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A hypocrite simulates virtue

Chart of Stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange called the Nikkei Average20130602Yen$20130602.jpg

The Nikkei Stock Average fell back 512.72 yen on Monday today.It is the third range of a substantial markdown of Japan's stocks of this year.

The announcement of a good business indicator repeated in the United States.
Therefore a viewpoint that reduction of the easing of monetary policy by ‘the Federal Reserve Board (FRB)' may happen is strengthened.
Japanese media judges that the Japanese stocks are sold for the adjustment to raise US stock prices.In other words, as for the sudden fall of these stock prices, Japan thinks that it is nothing serious. Because Bank of Japan bought back government bonds in large quantities on Monday, the long-term interest rate fell to around 0.8% again.
It means that today,Bank of Japan does margin buying of approximately 500 billion yen of Japanese government bonds in a day,I think.
The 10-year JGB interest rate currently remains low, at just below 0.86 percent, but once it starts to hike due to concerns about the fiscal health, the rise in itself will be a factor expanding fiscal deficits.

The sudden fall of the Japanese stock began at the next day of the violent language of Hashimoto Osaka Mayor of May 22.
The world's market restrains Japan which tries becoming militarism, and the world requires that Prime Minister Abe should recognize the fact of the forcible captures of women by the former Japan forces, and Prime Minister Abe should apologize to all victims, and Japan should pay compensation for damages individually as a nation.

We must prevent becoming the constitutional militarism by Prime Minister Abe.
The new constitution by Prime Minister Abe mocks all democratic principles.
The graduates of North Korean schools within Japan which brainwash all students to invade Japan enter the Self-Defense Forces and it is going to cause a coup d'etat.
The law to prevent this coup d'etat is necessary.Article 9-5 of Chapter 2 National security of Liberal Democratic Party constitutional amendment draft will be able to prevent the coup d'etat. However, under cover of confusion of problems concerning the revision of the constitution, Prime Minister Abe intends to establish the secret police and intends to do the thought control of Japanese citizens.
Article 9-5 strengthens the rules of the military of the Self-Defense Forces to prevent the coup d'etat in the Self-Defense Forces, but Japan should establish Paragraph (2) after Article 9-5 to specify ,too,
‘The provisions in the preceding paragraph shall not be regarded as entrenching on human rights of the citizens with the freedom of speech at the same time without performing any thought control to any citizens.'

Prime Minister Abe drinks a wine having a rich and mellow flavor at Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Japan, June 2.
Japan should establish Paragraph (3) after Article 9-5 to specify ,,too,
‘The provisions in the preceding paragraph shall not be regarded as applying "a spy punishment" and "a national overturn punishment" to the citizens who don't participate in weapon production, or smuggling, or weapon concealment or drug traffic'.
Japan should establish Paragraph (4) after Article 9-5 to specify ,too,
‘The provisions in the preceding paragraph shall not be regarded as capturing the person in question by neither the police nor the armed forces when a weapon is discovered at ‘ the places such "Electric Meter boxes" and "the bicycle's parking's space'" where the outside human being can put a weapon or drugs without permission because it is possible to judge that the person may be made a false charge against the person.
Prime Minister Abe intends to become a dictator after economic success.
We must prevent the ambition of Prime Minister Abe and we must scream ‘No thought control!',‘No thought control!'.
‘Anshin Kai' of supporting association for Prime Minister Abe is a secret society to bundle up the right wing and Yakuza(Japanese Mafia).Prime Minister Abe is a dangerous person.
Because the Nikkei Stock Average keeps more than 10, 000 yen still , Prime Minister Abe has much in reserve with his smile of the margin of victory. Prime Minister Abe thinks that he is supported by Japanese people.So Prime Minister Abe intends to ignore the world protest by the sudden fall of the stock prices.
On earth how much are you a narcissist,Prime Minister Abe?I hate you. A hypocrite simulates virtue at Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

Why can Prime Minister Abe say that Kim Jong Un should return all Japanese abductees although Prime Minister Abe can't recognize Japanese historical fact of the capturing women by the former Japanese armed forces in order to apologize to victims of women of World War II?
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
Japan should revise constitution without any thoughts control within a democracy.

Japan is a beautiful country.
Japan should be sincere to other countries.
Japan ought to set an example of peace to others in the Far East.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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