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Two South Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II have cancelled a planned meeting with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto.

Kim Bok-dong
Kil Won-ok

Mr Hashimoto drew international criticism last week when he said that the "comfort women", were "necessary" for Japan's wartime troops.
The two women were worried the meeting would be "politically exploited"."[Mr Hashimoto] has to retract his past comments if he wants to apologise and make us believe it is genuine," she said.The two women - Kim Bok-dong and Kil Won-ok, who are both in their 80s - did not appear in public but they have cancelled a planned meeting with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor
Probably I think that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is depressed very much at this time.If they take the high hand with Hashimoto Osaka Mayor now, he will lower his note at once,I think.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor himself intended to reflect on his gaffe deeply.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor intended to make concession for them very much.
Because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor has been brainwashed for many years by androcracy thought of the previous era and thought of the justification of war crimes, he can't understand that he is lacked of his reflection.
By the history education of Japan, Japanese government brainwashes Japanese students that Japan has a right to support war crimes of World War II because a Japanese is a war victim by the atom bomb.Therefore the Japanese people can't learn international common sense unless the Japanese people tries to study abroad.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor can't speak English, and he has no international senses without any communicative competence with any foreign countries.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor can only talk with the Japanese media by lack of the English ability .Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is one of the victims of the brainwashing by the wrong history education of Japan, too.
A meaning of "the fact that they were forced" is totally different from "the fact that they became prostitutes for their own intention".Japan will be cursed if Japan denies "the fact that they were forced".
"Women were captured" surely means that the enemy brought them home as captives.
The Japanese should recognize that denying of having been captured is an insult for them enough to cause the urge to kill.
Following the outbreak of the Pacific War, the women of many prisoners of the allied forces whom the Japanese army captured in Hong Kong, the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, the Philippines, etc., Chinese women who were forced to be brought against their will from the Chinese continent, and Korean women who were drawn from the Korean Peninsula were poured into the scene of labor as sex slaves.
In Europe, they never admit at all that a German maintains even some war crimes,and the German does not support war crimes of Nazi Germany at all,although Germany encountered damage of the plunder by former Soviet Union far more than our imagination .
The European people think that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is like the beast because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor maintains war crimes of Japan.Because the European people disliked Nazi Germany, a large number of the European people sheltered the friends of Jews at their own home.It is European justice.
The world media would recognize that Hashimoto Osaka Mayor reflected on his slip of the tongue, if he had declared that Japan should pay ‘the compensation to forcibly having captured them' as the nation .
But because Hashimoto Osaka Mayor continued to deny it, the world thinks it is natural for Ms. Kim Bok-dong and Ms. Kil WOn-ok to cancel the meeting.
The Abe Administration denies having forcibly captured them even now.
Japan can't see the difference between the women who became a prostitute in World War II voluntarily and the women who have been forced to be sex slaves forcibly .
Therefore Japan insists that Japan has no duty to pay compensation for damages of women individually.
But it is unbelievable thought.By this thought, the world thinks that Japan is the beast.Now that Japan has the history of having forcibly captured them, Japan must pay the compensation for damages for them who requested it.
Of course Japan must confirm their each testimony individually by their damage's situation does not change repeatedly by several experts counsels . Japan should confirm whether they have the branding iron in their chest which were made by the former Japan forces .
By an action to be good faith, Japan will escape from a crisis of the extinction.
Japan must not underestimate anti-Japan sentiment.
Japan's stock
Prime Minister Abe intended to do the consciousness reform of the nation to justify war crimes of Japan, and Prime Minister Abe made Hashimoto Osaka Mayor be a scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe.Conjurers are experts at misdirection.Abe government is conjurers who are experts at misdirection.
The closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average rose 128.47 yen today again. However, it went up and down more than 1000 yen all day long only today.
I think that the correction of weak yen by the United States starts in order to restrain Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe
If the Japanese stocks slump before the Upper House election very much, the Liberal Democratic Party will suffer a crushing defeat.
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
There is a plot that‘Ozawa who is the wicked politician' and Chongryon will intend to slaughter the Japanese people and occupy the Imperial Palace, and deliver Emperor's family to Beijing as the war criminals , by the progress synchronized with the fall of Senkaku Islands by Chinese Military at the same time.
The person who had devised this original bill first is that Deng Xiaoping who led the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China .Deng Xiaoping pretended to have forgotten war crimes of Japan in order to cheat Japan to get financial support.
Deng Xiaoping has cold eyes such as the great white shark.And Deng Xiaoping has a face like the god of death.
I am convinced that Deng Xiaoping left a will that China should begin the aggression of Senkaku Islands when China is beyond the Japanese economic power and armaments.
I think that Deng Xiaoping was convinced that the United States and Iran will begin World War 3 by all means.In addition, I think that Deng Xiaoping was convinced that Japan never apologize to the women of the victims and Japan never pay damages .
However, I want to win against a departed soul of Deng Xiaoping.
I want to restore the human rights of victims of the old women by all means.
And I want to stop World War 3 by all means.


I say again it any number of times.
Aozora will present a bouquet of the flowers of the Myosotis scorpioides in my heart to all Asian women and all Dutch women who were forced to be the comfort women for the officers at the front.
Aozora fights to restore your human rights by all means.
The sky of May has the color of the flowers of the Myosotis scorpioides.
Please look up at the spring sky.
There is me here.
I never forget you.
Just by meeting you, I was able to think that it was good that I have lived thus far.
I will open the door so that you can think that it was good that you were born.

I can't translate all of all local languages of all the areas that Japan had invaded.
But I never forget your existence or your agony and torment.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance
Mam, gelieve te leven
엄마, 지 장 수 하세요
MẸ, xin vui lòng xin vui lòng sống
Mom, mangyaring mabuhay kung mahaba
Mama, sila hidup lama jika
Ibu, silakan silakan hidup
Mother, please live long.
Mamon, vives longtemps s'il te plaît.
หม่อม โปรดกรุณาอยู่.



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