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I believe President Obama

Great President Obama
Because some power slanders President Obama who has every effort for the promotion of world peace to evade World War 3 , my face reddened with indignation.
President Obama has worked for a world without nuclear weapons and given people hope for a better future.
At first I want to appeal to ‘every citizen of the United States of America and citizens of the world' that President Obama is the great person who saved Japan from the terrible slaughter and coup d'etat .
China let the graduates of North Korean school within Japan enter the Self-Defense Forces .China have a terrible plot to let them occupy the Imperial Palace by the Ozawa group of the Self-Defense Forces, and Chinese politicians have a plan to execute Emperor family in Beijing.
Ozawa of Japanese politician has been the man who controls the policy of this country from behind the scenes for more than 25 years.Ozawa received support of the Chinese government, and Ozawa had a suspicious vast fund and was a person who possesses powerful authority who led factions more than 120 persons.
I continued writing a lot of letters to great President Obama and American superior politicians many times in order to help us .I supplicate great President Obama and American superior politicians to help in the letters so that the U. S. Government would observe the Ozawa's movements so that Ozawa could not receive any fund from China.
Ozawa was also called God of the election.A large number of politicians of the Ozawa group were always elected by a vast fund miraculously.
However, I appealed in this blog so that great President Obama and superior American politicians would prevent Ozawa not to receive any fund from China.The Ozawa group were divided below half of Ozawa groups afterwards because Big-name politicians of the Ozawa group got rid of Ozawa from the ruling party of the Democratic Party government in those days.The Ozawa group of the lack of funds suffered a crushing defeat by election, and the Ozawa group became only 15 people afterwards.
Because the U.S. Government had a superior monitoring system, Ozawa was defeated.Ozawa was a genius of the money laundering.
The superior monitoring system of the U. S. Government can prevent the global terrorist financing and money laundering.
There is a world of difference between, "Slaughter such as Cambodia happens" and "Slaughter such as Cambodia doesn't happen.".Because every infrastructure was destroyed in Cambodia by Khmer Rouge, there're insufficient schools , and education level is delayed.
Between Japan and Cambodia all of them had a slight difference.
Aozora is a strange person who often makes stupid collage from Ozawa's image and the King Kong,but my letters saved Japan from the national crisis thanks to great President Obama , superior American politicians and the superior monitoring system of the U. S. Government.
I know better than any kind of American citizen that President Obama is a great pacifist .I know President Obama praised Lincoln who put an end to slavery and said, “The presidency of this singular figure in so many ways made my own story possible.”However,I have loved reading a biography of Lincoln very much since I was a little girl but President Obama is grand holy existence than Lincoln for me.
Edward Snowden who was a former technique assistant of CIA worked as the staffs of U. S. consulting company boos Allen Hamilton in NSA, but insisted that a monitoring system of the U. S. Government was dangerous.Edward Snowden insists that he felt a menace because President Obama showed a thought to continue such an information activity that President Obama follows from the ex-government of Bush.
I am convinced that a judgment of Edward Snowden is very wrong.I often hear the news that the Bush clan runs weapon business and drug business and dangerous nursery school business.Because it is too vulgar, I wonder as if the story of the Bush clan is totally like the story of the Japanese third class animated cartoon.In Japan, the Japanese animated cartoon which described the adventure's story of the darkness is called black fantasy , and the story of the Bush clan seems just black fantasy.
Edward Snowden
It's not clear how much truth there is in the story of the Bush clan.But because Obama Administration never participates in an evil deed such as the Bush clan, every American citizen should believe President Obama.
The worst offence of this kind which can be committed by a polemic, is to stigmatize ‘President Obama who has every effort for the promotion of world peace to evade World War 3' as bad and immoral men.I am convinced that Edward Snowden probably received a large amount of reward from the group which plans to assassinate President Obama in order to cause World War 3 .
If the U. S. Government checks an origin of the flow of the fund of Edward Snowden, the U. S. Government may discover a group which has a plan to assassinate President Obama.
