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China's crime

julian assange2013
Julian Paul Assange
All menbers of Aozora fan clubs of all over the world, good evening.Are you fine?I'm fine thank you,but my pc is not fine. My pc is often destroyed by someone else.Because a keyboard device was destroyed, and because letters from G to L of the keyboard were not able to be typed, my PC was not able to start.And even Dell was destroyed too!!
Am I likely to incur people's hatred and am I often the target of attack during several politicians?Now that you say so, something occurs to my mind.
I often threatened Former Chinese President Hu Jintao with the photographs of ‘the huge fighter of other countries which could carry the nucleus' or ‘aircraft carriers of other countries'.And I often threaten current Chinese President Xi Jinping by hinting that G8 may unite to let Chinese army raise a rebellion in China.
I know well by myself that my threat is no more than bluff.In consideration that China tampers with the amount of trade surplus to 10 times of the true amount with the purpose of deception, I think that my threat is very cute trick.But there is a proverb, "Many a true word is spoken in jest". Cyber attacks of China are a threat to all humanity.
I read news that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks provided Edward Snowden's travel budget and his legal fee .And the Chinese armed forces seem to attack a server in the military secrets of the Pentagon, but it becomes clear that many American system engineers obtain each vast bribe from China to cooperate with the cyber attack of the Chinese armed forces.
Who leads this strange movement?It is certain that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks leads.I am convinced that the source of funds of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is the Chinese government.
snowden20130627.jpggirlfriend of snowden 20130627
Edward Snowden & beautiful girlfriend
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks never testifies against the Chinese government.
The conflict between the United States and China is fought behind the scenes.
If Julian Paul Assange stays in the British Ecuadorian embassy, the British and American armed forces surround it and should arrest him.
If U.S. and Britain can't arrest Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, second Edward Snowden, and third Edward Snowden will appear soon.
julian assange wiki
Assange (the left) and the staffs of WikiLeaks
Julian Paul Assange insists that "the enemy of the IT" for WikiLeaks is China, not the United States.He criticized that the United States was an origin of main attack of the cyber attack . And he insisted that the United States was emphasizing that the menace of "the Chinese hacker" was for American national interest.
His claim is just an arrogant claim of the spies of the Chinese government.I think that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks becomes a relay station of the huge bribe from China provided to ‘hackers who attack to the Pentagon'.
I think that Assange's remark that is advantageous to the Chinese government since 2010 turned out to be a foreshadowing of the the Edward Snowden's incident .
Just Chinese cyber attacks and cyber spy group are menaces of the human race.
The Chinese government intends to mobilize all American system engineers through WikiLeaks in order to cause an internal disturbance in the United States.
China has one strategy since Ancient times of the unquiet times of Annals of the Three Kingdoms(from B.C.180 age to about B.C.280).It is Chinese original strategy to bring up the traitors of the enemy country for a long time to ruin the enemy country.
The restoration of diplomatic ties between Japan and China was realized on September 29, 1972.But since this day,China let the graduates of North Korean school within Japan enter the Self-Defense Forces in order to let them occupy the Imperial Palace by ‘a group of the graduates of North Korean school within Japan' of the Self-Defense Forces, and Chinese politicians have a plan to execute Emperor family in Beijing.Ozawa of a wicked politician of Japan was a symbol of the coups d'etat for descendants of Koreans living in Japan.China hoped to slaughter almost Japanese people, and intended to transport Japanese engineers to China as their slaves. After that China intends to let Japan's islands sink by a lot of nuclear weapons.
This just Chinese plan was advanced for more than 40 years.I continued sending a lot of letters in which I often cried and begged the great President Obama and the American brave politicians to help Japan .The superior monitoring system of the U. S. Government can prevent the global terrorist financing and money laundering.Ozawa of a wicked politician of Japan failed to get the money laundering from China thanks to the great President Obama and the American brave politicians.China hopes that the occupation of Senkaku Islands and the coup d'etat of Ozawa were going to progress at the same time.Ozawa was going to receive a vast fund from China to slaughter the Japanese people.The great President Obama and the American brave politicians prevented it.
