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Prime Minister Abe is a tinpot Hitler !

Prime Minister Abe could not control himself recently.Prime Minister Abe intends to use His Majesty the Emperor in a political purpose clearly.
The government held a ceremony of "a day of the sovereignty recovery" on April 28 to celebrate the 61th anniversary from the San Francisco Peace Treaty that Okinawa was separated from Japan although Prime Minister Abe could understand the repulsion in Okinawa.
On the left hand sides of this picture, a man doing a banzai on the stage is Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe and attendants put up both hands and, after the end, performed three cheers of "His Majesty the Emperor banzai".
Prime Minister Abe brought back the custom of three cheers of "His Majesty the Emperor banzai of the prewar militarism era.
I am convinced that the Emperor will feel that a militaristic custom of Prime Minister Abe is unpleasantly for the Emperor because the Emperor always does the best for postwar peace and Okinawa.The empress will look pale and will turn ashen, too.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will dispatch several experts to put Prime Minister Abe under guard for the progress of the Constitution of Prime Minister Abe until the end of the year of 2013 in Japan.
1.Because the Emperor shall be the symbol of the State and is the priest of a shrine with the highest rank to pray for peace of Japan, Prime Minister Abe must not use the Emperor in a political purpose.
2.Prime Minister Abe ought to apologize to ‘Asian women and Dutch women who were forced to be the comfort women for the officers at the front', and Prime Minister Abe must not shift responsibility of the apology for war crimes onto the Emperor.
3.Prime Minister Abe must not perform a thought control at the opportunity of the revision of the constitution by capitalizing on a situation in turmoil.
4.Prime Minister Abe must not make ‘the ideology such that the National Guard is in fact the armed forces of the Emperor' even if Prime Minister Abe will change the name of the Self-Defense Forces into the National Guard.
5.Prime Minister Abe must not make the special political police of Japan and secret police.
6.Prime Minister Abe should make the law that the police and the armed forces must not do a civic thought control.
7.Prime Minister Abe should separate the souls of all of war criminals of World War II from Yasukuni shrine.
On April 27, 2013, an incomprehensible fair began in "a concept to reproduce all of Niconico animations on the ground" in each hall from 1F to 8F of the international exhibition of Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba-city) in a schedule of 2 days.
4 parties of "the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, ‘Nippon Ishin no Kai(the Japan Restoration Party)' " exhibited each booth on various themes about the society.
A Japanese young businessman established Niconico animations which is the same kind of the popular video sharing website like youtube.Because the industry of Japanese Television Network System is poverty now, it is difficult for them to hold an exhibition like this.
Because Niconico animations is cheap and everybody can broadcast it easily, the politician often uses Niconico animations.So political parties cooperated with this exhibition.
This exhibition has a booth of the mini concerts , a booth of the costume playing exhibition and a booth of the Japanese animated cartoon, too.These were crowded with miscellaneous themes.
Approximately 103,000 people participated led by the young generation, and the net audience reached approximately 5,095,000.
Prime Minister Abe climbed into a campaign truck which the Liberal Democratic Party brought into the exhibition, and showed an impassioned speech ,"I will regain strong economy by all means", and "The challenge for the Japanese territorial waters and territory just continues but I never permit such any provocations at all ".And Prime Minister Abe appealed utilizing a net together to change Japan about the open season of the net election.
Prime Minister Abe visited the booth of "the Self-Defense Forces - the U. S. Forces in Japan". And he put on jacket of camouflage clothes, and he put on a helmet, and, he climbed into a domestic latest tank "ten sets of tank" of the Ground Self-Defense Force afterwards.
He showed the performance with much archness and humor.But....and then Prime Minister Abe posed Nazi salute of ‘Heil Hitler' in a playfully devilish manner.

