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Chicken race


Japanese Media said,"‘Redeeming for buying' and reaction buying became superior and Stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange called the Nikkei Average increased to 13353.76 yen in the reaction of lowering by more than 500 yen on the day before, and the closing price went up 271.94 yen more than the previous day."
However, according to this chart above, the stock prices fell in the morning until 10:00 but rose after 10:00.Currency manipulation of Bank of Japan always starts at 10:00 a.m.This is the operation at 10:00 am that Bank of Japan will call in order to initiate a movement to let the investors buy Japanese stocks.
The Tokyo market of June 4 started with concern of ‘the chain of strong yen and falling stock prices' , but stayed early in the morning from 98.65 yen to latter half of the 99 yen that was a weak yen standard.
I suppose that Ministry of Finance largely does yen sale dollar buying and makes weak yen by cooperateing with the Bank of Japan.
Because Bank of Japan started the operation to loan out a fund of one year in 0.1% during a year's period, on the day of a sharp decline in stock prices of May 23, ‘the long-term interest rate of government bonds' decreases .Because the financial institution which received long-term capital infusion becomes easy to buy the government bonds more , the interest rate is able to become stable .
Bank of Japan thinks that they should be prepared the method of the operation for emergencies if a long-term interest rate rises again.
The market is cautious of militarism of Prime Minister Abe, and the world repels the wicked history recognition of Prime Minister Abe, but Japanese Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan does currency manipulation desperately in order to conceal an evil deed of Prime Minister Abe.This is a chicken race for Prime Minister Abe.
I am worried that hyperinflation may happen because Bank of Japan prints money too much.
The sudden fall of the Japanese stock began at the next day of the violent language of Hashimoto Osaka Mayor of May 22.
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor is only scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe because Prime Minister Abe has tried to let Hashimoto Osaka Mayor justify Japan's war crimes to let Japanese people change into militarism.
The world's market restrains Japan which tries becoming militarism, and the world requires that Prime Minister Abe should recognize the fact of the forcible captures of women by the former Japan forces, and Prime Minister Abe should apologize to all victims, and Japan should pay compensation for damages individually as a nation.
Prime Minister Abe should do the other things rather than the chicken race.
Prime Minister Abe20130604
Prime Minister Abe
On June 4, Prime Minister Abe insisted that the Japanese economy was advancing for the good direction even if there were various criticism about the price movement of the stock prices.
Prime Minister Abe will repeat his own confident remarks for the time being in order to insist that the market is strong.
But we must fight against Prime Minister Abe in order to prevent militarism.
We must not waste the pains of victims of World War II.
It's up to us whether to use this opinion or not.
The victims of women insist so that the next generation does not experience similar pains to never return to militarism.
We should not ignore their shouting.
We should not ignore this blunder on the part of Abe Government.
No militarism! No thought control!No militarism! No thought control!
Why can Prime Minister Abe say that Kim Jong Un should return all Japanese abductees although Prime Minister Abe can't recognize Japanese historical fact of the capturing women by the former Japanese armed forces in order to apologize to victims of women of World War II?
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
Japan should revise constitution without any thoughts control within a democracy.

Japan is a beautiful country.
Japan should be sincere to other countries.
Japan ought to set an example of peace to others in the Far East.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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