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That is a precious thing.

‘Stock index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange called the Nikkei Average’and ‘Exchange rate in Japanese yen'
On June 11, it changed into the strong yen falling stock prices , and the Nikkei Stock Average fell back largely, too.Because Bank of Japan decided to maintain the actual condition, force of the buying and selling declined, and markdown became in a one-third or less of markup of more than 600 yen of 10th June.Bank of Japan would have nothing at all to do with violent fluctuations on June 11.
However, I think that a sudden fall happens again because the strong yen advances slowly.The Nikkei Average of the following graph agrees with movement of the strong yen.
Prime Minister Abe expects so that the public expectations will focus on the military, and Prime Minister Abe also expects so that politicians who will be accused of vacillating weakness will lose their trust.
But the public isn't looking for Prime Minister Abe to restore political confidence and stability.Since Abenomix may come to a deadlock, the nation feels uneasiness.
But The Nikkei Average is not the most important to the human race.What is the human being born for? Human beings have an innate drive to compete for social status. There is, perhaps, not one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as vanity.
Therefore the human being must discover the thing which is holier than social status.We should offer hope and courage to live for the persons who are hurted.That is a precious thing.Therefore the human being is born crying.
Japan should continue the financial support to the other countries in order to provide the hope and courage to live for them rather than the profit of the long-term span.It is not a numeric datar.
Therefore Japan must restore the human rights of women who were forced to become Sex Slaves in World War II by the former Japan forces.Women of the victims are waiting that human rights of their own are restored all the time.
Japan must provide the hope and courage to live for them.
That is a precious thing.Japan forgets a precious thing for a long time by wrong history education.
No militarism! No thought control!No militarism! No thought control!
Why can Prime Minister Abe say that Kim Jong Un should return all Japanese abductees although Prime Minister Abe can't recognize Japanese historical fact of the capturing women by the former Japanese armed forces in order to apologize to victims of women of World War II?
Prime Minister Abe should stop drawing Japanese economy into the hell.
I will warn by saying ,"Prime Minister Abe will sink weakly to the floor after hearing the news of a sharp decline in stock prices if Prime Minister Abe revises a constitution in order to let the militarism come true and if Prime Minister Abe refuses to apologize to the victims of women."
Just Prime Minister Abe must apology as the head of state for women who were forced to become sex slaves by the former Japan forces.
And Japan should pay compensation for their damages as a nation.
Japan should revise constitution without any thoughts control within a democracy.

Japan is a beautiful country.
Japan should be sincere to other countries.
Japan ought to set an example of peace to others in the Far East.

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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