The U. S. Government should notice the wicked strategy that China takes a long time . It is a strategy peculiar to China.
The North Korean ICBM can arrive at ‘Alaska and California of the United States' and ‘Moscow of Russia'.
What should the U.S. Government do to be opposed to Chinese cyber attacks and cyber spy group?
1At first,the British and American armed forces should surround the British Ecuadorian embassy and should arrest Julian Paul Assange.
2It is necessary for the United States and Russia to compromise by a problem in Syria.
Syria should revise a Syrian constitution not to do a thought control rather than a massacre of Syria continues further.Because both of the Assad group and the anti-government organization slaughter the citizens, both are inferior.Syria should revise a Syrian constitution peacefully.Both the Assad group and the anti-government group can democratize Syria if they make a law to abolish all concentration camps.
If the U. S. Government recognize Tartous base of the Russian military within Syria continues , I feel that Syrian coalition government is possible.
The United States and Russia should support it to establish the coalition government of an Assad group and the anti-government group in Syria.
3The United States of America and Russia should help each other by a problem of terrorism of Chechen Republic and terrorism of al Qaeda and Taliban.
If Russia supports the founding of a country of Mongolia and a country of Manchu and if Russia can build the Russian military base in Mongolia and Manchu, Russia can cut off the weapon routes from China to Chechen Republic.
If the United States supports the founding of a country of Turkestan and a country of Tibet and if the United States can build the American military base in Turkestan and Tibet, the United States can cut off the weapon routes from China to al Qaeda and Taliban.
The cooperation between the United States and Russia is necessary for the peace of western Asia.
4The strong alliance between the United States and the Russia will restrain the cyber attacks of China.
Even if China does not stop a plot to change the American system engineers into the traitors, and if the United States and Russia threaten China that the United States and Russia cooperate with the party opposing the government in China, I think the situation will improve for the better .
Shenyang MRAF HQ
Jiangsu ghost town Guiyang city of Guizhou
Ghost town of Changzhou city of Jiangsu(left) Ghost town of Guiyang city of Guizhou(right)
5The United States and Russia should cooperate with the revolution that the Chinese armed forces of the Han race defeat Chinese one‐party rule if several group of the Chinese armed forces of the Han race receive a condition to withdraw from Tibet and Turkestan and Mongolia and Manchu area.
Because bureaucrats and cabinet ministers of one-party rule have each unjust moneymaking from 10 billion yen(100,990,000$) to 100 billion yen(1,009,900,000$) , if the Chinese armed forces arrest only 100 bureaucrats and cabinet ministers, Chinese armed forces may freeze of assets of total injustice moneymaking more than 12 trillion yen(121,188,000,000$).
By excessive supply of the past money of Chinese former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, ‘the total of yuan which is circulating in China' becomes 103 trillion yuan (approximately 1, 640 trillion yen).Because the total of yuan circulating for this 11 years increases more than 6 times, China stands just before collapse of the bubble economy.
China printed too many paper money at random in order to maintain a high growth rate. And China advanced expansion of the public works project investment and real estate investment without right plan and system .China didn't care so much to maintaining a supportive business environment for investors with recognizing the importance of investment for boosting economic growth.
Because China built a large number of ghost towns, through the growth strategy depending on excessive real estate investment, I think the bubble economy of housing in China will collapse soon. As an example, although the Chinese government built the new towns in Changzhou city of Jiangsu or of Guiyang city of Guizhou, nobody lives there after all.
Among 180 airports which the Chinese government built in the whole country, approximately 70% is deficit operation now.
Because the economic ruin of China will cause a social big disturbance, the United States and Russia should prepare for it.
China aims at the world conquest if World War 3 happens.
But the alliance between the United States and the Russia leads the world peacefully.
And the origin of the peace begins from the revision of the constitution for the abolition of the Syrian concentration camps.
6If Syria establishes the line of 2013 and if they decide that the authorities concerned should not ought to be called to account of the political responsibility of the slaughter before the constitutional amendment of 2013 , the Syrian coalition government will come true,I think.
New suggestion is necessary to stop Syrian slaughter.
Of course I do not forget the Iran that I love very much. I write the suggestion about Iran a few days later.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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