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Abe government takes defensive measures for Japan's stock price crash

‘Stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange called the Nikkei Average’and ‘Exchange rate in Japanese yen'
Today's stock prices were declining in the morning. But, because at about 13:00 , they gave advance notice that GPIF( the world's biggest manager of retirement savings) intended to make preconcerted operations public at 15:00 on the afternoon of June 7 , Japanese stock prices rose from 13:00.
And GPIF said that GPIF would review an operative ratio until 2014.
GPIF, the world's biggest manager of retirement savings, will raise its weighting of Japanese equities to 12 percent from 11 percent, while cutting holdings of domestic bonds to 60 percent from 67 percent, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare after the stock market closed at 15:00.
Japanese bond holdings will be cut to 60 percent from 67 percent, foreign stocks raised to 12 percent from 9 percent, and foreign bonds boosted to 11 percent from 8 percent.
About the gap which will be happened by the market price change, Japan does not change the permission width itself.
Prime Minister Abe acted that way only because he did not want to lose his position.Prime Minister Abe has come to look like a sly-as-a-fox Premier who uses his position's powers to the fullest extent, to his own advantage.
If Prime Minister Abe will apologize to all victims of women of World War II, and if Japan will pay compensation for damages nationally, the confusion of the stock prices will be solved.Please have the courage to take a step forward,Prime Minister Abe.
If strong yen advances even if Japan changes the amount of the possession of the domestic stocks from 11% to 12%, we can not expect much for GPIF's measures.I think that the strong yen advances still more.It is possible to eliminate each partial problem temporarily.Such stopgap measures will not contribute to a fundamental solution.

His Majesty the Emperor, Her Majesty the Empress, ‘Prime Minister Abe who sleeps with standing' and French President Hollande at a welcome event in the palace east garden of the Imperial Palace in the morning June 7
Prime Minister Abe didn't do a custom of the prewar militarism era of three cheers for His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress today.
It is only 26.49 yen, but the closing price of the stock prices fell 26.49 yen than the previous day.It is important to take a forward-looking, bold approach, rather than resorting to makeshift, stop-gap measures.Soon Prime Minister Abe will be assailed with the people's jealousy of entrusting too much power to the State .
This is the militaristic defeat .Prime Minister must apologize to all victims of women of World War II.Japan can't cloud the issue of all victims of women of World War II.
It is the sincerity of Japan to restore their human rights.
To restore the global economy and financial system to health, we must restore their human rights.
The sincerity is more important than money.I want that Japan can restore the world trust.
To address the weakness of the global economy, Prime Minister Abe thinks that ambitious reforms and coordinated policies are key to achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth and restoring confidence.Surely the public is looking for him to restore political confidence and stability.
But the sincerity is more important than money.I desire that Japan can restore the world trust.
Japan must compensate if Japan neglects human rights of other countries by the terrible militarism before the war. The victims of women wait for restoring their own human rights.
No militarism! No thought control!No militarism! No thought control!
Why can Prime Minister Abe say that Kim Jong Un should return all Japanese abductees although Prime Minister Abe can't recognize Japanese historical fact of the capturing women by the former Japanese armed forces in order to apologize to victims of women of World War II?
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
Japan should revise constitution without any thoughts control within a democracy.

Japan is a beautiful country.
Japan should be sincere to other countries.
Japan ought to set an example of peace to others in the Far East.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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