A pose to allot a fist for left side of the chest is the pose that a member of exile do well willingly.
Prime Minister Abe analyzed a success story of Hitler and studied it, and I noticed that Prime Minister Abe adopted several success examples of Hitler for the political reform of Prime Minister Abe.
If the politician succeeds in economic reform, and if the quality of each life of national people improves and if the leader gets great popularity, it is easy to come true the militarism.
Prime Minister Abe uses the media well, joins adventitiously into several concerts of the entertainers, and uses the messages by the occult numbers, like Hitler who was young.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government dispatches the group of experts within the Abe Cabinet in order to stay them as the observers of Prime Minister Abe himself and the constitutional amendment.
Because power of Ozawa who is a wicked politician weakened, ‘the right wing which Prime Minister Abe leads' is going to enlarge their political power.
Lincoln won the Civil War advantageously by a constitutional amendment and expanded good government.On the other hand, Hitler established one‐party rule by a constitutional amendment, and Hitler was defeated by the Allied Forces and left a notorious reign of terror on the history.
Prime Minister Abe is a tinpot Hitler !
abekyojin5019.jpgPrime Minister Abe appeared with the uniform of the baseball team,‘Yomiuri Giant' of uniform number "96" in the opening ceremony of the professional baseball on May 5.Prime Minister Abe insists that it is because the Prime Minister Abe is the 96th Prime Minister. But everyone wonders whether he appealed to revise constitution Article 96 numerically.
About the airplane of 731 number, Prime Minister Abe seems to let a lot of famous commentators say the opinion in the media that Korea of the strong anti-Japan sentiment accused 731 number too unfairly .Prime Minister Abe is good at winning the media over to his side.
Although Prime Minister Abe has a gentle masque, he often retaliates for the media to have written some critical articles.
Five years ago, the Asahi Shimbun reported that there had been pressure from Prime Minister Abe so that Asahi Broadcasting Corporation changed the contents of the documentary of the women who were forced to be the sex slaves.When Prime Minister Abe became the prime minister for the first time five years ago, all media related with Asahi were refused.
By the unfair shameful and cowardly method,Prime Minister Abe has tried to conceal a fact of the women who were forced to be the sex slaves from old days.
If Prime Minister Abe conceals the evil deed of the former Japan forces, it means that Prime Minister Abe will insult damaged women.
A meaning of "the fact that they were forced" is totally different from "the fact that they became prostitutes for their own intention".Japan will be cursed if Japan denies "the fact that they were forced".The sanctions to Japan will not calm down by two nuclear weapons.
China was going to cause slaughter by power of Chongryon and "members of Self-Defense Forces who graduated from North Korean schools within Japan" by synchronizing with Chinese seizure of Senkaku Islands in Japan.China is going to demand the delivery of the Emperor's family from Japan as the war criminals in order to intend to execute them afterwards in Beijing.China intends to let the Japanese Islands sink with many nuclear weapons afterwards after keeping a lot of excellent Japanese engineers as the technical slaves in China.
Almost Japanese people live nonchalantly, but power of Ozawa who was a symbol of the founding of a country of the Koreans residing in Japan only weakens but actually, we can't say Japan is peace and security.I understand terror of Ozawa well.If Ozawa will succeed to get even vast funds from China, the power of Ozawa will revive anytime.
Japan must not underestimate terribleness of the anti-Japan sentiment.
The way of thinking of Prime Minister Abe is old.
Prime Minister Abe must not conceal a fact of the women who were forced to be the sex slaves by the former Japanese forces.
If Prime Minister Abe thinks about only self-protection, Japan will be ruined.
And then by Prime Minister Abe,Takeshima is not returned, and Senkaku Islands remain dispute ground forever.
Does Prime Minister Abe think that you can let Japan return to militarism like Hitler,
if Prime Minister Abe can brainwash the nation by numeric suggestion like Hitler,
and if you can improve the quality of the life of the nation by economic recovery like Hitler?
It is is out of date.
It is the times of the nuclear weapon now.
I hear that former Prime Minister Nakasone was going to make a nuclear weapon in nuclear power plant in secret, but he failed, and Prime Minister Abe is impossible, too.Prime Minister Abe hopes detaching from the United States. But China will invade Japan immediately if the United States abandons Japan because Prime Minister Abe underestimates terribleness of the anti-Japan sentiment of Asia.And then the ambition of Prime Minister Abe will fail.
Does Prime Minister Abe intend to do only merely thought control without having an ambition like Hitler?
It is is out of date,too.
Am I noisy?But Prime Minister Abe shouldn't do thought control.Their human rights recovery is my destiny given by God.
In constitution Article 9, Japan does not have "right to collective self-defense".Although Prime Minister Abe should revise only a law of right of collective self-defense, Prime Minister Abe prepared the revised draft which includes "court-martial" "military police" "spy punishment" "special serviceman police" "thought control".
Prime Minister Abe intends to do a thought control only for the reason that Prime Minister Abe does not want to apologize to women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
Prime Minister Abe is tenacious of life.Prime Minister Abe is all the more to blame because he knew what he was doing is bad.
The thought control is chicken.We must not come back in the times of the thought control that is chicken.And we should recover the human rights of damaged old women by the former Japan forces, and we should step up .
Japan must be brave with more courage and must show a good example to the issue of human rights rather than criticizing the sexual crimes by the world soldiers.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will pressure the Abe Administration to remake a constitution Article 9 correction draft of the Liberal Democratic Party again more peaceful.
Constitution Article 96 needs the agreement more than two-thirds of both of ‘the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors' with need as proposal requirements of the revision of the Constitution.Prime Minister Abe is going to revise Article 96 to change a constitution by agreement of the majority(not more than two-thirds), in order to let constitution Article 9 approve the draft amendment which increased a thought control.
Because such a dangerous risky bill must not be easily passed, I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will put pressure on the Abe government not to relax the number of agreement in Article 96 from two-thirds to the majority.

