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A plot by the Chinese Illuminati

EU argues about an American monitoring system, and it is going to be successfully for China to cause ‘anti-Americanism and pro-China' in Europe according to the expectations of China now.This is a plot of by both of the Chinese government and Assange of WikiLeaks.They are Chinese Illuminati.
It is obvious that there are a lot of listening microphones of the Chinese government in the headquarters of EU.If there are some listening microphones of USA in the headquarters of EU,the fact is really less surprising.

"Chinese Illuminati" operated secretly not only to seek revenge on the Japan but also to invade the all over the world.It is not only Zionists but also Chinese illuminati to aim at the world conquest.If World War 3 begins, Chinese illuminati will let Japan sink by more than 100 nuclear weapons, and Chinese illuminati will occupy ‘ whole Asia except Myanmar Pakistan and North Korea' and the Australia and New Zealand, and Chinese illuminati intends to finally drop a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem.

The right note is the plan map of Chinese illuminati.
Chinese illuminati is going to occupy the pink areas.
Japan doesn't exist there.
Chinese illuminati always has wicked plot.Several members of the Chinese Communist Party led Cambodian Khmer Rouge to slaughter Cambodian people and, after a decrease in population of Cambodia, the Chinese Communist Party had a plan to let Chinese people in large quantities emigrate to Cambodia .Because journalists of all over the world uncovered Cambodia's slaughter of the factor which was caused by the Chinese Communist Party, a plan to let Chinese people in large quantities emigrate to Cambodia came to a deadlock.

However, Chinese illuminati will intend to practice this strategy in Africa.
The economic growth of China synchronizes with a dispute of the African Continent.North Korea behaved as if North Korea had exported weapons to the African Continent, but, actually, the North Korean agents smuggled a lot of Chinese weapons to the African armed groups.It is China to have done vast economic growth . It isn't North Korea.
Because the smuggling of the Chinese weapon was revealed at the time of Cambodia's slaughter by many journalists, Chinese emigrant plan came to a deadlock.
So China tried to hide the smuggling of the Chinese weapon to the African Continent from journalists .
In the African Continent, China does vast investment, and a large quantity of Chinese emigrate now.

China has a strategy that China often supports several traitors for many years in an enemy country in order to let several traitors slaughter the people of enemy country . Several members of the Chinese Communist Party demanded that Khmer Rouge should be more cruel. Khmer Rouge made crocodiles eat Cambodian people, in order to execute Cambodian people.Khmer Rouge let children play a game to let a crocodile eat a cat or a dog to make Cambodian children be sadists.
European people should notice that Chinese illuminati is terrible.

The restoration of diplomatic ties between Japan and China was realized on September 29, 1972.But since this day,China let the graduates of North Korean school within Japan enter the Self-Defense Forces in order to let them occupy the Imperial Palace by ‘a group of the graduates of North Korean school within Japan' of the Self-Defense Forces, and Chinese politicians have a plan to execute Emperor family in Beijing.Ozawa of a wicked politician of Japan was a symbol of the coups d'etat for descendants of Koreans living in Japan.China hoped to slaughter almost Japanese people, and intended to transport Japanese engineers to China as their slaves. After that China intends to let Japan's islands sink by a lot of nuclear weapons.

This just Chinese plan was advanced for more than 40 years.I continued sending a lot of letters in which I often cried and begged the great President Obama and the American brave politicians to help Japan .The superior monitoring system of the U. S. Government can prevent the global terrorist financing and money laundering.Ozawa of a wicked politician of Japan failed to get the money laundering from China thanks to the great President Obama and the American brave politicians.China hopes that the occupation of Senkaku Islands and the coup d'etat of Ozawa were going to progress at the same time.Ozawa was going to receive a vast fund from China to slaughter the Japanese people.The great President Obama and the American brave politicians prevented it.

In Europe, China can easily instigate several anti-government organizations,too.
For example,A large number of Chinese emigrants and African emigrants live in Paris, France.When China makes the secret society of Chinese emigrants and the African emigrants, and their second generation acquires French nationality, China let the French military join the army.If time of 40 years passes, China will let them occupy the Elysee shrine.China can let the second French Revolution break out by this method.

I noticed threatening movement before a plot of China succeeded in Japan .And I begged the Obama Administration and brave American politicians to help Japan.
In Japan, the many new religions are established by the founder of north Korean residing within Japan. They try to teach that big war happens soon in Japan and they try to teach that the believers can avoid the slaughter.In other words,it means if a believer marks the symbol of the religious group at the doorway , they can live without receiving slaughter and a seizure of the anti-government troop.
In addition, I noticed a strange movement by the group of Koreans residing within Japan believing that Ozawa of a wicked politician is incarnation of Acala, and by a rumor that Japan will be invaded existing in Japan, and by the adhesion of Ozawa and the Chinese government.


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