to a charisma.Prime Minister Abe becomes another person during these ten years because Prime Minister Abe increases knowledge of the economy to get rid of deflation.
Although Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is like a refractory boy, Prime Minister Abe let him obey.Prime Minister Abe is good at tactics but because Prime Minister Abe is avaricious, Prime Minister Abe cooperates with the right wing and the group of pachinko gambles.

I desire another Prime Minister for Representative election of the Liberal Democratic Party of September.Prime Minister Abe is not a person for the national interest of both of the United States and Japan.
Their idea is an idea of a murderous dictator watching a human being only as a Japanese shogi piece.
Japan should stress the importance of the U. S.-South Korea- taiwan - Japan alliance in maintaining peace and security not only on the Korean Peninsula but also throughout the Asia Pacific region.Both of Prime Minister Abe and Osaka Mayor Hashimoto are childish and chickens.

Concerning this matter, I deeply apologize for all damaged women by a slip of the tongue of the Japanese politicians.I will kneel down to apologize for all damaged women.I am very sorry .
It is unreasonable that Japanese politicians have dissatisfaction by saying,‘Why are only Japan blamed of the war crimes for the women captives ?'. The scale of the war crimes of Japan exceeded far more than foreign countries and was extremely excessive.
In addition, the former Japan forces pressed each branding iron on each chest of the women and the former Japan forces have used the women as domestic animals .And the former Japan forces made the system of the registration system for the women by each branding iron.
Even jailbaits of the high society such as the daughters of the mayors or the daughters of the doctors were forced to be the comfort women for the soldiers at the front by the former Japan forces, too.
Japan must compensate for the too cruel war crimes which had spoiled their fresh young youth.
It is necessary for Japan to restore their human rights for the human race.

Hashimoto, you are a mayor and have the beautiful daughters , too.Your remark is terrible. Be careful with behavior or language not to become the target of the grudge of the person.

Don't interrupt me who try to establish ‘the military alliance between Japan and Taiwan' and ‘the military alliance between Japan and Korea'.My dream is big and noble far more than Hashimoto's ambition.I do not succumb to hypocritical Prime Minister Abe.I will never yield to the pressure of Prime Minister Abe. I am different from Hashimoto .
Was the sacrifice of Christ useless?
Christ was killed in stead of a crime of the human race.
Scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe is nonsense,and ugly but...
The vicarious sacrifice of Christ saves the human race.
The human race will shift change by restoring their human rights,
of all Asian women and all Dutch women who were forced to be the comfort women for the officers at the front.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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