Hashimoto Osaka Mayor,later
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor suffers terribly from various kinds of bashing and news,now.Media just loves to bully people.A self-willed fellow is often the target of criticism, so even his friends of Media would badger him into correcting his defects.But I don't think that bullying the weak is a good thing.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor notices his mistake based on thought of the sex discrimination, but he can't understand the fact that only prewar evildoing of Japan has been criticized for more than 60 years.And I was glad when I heard his claim to want to improve the sexual crimes of U. S. forces in Okinawa island.I can't hate him now.Many people criticize Hashimoto Osaka Mayor because he is a hypocrite.Even if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is a hypocrite, his claim about the sexual crimes of U. S. forces in Okinawa is brave.
However, the horoscope of the current Hashimoto Osaka Mayor has very bad fate appeared in the natural phenomena until 2015 .Everything he does always backfires now.Mr.Hashimoto,please be quiet.Mr.Hashimoto had better be quiet.When the horoscope is bad, if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor will do the natural virtue without attracting attention, the horoscope will be restored.

Hashimoto Osaka Mayor
Because two old women who were damaged by the former Japan forces visit Japan now, if Hashimoto Osaka Mayor apologizes of having injured them, Hashimoto Osaka Mayor can improve the image as the man and as a politician.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor,be more brave.
Because the prewar right wing got the vast wealth by selling "the Japanese women who were abducted by Yakuza" to Europe and led a reign of terror, I am convinced the fact that the former Japan forces had captured Asian women and Dutch women to force to be the sex salves.Because there is each branding iron on their chest, it is evidence.
If Hashimoto Osaka Mayor apologizes to them heartily, because they understand that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is tired and weak now, I think that they permit Hashimoto Osaka Mayor gently.
Even if most U. S. soldiers are stationed in Japan, it is not so fun for them.Because they do not understand contents of TV at all, they have no idea what happened in Japan. Because the news with the simultaneous interpreter is not so interesting,they get tired of watching news.And their salary is not good, and they can't do shopping by high price too much in Japan.Most U. S. soldiers are poor because the U.S. soldiers often do gambling of the baseball teams of the U.S. soldiers.
Japanese government should build the facilities to offer recreation including chiropractic and the disco for the U. S. soldiers to use them cheaply .In cooperation with U. S. forces, the Japanese Government should make the privilege so that those services are available to "the people whom the boss of the soldier recognized as results excellence" by free.
If Hashimoto Osaka Mayor do the best for improving the recreation system,as a result of the low-key efforts of Hashimoto Osaka Mayor over many years, the process of the recreation system will dramatically improve compared to when it is first started.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should insist on a correction of status of forces agreement(SOFA) after that Japanese Government will provide the healthy facilities of recreation of the U.S. soldiers. Japan should take first priority to advance the peace far more than criticizing world war crimes.I want to try to establish ‘the military alliance between Japan and Taiwan' and ‘the military alliance between Japan and Korea'.Please understand my dream.And, please tell two old women a message of Aozora,"엄마, 지 장 수 하세요".


I say again it any number of times.
Aozora will present a bouquet of the flowers of the Myosotis scorpioides in my heart to all all Asian women and all Dutch women who were forced to be the comfort women for the officers at the front.
Aozora fights to restore your human rights by all means.
The sky of May has the color of the flowers of the Myosotis scorpioides.
Please look up at the spring sky.
There is me here.
I never forget you.
Just by meeting you, I was able to think that it was good that I have lived thus far.
I will open the door so that you can think that it was good that you were born.

I can't translate all of all local languages of all the areas that Japan had invaded.
But I never forget your existence or your agony and torment.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance
Mam, gelieve te leven
엄마, 지 장 수 하세요
MẸ, xin vui lòng xin vui lòng sống
Mom, mangyaring mabuhay kung mahaba
Mama, sila hidup lama jika
Ibu, silakan silakan hidup
Mother, please live long.
Mamon, vives longtemps s'il te plaît.
หม่อม โปรดกรุณาอยู่.



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