Mitt Romney candidate
The brave American citizen chose President Obama not Romney candidate to stop World War 3.I highly respect your great courage and ability to take action of American citizens. The flourish of that triumph begins the last great peace.
If Romney candidate became the President, Romney candidate would put a lot of American excellent intellectuals and American excellent engineers into the concentration camps and Romney candidate would begin a reign of terror in order to let the United States of America be an inferior position under Israel.
Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to brainwash the American elite Jew people by using thought of fascinating Zionism by the conditions advantageous to Prime Minister Netanyahu.
However, the United States of America has the best economic power and the best armament power in the world.
Because all the American elite Jew people love the United States as their mother country, they live in the United States.
All Americans should unite for democracy and freedom.
The mind to love the mother country is a sacred thing.
The United States of America should keep No.1.
The United States of America should not be an inferior position under Israel.
Yes,the United States of America is No.1 for the all Americans.!!!
The United States is a country of the freedom and is a democratic country.
The United States must not do a reign of terror.
The clock of Illuminati stopped at 13:23:33 of September 9, but nothing happened.
London OLYMPIC had several symbols which seemed to be very dangerous, and possibility of terrorism was worried about, but after all nothing happened.
Don't you think that it was extremely peaceful that there was nothing?
This is by the natural virtue of President Obama.
President Obama, 51, the Democratic candidate, beat Mitt Romney, 65, the Republican candidate and former governor of Massachusetts.In the Electoral College, Obama received 332 votes to Romney's 206.
This is historic victory by the American citizen.
The signpost of the Obama Administration indicates the right way to go.
A human being often yield to temptation of money and power.Various wicked politicians often cut their figures in the political world to get money and power as if they were ticks and louses .They are as spiteful as the adders.That's the same as Japan.
When power of Ozawa of a Japanese wicked politician weakens, Prime Minister Abe supported by a secret society of ‘ Anshinkai' which leads a right-winger and yakuza of Japanese Mafia begins to expand his power this time.
‘Stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange called the Nikkei Average’and ‘Exchange rate in Japanese yen'
From the next day on May 22 when Hashimoto Osaka Mayor made a remark of insulting women who were forced to be Sex Salves by the former Japan forces in World War II , the Japanese stock prices have begun to slump.Hashimoto Osaka Mayor became a scapegoat of Prime Minister Abe whom Anshinkai which often assassinated some persons is supporting.
Prime Minister Abe intends to build several concentration camps to do a thought control, and intends to change constitution Article 9 to the militarism.
I think Prime Minister Abe coaxed Hashimoto Osaka Mayor to let him lower the approval rating of the Japan Restoration Party which Hashimoto Osaka Mayor leads,
by demanding for Hashimoto Osaka Mayor to make a remark of insulting women to do the consciousness reform of the Japanese citizens.
Because Japan can't change a law without affirmative votes more than two-thirds, Prime Minister Abe intends to change constitution Article 96 into affirmative votes from more than two-thirds to more than a half in order to approve changing a law.So Prime Minister Abe cheated Hashimoto Osaka Mayor in order to let the Abe Administration overwhelm at the Upper House election of July 21.
Because the market in the world is cautious of the militarism of the Abe Administration, the stock prices of Japan are fluctuating violently.
It rose 636.67 yen today, but I think that this movement is for the profit-taking of investors .Fluctuating of stocks's prices will continue fundamentally because market of the world is cautious of militarism of the Abe Administration,I think.
I believe that great President Obama can't permit militarism of Abe Administration.
No militarism! No thought control!No militarism! No thought control!
Why can Prime Minister Abe say that Kim Jong Un should return all Japanese abductees although Prime Minister Abe can't recognize Japanese historical fact of the capturing women by the former Japanese armed forces in order to apologize to victims of women of World War II?
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
Japan should revise constitution without any thoughts control within a democracy.

Japan is a beautiful country.
Japan should be sincere to other countries.
Japan ought to set an example of peace to others in the Far East.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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